2009-05 MAY

P5040002  First day back in Hawaii after our big trip to Scotland. We had a wonderful morning at the tide pools... P5040004  Ben took a swim, then a nap :) P5040006  Nice view for a nap, huh? P5040012  Sam swam and swam.
P5040014 P5040015  Underwater smiles! P5040019  Double-shaka fun! P5040020
P5040023 P5040024  Cute boys. Ben is getting so big! P5040030  He wants to be JUST like Sam! ATT00364  This was a fun day - first a hike, then a swim with all our clothes on (it was HOT!), then shave ice for lunch! (Poor Daddy is at work missing all the mischief!)
ATT01339  We stopped midway through a run to go for a swim. Ben was asleep in the stroller, so we also had some time to do watercolor paints with ocean water and limu for brushes. Sam's picture turned out way better than mine! We had such a great time. ATT01342  We're swimming and pretending to be turtles, then we look up and we see a honu looking right at us! What a privilege! ATT01348  Ben woke up to enjoy the fun :) ATT01620  Building the cacti lanai for Mother's Day, one brick at a time! We all worked hard!
ATT01653  Pavers down, now time to decorate! ATT01746  We got a cute little table at the Exchange and Dave got me flowers for mom's day. I woke up on Sun morning to a fruit plate and flowers with my boys! P5100004  Sunday we decorated with lots of cacti that we potted in little planters we found down the street - people put out things they want to get rid of on the curb, so you just stop and gather! Very nice to reappropriate the found items. P5100005  We especially enjoyed turning this bamboo pole into a planter for a vine. Dave and Sam found the pole at the beach at our last Easter Egg Hunt.
P5100008  The lanai at dusk... P5100011 P5100014  Enjoying a glass of wine together after the kids went to bed. Dave is doing school work just about every evening, so having a little "date" place to go when he can sneak away is super nice. P5100016
P5100017  Butterfly votive holder...we raised a lot of butterflies here this year! ATT00189  Out on a run! ATT00192  And more running, through the ironwoods! ATT00195  Can you see the color of the water out past the canal? I am not often compelled to stop and photo, esp with a cell phone camera, but sometimes the water against the sand is ridiculously beautiful.
P5120003  On our way to a romp in Kathy's backyard. This is Michelle's Jeep with all the kids having a great time! P5120006  Little walker's first steps!!! He was doing it easily before I could reach my camera. By this time he was a bit over it. But you can still see what he's doing! P5130006  My friend Christina and I after a brief rendezvous on the beach with the kids. Nice to see you!!! DSC 1892  A photo from my friend Christina from a previous visit to the birthing stones. Thanks!
P5140008  Snorkeling with Sammy at a beach on base. What a great time! I still can't believe how fun it was to swim with him at my side, looking at all the fish together. We kept popping our heads up to chat about this one or that one :) P5140012  That's a wrasse in the background - he cleans other fish. The ones in the foreground are convict tang I think. P5140013  A school of fish swimming by. P5140014  There they go! Shallow water and clear skies make for good viewing.
P5140019  A huge sea cucumber. About a foot long and probably 4" diameter! P5140028  A friend of mine snorkeling for the first time! Yay! P5140029  There she goes! P5140030  Ben was napping while we played :)
P5140033  Then he got up to romp around, too - this is a shell phone :) P5140035  Hello? Can you hear me now? P5140037  Yes! Hi, this is Sam! P5140044
P5140049  Sam's painting - he did this the week before while we were out running. We did some painting together - watercolor fingerpainting mixed with ocean water. This is trash we picked up from the beach to save for such a project. I like it! Nice job, Sam! P5140003  This is a word Sam always says - he is going "notomoto!" a lot - so we asked Holly to write it out in Japanese to see if it means anything. As best we can tell it's not a Japanese word...not yet anyway. P5150010  The pendant is from a friend of mine who travels frequently to the Republic of Georgia - she is a PhD Epidemiologist who works with doctoral students in many Eastern European and Central Asian countries. The pendant was made by one of her students, so she brought it home to NY and when we saw each other a few weeks ago she gave it to me. Gorgeous! THANK YOU! P5150012  Trying to take a picture of it is difficult with my little helper also interested.
P5150017  Sam took this one :) P5150018  My crew :) P5150019  Dinner with mom's friend Carol, who happens to own the cottage mom rents when she's here in the winter. Hi Carol! Thanks for the foot-long fruit roll! Too funny that Sam and Ben's Nana and PopPop also sent foot-long fruit rolls in a package that arrived the same day! 2009-05-16RefrigeratorDoorMemoriesFromJosard  From mom's fridge...a sampling of important moments.
ATT00900  I drove this Jeep Commander home on a test drive, arriving home just as Dave got home from work. He had no idea what I was up to, but the boys and I went truck shopping (the Xterra is awesome but not very roomy inside for carpooling with friends, or touring with visitors). The Commander seats 7! Nice...but not right now. (Can you picture Dave's face as he came out to greet us?) 2009-May Sam plays with Eddie Kamae  Sam playing ukulele with his hero, the legendary Eddie Kamae!!! P5170016 ATT01084  Here's my big guy biking aaaallll the way around the fish ponds - just over 4 miles. I was pushing Ben in the single. We had a great time! Some good challenges for him to grow into on this trail, but overall just the right kind of mountain biking experience for him.
P5190012  A hike up in the Pali overlook area. P5190016  Sam said "Mom, this looks like a SKULL!" Indeed! P5190017  Love this tough-guy face :) P5190020  Beautiful flowers by a kahawai (running stream).
P5190021  Love the sparkle of sun in the forest. P5190023  Looking over the Pali. P5190024 P5190026  And "pali" means cliff.
P5190027 ATT00439 P5190036  Look mom, two eyes! (Edamame eater!) P5190037  We spied "LJ" in roots, too - Lanikai Juice!
P5190038 P5190039 P5190041  A kahawai :) P5190042  Love this tree.
ATT00358  Mommy being crazy - this is "tiny ghost" (how we refer to Ben - a little, almost invisible guy who moves furniture and makes strange noises). Tiny ghost didn't want to get into the trash can, so "he" decided to mess with the boys during breakfast. ATT00876  Mountain biking for Ben's birthday picnic. I'm still sick with pneumonia here, feeling totally awful with fever rising like clockwork at noon, but wanting to give the boys a good time. ATT00882  Ben looks like he has the plague here, too, but he doesn't. Just thinking hard about his birthday cupcake :) ATT01463  Finally back in the land of the living! We went to tide pools yesterday and had a wonderful swim. These pools are too rough in the winter but are perfect in summer! Sam is really swimming well on his own - actually swimming, not swim-running or dog-paddling. He loves to jump off the rocks into the water, and look for fish. I love when he invites me to come snorkeling with him - one of my favorite things to do!
P5220004  Bristle blocks from Aunt Debby! Yay! P5220010 P5220015 P5220018
P5230020  Ben helping Aunt Angel build his ride-on toy! P5230027  This is from Gramma (I think he's calling you "Amma" mom!). Big hit with BOTH boys! P5230031 P5240002  Another beach day . . .
P5240004  and beach nap :) P5240005  I'm bigger than the truck! P5240006  Off to the water... P5240008  Snorkeling with daddy this time!
P5240001  We went bumper boat riding over the weekend. Sam gets his own boat now! P52400065  And mini golf after bumper boats! Dave and Sam are so cute playing golf together. P5240007 P5250013  Sea Life Park was fun!
P5250022  We want to do this sometime. P5250023  And another beach nap! P5250025  My snorkel date is going to show me around :) P5250029  Very tired big boy on the way home :)
ATT00151  The boys and I decided to take a trolley ride in Waikiki on Fri...kind-of an adventure finding out where to pick them up. ATT00154  We're on! P5290009  From the trolley...Lots of surfers out there. P5290010
ATT00163  Picnic lunch outside the Hale Koa afterwards, then we decided to walk on the beach, which led to talking to surfers and plotting more adventures, then to a swim...and finally home. ATT00266  And dug tunnels! P5270001  Our friend Alan came through Hawaii enroute to riding a submarine back home to WA. Here we are tasting some Scotch and hanging out. He looks asleep, but he's not. He's plotting what to write in our guest book. P5270003  See!?
P5270005 ATT00263  At the tide pools on base - a bit rough out there today but Sam and Dave snorkeled around. P5300013 P5300015  Sam's first snorkel swim!
P5300016  Snorkel buddies!!! I love to sneak out with him while Ben is napping :) IMG 6533  A late picture entry from Giji - our Easter Egg Hunt :)