“Am I a crazy hiker?”


Yesterday we did our first family hike – the Makiki Valley Trail. We had a great time, and found a nature center to check out when it’s open (we hiked on the Fourth). Sam did a great job – we think this was his longest hike yet. It was 3.6 miles and we did it in 3 hours, with at least 30 minutes of stopping (two snack breaks). Sam loved jumping off the rocks and it was really nice having Dave there to serve as human parachute. Sam often said “I love hiking!” and when I asked Sam what he liked most about hiking, he said the rocks and roots and climbing. He picks up speed on the uphills. We started calling him Sam Legstrong 🙂 He also enjoys telling us “Did you know I’m a big trail runner?” after we did a trail run at Bellows the other day.

There was over 1000′ elevation gain through this shady, pleasant trail with a few peekaboo views of Waikiki. The loop is about 2.5 miles with a long, steady uphill if you go clockwise. The descent from the second trail junction is a rapid 1000′ drop over about 3/4 miles.

All of us were pretty hungry when we were done so we went into Honolulu to Brew Moon for a sampler and some lunch/dinner. Then to Borders for a few books. I read to the boys in the kids’ section while Dave looked around. Somehow Ben managed to pee on me without soiling his diaper OR his shirt!!! I was drinking a decaf latte at the same instant, so it was weird feeling warm coffee go into my stomach, then on the outside of my body feel something equally warm…I was very confused for a few seconds!!!

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  1. Gramma (Oli) 6 July, 2008

    I love your “narratives!” What a great day you had. Can’t believe Sammy did 3.6 miles. I remember not long ago when 1 mi. was, as they say, a “milestone”. Gramma is proud of each of you.

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