Pu'u Ualaka'a

IMGP0522  Out hiking with a new friend Amy and her son Sam. He is Ben's age. Amy is a kindergarten teacher who is taking time off to raise Sam. She found me through www.outdoorohana.org. Isn't that cool? I am meeting like-minded mom's simply by planting my flag and providing helpful info! She is such a neat lady. IMGP0524  Check out the dog's ears! IMGP0525  Sam and Ben horsing around - funny to have a Sam on the trail who isn't mine! IMGP0527  Peekaboo!
IMGP0528  Cute guys! These guys hiked just about 2 miles on their own power! IMGP0531  There they are - trying to avoid some of the mud - not all of it, just some of it! IMGP0538  Jump tree! IMGP0540  Have you noticed a theme - boys love jumping off things?
IMGP0544  Holding hands at the end of the hike to help each other up a steep hill. They did this on their own!