Holo holo Thanksgiving

IMGP1507  Exploring Alapena Pool and Falls right off the Pali. You're immediately thrust into a dense jungle. Very pretty. IMGP1510  The pool and small waterfall is beautiful - like a gem glistening on an intricate, aged setting. What we should have anticipated, though, is that the mosquitoes love this place, too. You could see clouds of them fluttering around in the sunlight. Dave got eaten alive. If you want to know what Dave's version of Dante's 8th level of hell, this is it. He says he has a systemic reaction to bites - like if he's bitten on his arm, his leg will itch. This goes on for about 1/2 an hour. So the next stop was Long's drugs before heading on to more holo holo in Honolulu hikes. IMGP1520  Sam and Ben didn't care too much - they enjoyed the walk. I did have some bug wipes in my pack so I was able to give a little protection to them. IMGP1521  Climbing back up to the Pali.
IMGP1523  Applying after-bite itch relief :) They are smelling their toes - gross! IMGP1529  Now at Foster Botanical Gardens, right on Vineyard and Nuuanu in downtown Honolulu. The 13-acre park is really something. Jurassic-size trees in the middle of the hustle and bustle of downtown. This huge gecko is quite impressive! I bet he hangs out all night by the bathroom lights feeding on bugs. IMGP1533  Starting to check out the Jurassic trees. This earpod tree is 18 Sam paces around or about 36 feet (math lesson during truancy time). IMGP1537  Dave started up our camera in 16x9 to match our computer screen's resolution.
IMGP1541  Oh boy - what's in there, Ben!? IMGP1543  Sam is really enjoying down time with his dad. Even though we haven't gone anywhere, seeing this attachment and identification have time to form and gel is priceless. They love to walk together and play checkers. IMGP1548 IMGP1552  Amazing trees!
IMGP1553  Mommy going to dispose of something...love my new green mommy-pack for space-a time and hiking with a walker (vs carrying a boy). IMGP1557 IMGP1558  A sausage tree. IMGP1559  Jurassic cycads.
IMGP1561  A relative of the hibiscus! Unbelievable. More math time - this tree is 80 years old. IMGP1564 IMGP1565  The conservatory... IMGP1566
IMGP1569 IMGP1577  Mom loves orchids - I think of you every time I see these, mom. IMGP1579 IMGP1586
IMGP1592 IMGP1597 IMGP1622  Heading over to Josh and Ang's house for Thanksgiving! IMGP1624  Only 15 min by wagon - we beat Daddy!
IMGP1628  And here we are celebrating at their new home! Thank you for a wonderful time, guys! IMGP1629  Out on a hike at Waimano Valley through a lush forest that looks a lot like other states we've visited. IMGP1631  Daddy and boys! IMGP1633  Checking out the stream which has placid areas and lots of gurgling.
IMGP1637  Learning shapes on the trail :) (heart) IMGP1641  Palm trees decorating themselves for Christmas, stream in the background. IMGP1644  Ben found a V, for VALLEY! IMGP1646  "Mom, can we climb? Please?"
IMGP1647  A good snack spot by the mango tree. IMGP1655  My #1 buddy :) IMGP1657  The tricky section where the drop-off to the right is very steep. There were lots of interesting tunnels off to the left as well - for hunters, or pigs, or both? IMGP1658  Waianae range in the distance.
IMGP1636  The sounds of the stream and the birdies.