IMGP1873  Uncle Doug reading with two nephews :) IMGP1876  Uncle Doug practicing some uke! IMGP1878  Ben and his Godmother, Tita Bear. IMGP1879  Doug, Mom and Mama Cari :)
IMGP1882  At the home Doug and Mary are renting. This is one gorgeous board, isn't it? That's Lelu, Nicki, Mary, Roma and me. Nicki and Roma are Lelu's daughters. Lelu is Mary's sister-in-law. IMGP1885  Gourmet food arriving to the table. We are blessed to celebrate so richly. IMGP1887  Doug said "Hey, where'd mom get that tablecloth!?" Truthfully, it's a beautiful, custom mu'umu'u made of Palaka fabric which, I'm told, is what the plantation workers in old Hawaii wore. IMGP1890  Mom and her kids :)
IMGP1891  Dave carving up the roast under the watchful eyes of Doug and Joseph. IMGP1895  Testing out a group shot angle. IMGP1896  Did it! IMGP1897
IMGP1898 IMGP1902  Dessert has arrived! IMGP1904  Christmas is ready for two boys to wake up. Hummer is from Doug and Mary for Ben, Scooter is from Mom and Dad for Sam. IMGP1905
IMGP1910 IMGP1913  Silly Dave! We are about to head to bed after elving :) IMGP1917  All the details are in the slide show... Christmas morning slideshow 2010
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