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June 2009 P5300001  Alli's camera graveyard...we had to scoot out and buy my second waterproof/shockproof camera since moving here the night before our trip to Maui. Thanks, Dave, for keeping me outfitted! Wait a minute - I see TWO other waterproof/shockproof cameras on the counter, not counting my new one! oops! P5300004  Packing for Maui - I was so relaxed about this trip after the Scotland adventure that I really couldn't get mentally into packing so we just threw the last load of laundry into the stuff sacks figuring they all went together somehow :) crazy cousin  "Tiny ghost" popped out in Maui!
Loves for Ben  Ben loved his cousins! P5310008  My traveling band is with me :) P5310009 P5310010  Ben is walking around now about half the time - he and Sam are checking out our plane :)
P5310016  In Maui with my cousin and her two kids, Makena (6) and Jordyn (7 1/2). That's my silly snorkeler in the background. Leslie and her husband Chad were visiting my aunt (Pam) and her husband (Craig) in Maui so we crashed their party and really enjoyed hanging out. Thanks so much for inviting us and making room for us!!! P5310017  The snorkelers having a blast together! P5310023  Underwater pictures! P5310024  More silly snorkeling! Sam sounded so funny - he was so excited (and overtired) that he was growling into the snorkel and enjoying the sound. Leslie and I couldn't stop laughing and he couldn't stop growling! We were joking that maybe the snorkel wasn't BPA-free, or maybe there was laughing gas in there!
P5310027  More underwater pictures :) Ben is up in the condo napping with Auntie Pam on duty so I can enjoy Sam with the cousins. P5310030  Leslie and Makena. P5310031  Leslie and Chad were married on Maui - at Makena Cove. P5310032
P5310035 P5310040  There goes my snorkeler! Relaxing and getting the hang of it with Aunt Leslie (who just so happens to be a competitive swimmer and former lifeguard). P5310044 P5310053  Hmmm...speaking of BPA-free...just what was in that Nalgene bottle, Leslie??? :)
P5310055  Such a great time! P5310056  Hmmm...I need some! P5310060  Ben rode around on my hip for a long time in the pool before he got super squirmy and wanted to romp. He kept putting his face in the pool like Sam. P5310069  So we went out to the beach outside the condo (background) for a swim.
P5310073  It's evening time but we can't get enough of the water. Sam is trying out the snorkel in the ocean now. P5310077  And getting swamped by a wave! P5310081  Man time on the lanai. P5310084  We decided to go out on the lawn to grill dinner.
P5310085  Self portraits! P5310087  The kids had a great time running around! P5310091  Craig got to hold Ben! Thanks, Craig!!! P5310093  He seems pretty cool with it! (Both of them!)
ATT00382  Sam really enjoyed coloring with his cousins (second cousins?). ATT00406  Helping Auntie Pam with the grill. P6010094  Makena and Jordyn are reading Sam's printed photo journal of our Scotland trip. Pretty cool to have cousins who can read! P6010098  Ben is texting his peeps on Maui...
P6010100  More beach time the next morning - Ben is asleep (finally! he really didn't want to miss time with the big girls!). P6010103 P6010105  See the love he got?! P6010107  Leslie is a great wrangler!
P6010108  We went up to Haleakala - 10,000 ft volcano summit with observatories on the top. Very other-worldly. P6010110  We had to move slow up there - the air was thin. Well, didn't slow Sam down but I felt it carrying Ben, and still coughing up my lung crud :) P6010114  This is "moon" mouth - he says "moon" sort-of but definitely points it out in the sky and gets all animated about it. P6010115
P6010116  Dave says this is silversword...(he didn't get to come, unfortunately - the usual deal - work and school!). P6010118  Pele may be mad, but we took some red cinder back for the cousins. P6010121  About as close to the moon as we'll ever get, perhaps! Sam really got a kick out of the craters within the big crater. P6010122  Hiking up a cinder cone for another view.
P6010124  Little guy got to get down and touch the rocks, too. P6010126 P6010128  Looks like Mars, doesn't it? P6010129  Sam took this one :)
P6010131 P6010132  This made me laugh - clearly some hikers or campers do not bring enough water. I need this sign in the boys' bathroom since Ben loves to get into the toilet and mix it up, splashing away. As you can imagine, toilet cleanliness is a huge endeavor right now, including getting Sam to F L U S H! P6010133  The ride home - listening to Eddie Kamae, singing "yee-haw, we went to Haleakal-AH!", and passing snacks around. (I bite off the tail of a goldfish, hand it back to Sam, who is then instructed to hand it to Ben). You can see I'm being very good about ensuring they have enough water up there in the altitude, too. P6010134  I put the Avenger in low gear, but the brakes still started smelling on the way down. Maybe it's because we bombed down a country road that went nearly straight down vs all the windy turns up higher.
P6010136  This is why we had to go down the country road - to see the "pancake arm" cacti! P6010137  90 minutes later - do you think he could have slept on the way down? No, had to fall asleep JUST as we arrived at dinner. P6010143  The kids had a lot of energy to burn before chomping down on sushi. ATT00463  More beach time the next day. I sneaked out to snorkel with Sam over a reef. We had a GREAT time seeing really pretty large fish.
ATT00472  Baby honu heading to the water! ATT00475  And being a good honu, coming back again. prepping for big hike  Now we're off on a hike in the Iao Valley. A lady told us it was 5 miles, so we loaded up on food and water, and sunscreen and headed out. After exploring every inch of the trail, and some off-trail exploring, we found ourselves wondering how in the world she came up with 5 miles. We found out later much of the trail had been closed off since this lady had been up there. sam guiding  Looking at the stream - the kahawai.
hike minus alli  Cousins! group hike  Here we all are, thanks Chad for taking the picture! teaching jordyn  Rainbow man petroglyph. Most references consider him a symbol of a warrior, some say specifically one that protects the earth. The triangle body is closed for a man, the bottom is open for a woman (symbolizing the birth canal). girls and sam at top
tidepool 3 kids P6020147  Out for a hike to the Iao Valley. P6020148  Many of my pictures didn't come out too well, so I'll have to supplement with Leslie's when she gets home and sorts hers out. P6020150  What a man - carrying a Care Bears pack. Chad says when you have girls you do things you never thought you'd do. What a guy.
P6020151  The Iao Needle. P6020155  Many twists and turns in this trail - decided to take a picture of a landmark with Sam pointing the right way. P6020158  Holding hands on the way back :) They were so excited to be on the trail! The kids had a great time running around and exploring. P6020160  Jordyn found this petroglyph. I'll have to look up the story but my rudimentary knowledge is this is the symbol for a woman and a rainbow. Seems like a burial spot to me.
P6020163  Lahaina through the windshield. P6020166  At the Maui Ocean Center. A good aquarium - I recommend it. Well worth the stop. P6020168  Got a good look at many of our reef fish friends. Aren't they amazing? P6020176  Humuhumunukunukuapua'a! Sam spotted him before I did!
P6020183  He loved all the fish. It was so funny, though, there were little steps next to each exhibit so kids could step up to get a better look. Since it was dark, he fell back off every single one of them! He thought it was funny, so didn't try to avoid it. :) P6020188  Ben loved the fish, too! P6020189  LOTS of pointing! P6020191  These eels were a trip - one would sink back into the ground (what they do when they're scared) and the others would crane way over and peer down to see what was goin' on. We thought maybe the one craning over was the mommy. Makena said  "the fat one in the back is the daddy!"
P6020198 P6020201  Brothers peering and pointing! P6020204  Jordyn and Makena in foreground, studying the fish. P6020207  The condo where we were staying. Steps from the ocean. Nice!
P6020208  My snorkeler can't get enough of it! P6020209  Drying off with the girls. P6020210 P6020213  A wedding...
P6020216  Chad was so great with Ben! And my little guy seemed to really enjoy some man time. P6020217  Serenading Chad and Leslie during their dinner (I was camp counselor in the kitchen :) ). P6020218  The campers! They're enjoying an ice cream concoction that Leslie made very creatively - our charge was to eat everything in the fridge and freezer that was perishable before leaving. Leslie did a fantastic job creating meals for everyone! P6020223  I sneaked Sam out for a romantic walk on the beach after we put Ben to bed. We built Haleakala, and drew a heart with Mom + Sam in it :)
P6020224  Can you see the heart? We enjoyed this special time together. We also looked for shooting stars while he chatted and chatted. P6030227  Gym time after breakfast the last morning together. P6030228  Crunches! P6030229  And time to go visit Chad during man time on the lanai!
P6030230  Makena helping Ben walk. Girls are such gifted and natural caregivers! They took wonderful care of Ben while I cleaned up the mess he dropped on the floor with every meal. P6030234  Out to Makena Cove for a quick photo-shoot - this is where Chad and Leslie were married 8 years ago. P6030235 P6030237
P6030238 P6030239  Girls - please hug and smile!? P6030240 P6030246
P6030247  Such a guy, playing in the lava with the waves crashing all around :) This is going to be the cover of his album some day, I see it! P6030249  Koholawe behind Sam, and Molokini to the right. P6030251  Saying goodbye Makena! See you in Washington sometime! We'll miss you!!! P6040002  The cacti lanai - some are in bloom!
P6040003  Out muddin' on the way to the commissary... P6040007  Checking the "paint job" - not too bad! P6040009  Yeah! Turtle was pretty pleased, too. P6040011  As was this little rascal.
P6040012 P6040013  Ooops - keep the windows rolled up! ATT00888  Cell phone shot taken to prepare Dave for being ok with this adventure... P6060001  Out for Lanikai Juice on a weekend morning. Just loved seeing Dave give Ben a smootch while they were waiting for smoothies.
P6060016  Full moon rising over Kailua Beach. P6060022  Ben loves the moon - he says "Bbbbooon!" as he chases it down! Looks like he's ON the moon. P6070009  Sam chasing down some puddles in the beach park! P6070010  All the beachgoers were watching him and smiling, remembering those days.
P6070011  Ben weightlifting while Sam rides. P6070012 P6070014  At a shallow beach on base. We could walk all the way out there - that's Ben, Sam and me walking back in. P6070016
P6070025 P6070026 P6070028 P6080002  Beach naupaka (Naupaka kahakai). This plant has a legend attached - about lovers separated. One took half the flower to the mountains, and now there are two varieties of this plant, beach naupaka and mountain naupaka.
P6080009  Out for a run - snapping some pictures of the boys messing around :) P6080010  That's mischief right there! P6080016  And there, too! P6080018  Hmmm...
P6080019  What is scratching my head? Did I grow another arm? P6090002  Snorkeling with Sam - we went for a hike and ended up at a new beach instead :) Swam in our hiking clothes. Nice day. P6090004  Very very shallow water over the reef. I saw humuhumunukunukuapua'a swimming in inches of water! Very cool. P6090010  A red sea cucumber - a variety I haven't seen before.
P6090011 P6090014  What is that popping up out of the water at me? P6090015  A shark? P6090016
P6090023  Sam was swimming this sea cucumber around with him, showing him around. Very cute. P6110003  Mommy was being very strange one morning - we made a helmet and breastplate out of our favorite sparkling water case. Look at the eyeholes already made for us! P6110004  Can you see my beady eyes? P6110005
P6110024  I see you! P6110031  And you, little rascal, putting something in daddy's base speaker! P6110033 P6120002  Out tearin' up the park doing more curb jumping.
P6120006  Yeah! P6200003  For Father's Day Eve (ha ha!) we went to Kualoa Ranch and played tourist for a day. It was fun! They actually have some very good educational programs for kids of all ages. P6200004  Baby piggies! P6200007  Riding in a Pinzgauer for the Jungle Expedition - all the boys (and mommy!) loved it!
P6200008  One of the scenes where LOST was filmed. Something about someone dying here on the right hand side of this stream (kahawai in Hawaiian, in case you're learning words along with Sam and me). P6200010  Boys enjoying bouncing! P6200013  Sam loves trucks! P6200014  Ben loves Daddy time!
P6200016  He's pontificating about something here. P6200019  And pestering Sam while looking at me! P6200020  Huh - you want me to look where? P6200021  A cute picture of us, and whatever weird pointy thing is going on under my shirt. Maybe it's a lizard? Or a chicken?
P6200022  Pinzgauer playtime! P6200024  Ben loved seeing the horsies! P6210003 P6210032  This is how Father's Day started...oh no! Mauling time!
P6210034  A blur of boys. P6210042  Then a nice jog with the stroller, which I managed to break somehow. I have gotten more flat tires and now broke the front swivel mechanism. We stopped probably 20 times on the run to try to diagnose the issue. P6210043  Out to brunch at our favorite place, Zia's - bread pudding pancakes!  Yeah! P6210047  We asked Sam a bunch of questions: what is your phone number (he got it the first time and I haven't talked about this in weeks and weeks!), your address (a slam dunk - he's known that for about 2 years now), your full name, and the big one - how do you spell it? Can you write it? (in case Mr. Policeman can't understand him or he's crying because he's lost.) See the KRU (big space because the placemat was wet with silliness) G?
P6210048  On our way home (after a time-out for accidentally flicking gravel up onto a nice elderly couple's table!) we had to change a tire. I tried to show off to Dave just how competent I was, and in so doing forgot the critical step of making sure the tire wall didn't have anything in it to RE-POKE the tire and flatten it. Aaaargh. (Jenni - I thought of you here - you'd never do something that dumb!) So Mr. Dave took over with his able assistant. P6210049  And Ben made the most of it. P6210051  Gimme the camera! (He took it from me yesterday and pretended to take pictures of everyone else in the Pinzgauer, pointing and smiling.) P6210052  My assistants are almost done pumping up the tire.
P6210057  Walking home via the marsh trail, with rain clouds fast approaching. Can we outrun them? P6210058  Yes! P6210060  Wait for me! (Pushing and taking pictures!) P6210062  Dave had to run ahead of us home so we enjoyed a slow walk/hike with Ben. He likes to taste-test rocks along the way. I love this picture of them.
P6210070  Come on, Ben! P6210072  Wrong way, Dude! P6210073  Yeah? Come and get me! P6210074  Alright, I see you're unmoved. I'll just amble toward the steep decline by water's edge and see if you come and get me now. He actually did very very well, walking about 1/2 a mile home. He kept arching and writhing when I tried to put him in the stroller, so I calmly took him out and said, "OK then you can walk with us!" so he'd walk further, then get floppy legs and hang one-armed from me. I'd put him in, and he'd protest again. I'd put him down, he'd walk. Repeat. Finally on the fourth round he decided the ride was quite nice. Sam was a patient buddy.
P6250006  Two boys waiting to go to the Bishop Museum. Loved seeing the legs side by side. Ben is a really muscle-y guy! P6250009  Sam took this picture of a monarch butterfly at the bug exhibit. P6250011  Lots of big bugs! Lots of loud buzzing, too! P6250013  And two boys buzzing all around!
P6250014  Ben took this self-portrait! P6250018  Remote-controlled bugs! You can learn how they walk by moving their legs with a joystick. Pretty cool. P6250019 P6250020  Picking up rocks.
P6250022  Always a good boy activity. P6270008  At da beach with daddy. P6270009  This is how Ben likes to eat. All the time. Always the left leg creeping up and resting on the table! P6270010  Just chillin with toes gripping the table top. Then he gets really crazy and pushes off!
P6270011  Drinks with it like that, too. Sam never did this. P6280018  Broke the B.O.B. stroller. That reminds me - need to go figure out the weight limit. I think we've maxed it out. Thankfully Sam is getting many "licenses" to ride his bike alongside me on several different kinds of streets and terrains, from the marsh trail, to Lanikai loop, to trail riding on base. P6290022  Building a truck for Anneliese. She paid him $60,000 for this, he says. Asked where she got the money, he said "Uhhh...she just has a LOT of money." P6290023  He literally referred to each page of this instruction booklet and built this entire truck himself. He did the cab the afternoon prior and the entire body of the truck this particular morning. Very attentive to detail and very good spatial relations. Amazing, truly. He builds so many creations but I don't record them in photos, so this time I did. Age on Lego set is 5-12 in case you were wondering. It's Lego City Police Truck.
P6290024  Here ya go, Anneliese! P6290025  Putting finishing touches on it before we head out on a hike. P6300026  And here he is with Anneliese and Caleigh! P6300029  Great day on Pu'u Pia. Love that trail! Great company - awesome to be out on the trail with them. Before I forget, we talk about lots of things on the trail, and Kathy and I are always so happy to be out with the kids. You never know when a lesson from the trail will be informative in "real" life. Like...
P6300031  when you're climbing up a steep hill and need a drink...can you trust that your buddy be there for you? Or if you're using a rope to pull yourself up, can you trust the rope will hold? P6300032  Yes, if you hike with good buddies that you know well, or use a rope that you've taken good care of. We've been experimenting with telling mommy little fibs lately to avoid getting into trouble for minor things...just seeing what we can get away with. Will mommy figure it out, etc. So...time to start teaching the value of honesty and how that relates to trust. P6300035  If you lie or fib, it's like slicing away at your rope with a little knife. What happens if you slice up the rope enough? It will break. It won't hold you. Too many lies break the rope of trust. That means it's hard to help when you need it - your buddy won't believe you really need the help. Here we are almost at the summit of Pu'u Pia. Caleigh did it ALL herself! Big girl!!! P6300036  The kids striking out to the snack bench to let Caleigh tag it first!
P6300039  Yay!! Great job!!! P6300040  Ben enjoying his snacks, too :) P6300041  Snack with a view of Pearl Harbor, where the daddies work. P6300046
P6300050  Found a good banyan tree to swing from, too! P6300051  Let's start a fire! You rub and rub - see! I got mine hot!