“the next time we hike…

I want you to bring my camp chair so that I have a place to sit on the asphalt that is not too hot so I can eat my snacks.” Can you believe him? I’m just remembering this sentence. It was one of those long sentences that just leaves you hanging on until the end, hoping he doesn’t lose his train of thought, or something interesting doesn’t interrupt him (or you while you’re listening!). We were hiking up a steep section of trail talking about looking forward to a rest stop and Sam just offered this opinion. Can you picture me lugging his camp chair for him so he can snack in ultimate comfort?

I also had a funny thought today while out running. I was reflecting on a conversation with Mary (my brother’s fiance) about bridesmaid’s dresses. She was asking what size I am. I didn’t have a ready answer. She is gorgeous and the very fashionable – that is her passion and her career. I love Mary to death, but we couldn’t be more different that way. I shop at thrift stores, on days when they give a military discount. I told her they have some lovely ball gowns at Goodwill and she was totally quiet on the phone. 🙂 Then I tried to answer what size I am – would that be before pregnancy? Mid-weight-loss? In another 6 months when I hope to be at pre-pregnancy size? Should I go by the size I am if I’m in the junior boys section where they have the cool cargo shorts I like for hiking? Or the junior girls where all the cute tops are located? Or the thrift store where tags may or may not be present? Poor Mary!!! She didn’t get a straight answer. Love ya, Bear! I am actually thinking about crafting a day for us to spend together doing whatever YOU like to do in the City with your girlfriends. I promise to behave and enjoy – it would be a treat!

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  1. Gramma (Oli) 21 October, 2008

    THAT, I wanna see! YOU in a snazzy DRESS shop! Why do you think most of your dresses are from mom? Sheesh! I think I’ll snort with laughter when I see you in a bridesmaid dress instead of cargo shorts. Your boys will join me! Hehehehe!

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