IMGP1299  We went to the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu today for a pottery class I had signed Sam up for. We had no idea really what to expect but it was absolutely fabulous! All four of us enjoyed our time together and even Ben got to get his hands in some clay... IMGP1302  The grounds were very pretty - neat little trails to follow through lush landscaping and sculpture pieces. IMGP1304  That horse was made out of driftwood. I would LOVE to do that! IMGP1306  Here is what they would be creating today.
IMGP1307  Aunty Pam teaching the kids the first few steps so they could go back and do it on their own. IMGP1308  Clay is rolled out and paper towel bunched in middle to hold shape (will burn away when fired next month). IMGP1310  Writing his name on the bottom. IMGP1316  Other kids' fishies :)
IMGP1317  Everyone concentrating and really having fun. IMGP1318  For ages 5 - 12. They all enjoyed it. IMGP1319  Putting the dorsal fin detail on. IMGP1321  Now making some fins.
IMGP1324  All done! We'll come back on Dec 4 to glaze it and fire it. While they wait for firing, they will build gingerbread houses. How fun, huh? IMGP1325  They also made some medallions. Lots of fun in just 90 minutes. I couldn't believe it all. IMGP1329  Decorating the edge of the medallion. IMGP1326  Ben making a "bolcano i-wand" - volcano island. He really really enjoyed the clay. Tasted some of it. Hands all over the place. Very quietly working along with Sam, then going up to the table for directions, finding his way back to his own chair. I was very impressed. PlayDoh is nowhere near this cool somehow.
IMGP1327  The artist at work ;0 IMGP1328  So whoever sent me this email with the info - THANK YOU! It was a real hit for all of us. IMGP1330  On a trail through the grounds. IMGP1334  That's Waikiki in the distance. Such a nice Saturday morning.