Ben's birthday

Ben's bday  We took malassadas, cupcakes and champagne (thanks to my friend, Leo!) out to the sandbar for Ben's big first birthday bash. He's actually 389 days old...Reminds me of something funny Sam asked when Ben had been home about two days: "Is Ben going to be with us for very many days?" P6130003  Getting ready - Dave and I are licensed to drive these boats, so we took two boats and 17 people. P6130006  Getting all the gear and peeps on board, including the paddleboard! P6130009  Holly has been Ben's babysitter almost the whole last year. She has been teaching Sam Japanese while Ben naps and I work, and then taking the boys to the playground for an hour while I finish up. She is wonderful with the boys! She is usually over once or twice a week for about two hours.
P6130201 P6130011  He was lifting his shades up and down, peeking at Holly's dad, Rich. P6130014  I am pretty bad at steering. It's very easy to over-correct on these, so I drew a few S's on the way out. Don't check my wake!!! P6130015  Holly, Ben, Heidi (Holly's mom) and Charlie. These are two of Heidi and Rich's 4 kids.
P6130017  There's Rich and girlfriend Danielle. P6130021  We're there! Riding the paddleboard is fun fun fun! That's Leo and Brendan, parents to Bridget (in middle of board) and Greta (holding onto mom). P6130022  Anneliese and Bridget show us how it's done! P6130023  Dave offloading coolers and loading up my sherpas - Rich, Brendan and Jon.
P6130024  The whole crew in action, spotting the SUP-ers, offloading, photo-journaling... P6130025  Just to Leo's right it drops off steeply, but otherwise we had a patch of sand about the size of a football field to play on, and swim just off of. P6130026 P6130027  There's the sand.
P6130208 P6130029  Cute big boy!!! I love you, my Ben! P6130030  Even with a cold, he's mister personality. Enjoyed having the big girls chase him. P6130031  Sam gearing up for adventure, with Ben, Kathy and Caleigh looking on.
P6130032  Dickens crew relaxing :) P6130033  Ben played football with Richie! P6130034  And served Daddy some champagne. P6130035  Sam snorkeled for so long, some wondered if he was still breathing through it! Beautiful out there.
P6130036 P6130037  Jon taking a look around. P6130038  See the sand on the little hands? P6130039  The grownups were beginning to take turns on the paddleboard while the rest of the kids played in the sand or swam around.
P6130222  Mimosas and malassadas! that's me reaching...thanks Kathy for documenting! P6130219  And I looked like I've had one too many, but oh don't I wish that were the truth :) ha ha! P6130040  Wondering if Holly and Charlie would make it back! The current is pretty strong - easy on the way out but... P6130041  Cheers! My adventure buddy on trail and off (speaking of which - we're going horseback riding in two days with another friend of mine! With real Hawaiian cowboys, in the mountains behind Kathy.)
P6130042  Heidi and Rich - 24 years married so I made them kiss for the cam...very embarrassing. Sorry! (Not really!) P6130043  Muggin' with my little man - look at his sand goatee! P6130045  Bridget snorkeling :) P6130047  Greta explaining something to me in great detail. We've known her since she was just about 4 months old. Caleigh, too, about the same age. Now they're 3!!!
P6130048  Ben really takes to people pretty quickly. He's not shy. P6130050  I made Dave comply, too, and took this self-portrait (which we often do on summits - the summit smootch), but when I asked later why those lips were really not puckered he said "I had Diet Pepsi in my mouth!" P6130051  Bringing me a special rock. He turned my hand flat and put it in there. P6130052  Jon taking Anneliese for a ride.
P6130054  And standing up, too! P6130055  Cupcakes in ice cream cones made for a zero-mess, zero trash party. I will have to remember how clever I was...ha ha! P6130056  Kids enjoying their ice cream cones :) P6130057  Come on, Ben! Time to sing! Dave is luring him with cupcake.
P6130058  Finally, the celebrant is in the shot! He is coming to me to share his cone :) P6130251 P6130253 P6130255
P6130256 P6130059  Team Jones! Kathy and I took the board out tandem - I can't believe we didn't tip it! We even both stood up! WOW! Can't wait until I get that picture from Kathy...(hee hee...Kathy offloads photos about once a year!) P6130278 P6130285
P6130061  Ben was really pooped out on the way back in! P6130063  So while he napped at home, Sam and I tackled some sprucing in the backyard. I had some trouble fitting everything in the green waste bin, so Sam hopped in and hopped around to scrunch it down. Then he hid and Dave rolled it to the curb with Sam popping out to surprise us! P6130228