2009-04 APR

Scotland trip

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P4060003  My friend Angel is hosting her own 40th birthday sleepover, and wanted a picture of me in junior high. I think I'm about 13 here. Maybe 12. I'm not sure...this is my beloved pony, Soda. He'd just made a mockery of me at a horse show by sinking his chompers into a huge decorative pine in front of a jump he was supposed to have gone OVER, but decided to eat instead. ATT00186  The boys and I out on a fun run, stopping by the beach park for a romp. P4070002  Packed and waiting for a space-a flight to the east coast! P4070003  Sam helps vacuum!
P4070004  Doing a fun game - try to figure out what letter you feel while tracing it. P4070009  Hmmm...what did we spell?! P4070011  Then doing alpha-wrestling, and number wrestling. Turn yourself (or your mom!) into a number or letter. This is...4! Can you see we're sweaty? Meanwhile Ben is reading and watching in amusement. P4110016  The 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt - friends Giji (with Jonah and Rinnah) and Brendan and Leo (with Bridget and Greta) and Mary (with son Clark) were all able to come. We missed some of our usual co-conspirators, but it was a great time!
P4110017 P4110018  Oooohhh! Cupcakes for breakfast! P4110019  Look at the big stick we found! It's now in our garden. P4110022  We stumbled across a Marine Corps Band concert, and Sam was invited to play the big guy drums! What a hit! (We're wiling the day away while Dave goes into work and we cool our heels waiting for a space-a flight.)
P4110044  Then we went muddin'! 2009-04 Muddin on mtn bike  Here's video of the fun. I can't believe Sam has only been riding his bike without training wheels for a month! P4120002  Easter morning and we're still in Hawaii enjoying the weekend with Dave, and waiting for a flight heading east. At this point we'll take anything! I got Sam a sword bubble maker - you squeeze a button on the sword and it opens up like jaws to make huuuuge bubbles. P4120003  See how big???!!
P4120004  Daddy got into it as well! P4120010  Bubbles floated high into the sky... P4120011  After seeing a few rise majestically, changing into ovals and then back into circles with the breeze, I thought...how appropriate for Easter. He is risen! P4120014  Church time! Ben writhed and squirmed so much his shirt popped open for 2 of 3 buttons!
P4120015  We did some more mountain biking through puddles and mud. Dave and Sam had a great time! Ben even got to ride with me on my mountain bike in the front. See their legs? P4120016  Ben and mommy :) P4120017  Nice spray up the butt, huh? He went through some awesome puddles - like huge! They were 15-20' long and 6" deep. He did great navigating throught them! P4120019  Then it was time for our first swim of the season after biking. It's been unusually cold here, but today was nice and warm. Ben has had a runny nose for 10 days, so this is his saline nose spray, ocean style! It really cleared him out.
P4120020  He is totally fearless. This shot was taken just after he got SWAMPED by a wave! P4120021  Here he is after his big wave! P4120026 P4120032
P4120035  Beautiful water and rather brown sand here at Ft. Hase beach. P4120036  Clearing out my nose :) P4120037  Romping in the water! ATT01967