Alli's birthday

P6150007  Three crazy paniolos ready to set out on the trail...that's Kathy and Michelle helping me celebrate my birthday by going on adventures we have talked about while hiking or whatever...time to do 'em! I am so fortunate to have friends who are so game! Turns out, they're excellent horsewomen! P6150008  Michelle grew up on a Nebraska farm and got to barrel race as a kid! I think she said this is the first time she's been on a horse since she was about 11? And Kathy since about the same age. I've ridden very lightly since about age 15 - maybe a walk or a trot once or twice on a trail ride. This was really riding today, though. I'm glad we picked this ranch. P6150009  Kathy getting all cinched up - or her horse, Scarlet, rather. Kathy is wearing the friendship dress which Angel passed along to me. This dress collects adventures as it passes from friend to friend. I think that Annie gave it to Angel? Correct me...I think Kathy looks amazing in it! And on a horse, too! I had no idea she'd throw it on today before hopping onto the horse. She is such a wild one! P6150011  This is my horse, Buster, eyeing me. He really gave me a bit of a working over, trying to figure out which of us was going to be boss of the ride. I think we reached a bit of an agreement, but I by no means won. I don't think you ever do with a beast that size. But you at least present a very convincing argument that buys you some time until the next time he or she decides to test you. Perhaps that's what parenthood is all about...hmmm...
P6150013  Ready to roll! A really nice guy named John and his daughter were along for the ride as well. He took some pictures with my camera, and also with his new Nikon 5000 WHILE CANTERING, no less. I have no idea how he did that. It was all I could do to keep Buster from spooking when Kathy's hat flew off and sailed right toward us. Whew! I was like ... yeah, I know what he's it comes... (and mom asked me on the phone tonight - "was there any (pause) danger?") Nahhh. P6150014  Wearing combat boots - closest thing I have to cowboy boots. Michelle has a neighbor friend from Arizona who has cowboy boots, so she got to wear them! She looked amazing! P6150015  On our way! Gorgeous countryside. P6150019  Through the woods...there's John snapping and riding.
P6150020  Looking out over Lai'e. We cantered up a hill to this point. The horses enjoyed charging up. P6150021 P6150026  Back to the stable after almost 2 hours out on the trail. I am really ready to go again. Kathy says she'd like to try jumping (like riding English) next time. I think I will have to ride a bit more to endure an English saddle again - nothing like that kind of saddle to expose all your poor form and under-exercised riding muscles. But it would really be fun to continue riding together! P6150027  Doesn't she look fantastic?! I love how their hairstyle is similar :)
P6150028  Trying to buy the hat...couldn't wrangle it out of them, so went to Salvation Army and found one tonight. Not quite the same. P6150029 P6150030  That's right. P6150032  This hat fit perfectly. Size 10 quadruple X? huh? that sounds big. I managed to keep it on the whole time (you canter with your head pointing down so the wind pushes the hat on vs sending it off like a sail). During our last gallop - which is what it turned out to be - I had my hands full keeping Buster from grabbing the bit with his teeth and tearing off to race the other two. He really wanted to win and he was quite fast. But being the good, compliant lady I really tried not to let him let completely loose. Nevertheless...lost the hat! John hopped off and got it. Thanks again!
P6150033  Sarah Jane, our guide. P6150001  We found a glass slipper while out running! (It's truly a slipper - Hawaii version (i.e. sandal) and it's clear plastic with a glittery heart!). Sam thought a princess we know, Anneliese, might fit it! P6150002  Out buying cowboy hats at Goodwill! I LOVE Ben's but his head is already too big for it! P6150003  Horsing around...ha ha - get it!?
P6150008 (2) P6150009 (2) P6150010  Cute cowboy!!! P6160016  The mask fits great now, mom!
P6160017  Very interesting it "Tot-ter!" P6160018 P6160022  Out SUP-ing with Heidi! P6160025  Came back to give my buddy a ride.
P6160028  He's holding the board for me while I get his life jacket. So nice to have a big guy who can manage a 12 foot board! P6160032  Look who's paddling! P6160033 P6160035  There's a new Sherriff in town!
P6160040  And he's got a great sense of humor :) P6160044  My buddy Heidi! P6160045  The camera went swimming :) P6160046  Still some water on that lens! We are having sushi and cake picnic on Heidi's front lawn.
P6160047  Yeah!!! P6160049  Thanks for a great time, Heidi! P6160052 P6160053  Sometimes you just gotta go crazy with cake, Mom! You do it like this...
P6160054  Product??? P6160055  We hollered for Holly to come out ... Ben wanted to put his "hat" on her, too! P6160056  Heidi and Holly helped hose down my cake monsters. P6160057  Can you peer inside the truck to see what Heidi's laughing about? Some little buddies were pretty wild!
5 friends 5 days P6170002  Adventure day #3 - out paddling in a Hawaiian canoe on base. We had to do a little prep, first. Bail the bugs, girls! I see one supervising! P6170004  Angel showing us how to paddle... P6170007  From bow to stern: Angel, Kiela, Kathy, me, Michelle, Heidi (steersman).
P6170008 P6170011 P6170012  Alli No! Don't tip us! P6170013
P6170014 P6170015 P6170024  Angel made me this belly dancing outfit for my birthday, and another upcoming adventure. Still classified... P6170006  Off we go!
P6170005  And a video demonstration. She really kept us fired up while we were battling wind and current! And no huli! (No tip!) P6160012