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P7040002  Fourth of July fireworks at Kailua Beach. This year they raised the money very quickly to save the fireworks by collecting donations. That's a Ben-blur playing in the sand. P7040003 P7040008  Nice display for about 20 minutes. Crowds and crowds of people walked to the beach, shoulder-to-shoulder. P7040010
P7040011  Boys were wide-eyed! Sam has seen fireworks before but they never cease to amaze. Most recent display was at Tito Pig and Tita Bear's wedding! P7040013  Here we are...and a big bright full moon behind us. Ben was in heaven - fireworks and a full moon! P7040014 P7040015  Ghostly us...can you see us at all?
P7040017  The finale. P7060001  Holo holo on Ford Island for a jog and visit to the Aviation Museum. Also want to see the USS Missouri sometime. Kids age 6 and over can actually sleep over on it! Very cool. P7060002  Big banyan tree growing right out of the road in a little housing area. We love to swing on the "ropes." P7060005  Ben stridin' out :)
P7060006 P7060012 P7070017  At the Plantation Village with our buddies, learning about the lives of workers in the days of yore. First workers to the islands were from China in the mid-to-late 1800s. By 1890 or so, if my recall is correct, the Chinese accounted for about 22% of the population. The sugar plantations were owned by missionary families. P7070020  Popping open a macadamia nut.
P7070022  Bread oven. P7070024  Like the old-style "crib"? P7070025  Dave would love one of these after work. P7070028  Old-time slippahs.
P7070039  "Old Makana had a taro farm..." P7070041  The adventurers parked astride. P7070043  Had to check out this train before leaving, of course. P7090046  Sea Life Park turtles.
P7090047  Really studying them, figuring out which are "girls" and which are "boys." (The painted color coding helps!) P7090049  Ben LOVES fish. P7090052  And thinks this is a doggie! P7090054  The playscape is a big hit there. Sam played HARD for about half an hour.
ATT01773  Sam going down a big pole on the base playground. This was a major feat for him. He gets a little freaked out sometimes. I had him choose how many times he wanted to go down before he did it on his own, so we kept going at it, down and then back up the climbing wall, down the pole again with a wee bit less assistance the next time, back up, then down again...go go go. Try not to think, you can do it. The longer you sit and think the more scared you'll get. (I know because I am cautious by nature.) He finally did it, and even did it standing up, reaching out, and down on his own. I was VERY proud of him for overcoming a major fear. P7100002  Here we are at Mike and Angel's having a dinner to celebrate the arrival of our friend April - one of the charter members of the A team :) P7100003  We took a picture like this in 2001 - see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil :) P7100005  One of those pictures that would be taken totally out of context unless you were there. We had had only 1 drink. Just happy to be together and giggling again. See Dave's face in the background?
P7100007  The three As back together again :) I just cut my hair off that day - ponytail got chopped right off for charity! P7100011  We just need to photoshop Rich in now :) P7100012  Ah - that's better. P7100013  Then to our house for dessert after the boys went to bed. Dave cut the cake into As :)
P7100017  Hmmm...deep conversation about...Angel's latest bathroom adventure. Very interesting! P7110026  Out checking the housing options for April - at Pearl City peninsula. The home to the right will be hers end of July! I look like I'm just losing it with Ben wiping out, but I'm just holding my hair back in the wind :) P7110027  Whew, back up again. P7110028  Sam helping - we're on Ford Island now being tourists and checking out the Navy Lodge. VERY nice!
P7110030  Ben stops for all circles, so I bet he'll get hung up checking this manhole cover out. ALL circles. Everywhere. Loves circles. P7110036  Now to the USS Missouri. Very interesting tour. This is ship upon which the final surrender document was signed to close out WWII. P7110038  This is the actual spot where the surrender document was signed. P7110039  The USS Missouri guards the USS Arizona memorial.
P7110041  Sam looking for bad guys with his "gun." P7110043  Sam and Ben both love these! P7110044  The Pacific Aviation Museum is very cool and has the best lunches on the planet. You can also get beer there. This is the original tower that was in place during the attack on Pearl Harbor. P7110046  Just love looking at this view.
P7120006  Ran an 8k race with the two boys over in Lanikai. What hard work - headwind, heavy stroller, suspension not in the right position, and rather numb feet (going to the doctor about that on Monday). Dave tried to take a picture of us finishing - it was so hard to catch us, we're THAT FAST   ha ha...finished 9/12 in my age group, in the middle of the pack overall. We were the only double stroller. I guess that's not bad but two years ago I got second pushing just Sam. Oh well... P7120004  Sam playing with the band again! He is so lucky. Eddie Kamae himself gave Sam a new ukulele!!! Sam's old one totally fell apart after some heavy jamming. P7120008  That's Ocean to the left and Ana to the right. P7160013  Out on a fun run at Ala Moana Beach Park. Sam rode his bike while I pushed. That's Diamond Head in the background.
P7160016  Sam did a great job weaving around everyone on the bike paths. P7160018  Very mellow lagoon at Magic Island afterwards. P7160020  Ben has NO FEAR. We're working on that. P7160025  Love these trees. The colors are so beautiful.
ATT00473  Out on another run with my boys. We had a good time checking out a new park. P7180001  On a hike with my friend April and my boys. They all got into swinging off the vines! P7180002 P7180003  Ooops! Sam liked this - so did Ben!
P7180006  See April sneaking up on Ben? P7180009  He wanted to hike with my pole. Would NOT give it up! P7180011 P7180001 (2)  I got stuck under the train table! Sam freed me before Dave could grab a picture. When Sam went to get Daddy to help would you know Dave left me there while he ran off to get the camera first? So Sam was my hero :)
P7180004  Dave made this for himself. Just a typical night, reading a book. Thought I'd capture it. P7190006  This is a crazy haunted house prop I found on Bellows and Sam said to color the picture blue. I sent it to my friend Liisa who likes it as a location for photo shoots now. I think she will do some interesting stuff with it! You'll see it featured later in this album as well (Bellows folder - a hike we did July 30). P7190007  Sam checking out the skull. We are running/biking all over Bellows today, finding areas we probably should not be in, but there was no sign saying do not enter... Sam later said "Hey Mom! I just saw a little trail there we could check out. There was no sign or gate so I think it will be ok!" So cute, huh? Love it! P7190008  Ben looking, too!
P7190009  Telling the guard about the trail we'd found and how the poor signage made it seem like it was ok to be on that trail behind the paintball fields. P7200002  Lounging against the doggie - tired boy! P7200004  I painted this, trying to capture the Ko'olaus. But I really need to paint with them in sight. I am not a good painter from memory. If anyone out there wants it, it's yours. ATT00054  At Magic Island after a run.
P7210002  After a morning at the North Shore. We're at Cholo's - the boys worked up a great appetite snorkeling! Sam went all the way out into the big guy cove at Shark's Cove. He is so good at snorkeling now. So proud of him swimming around with Daddy, clearing his mask and snorkel, pointing at things. He talks through his snorkel - it is so funny! P7210004  Mom, stop taking pictures already! P7210005  Eating with Ben is a blur. P7210006  This is what it feels like! See the quesadilla Dave is trying to get past the spinning arms? (to right of photo)
P7210014  Whew - finally got it into his mouth! In the eye of the storm now. P7210015  Cute boy. I do love you, Ben! P7210018  Sam doing the "dinner dance" at the beach park for a picnic. P7210020  More dinner dance :)
P7210023  Then a quick castle build. P7210029  Ah ha! Up to no good! P7210035 P7210036  Daddy's castle.
P7210037 P7220001  At the zoo! Big cactus! P7220002  And even bigger tortoise! Hi Nana! We were talking to you as I took this picture! P7220005
P7220006 P7220008  Love this shot of the faces looking at giraffes! ATT00562  I am not sure where or when I took this picture. A cell phone shot, looks like a trail run at bellows. Loved Sam's form :) I think it's a year ago or more, though. P7250003  This ball was mailed to us when Sam was two weeks old by my friend and former mail lady on Coronado - Janine-Anne. We still have it and continue to enjoy it. I sent her this picture. Amazing we stay in touch so many years later. Such a nice lady with neat kids. She literally addressed the ball itself and sent it in the mail! She would know that's permissible - who knew!
P7250005 P7260006  Ben's first soft serve! P7260010  Then he insisted on putting Sam's goggles on when we got home! 2009-07 Baby hammerhead  We saw a real baby hammerhead shark!!!
ATT01910  Tide pools after a run. P7300013  Pillbox hike with Angel and April! Love having the A's back together! P7300014  April was so fun with Sam talking with him at length about all the little critters they saw on the bunker and the trail while I was keeping Ben from flying off the bunker. P7300015  We all enjoyed waving at the helicopter and actually seeing the crew member wave back at us. We will always have a touch of sadness with us when we see the orange helos - we knew an amazing man who lost his life last year in a Coast Guard helicopter. Since his loss I have gotten to know one of the other ladies who lost her husband. It touches you in such a profound way to come close to these men and women who serve every day in dangerous jobs yet we all take their safety for granted. Sam and I now pray for service members wherever they are - front lines or training at home.
P7300016  Ben loves helicopters - LOVES them. Says "Toctor!" and waves! P7300017  Yes, these are the real colors. P7300019  Like the foreground message? P7300020
P7300021  A little tricky getting down. This is a good technique. P7300023  Love all the faces here! ATT000296  Shave ice for lunch! What?