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Pu'u Ma'eli'eli and Byodo In

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Pacific Aviation Museum

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P3010064  Ben asleep while Sam plays at the playground :) P3010067  But now he's up and ready to make (I mean MAUL) new friends! P3020001  Writing notes to each other for "freeschool" - preschool at home. I guess that day was day of M :) I asked Sam to write me a note, so he wrote the bottom letters. I asked him what the note said and this is what he told me. So sweet. P3020073  Out to lunch with mom (Gramma!) celebrating getting our cars fixed. Mom is great about always finding a reason to celebrate! Ben and Sam certainly didn't mind. Guess what is on their faces!
P3020074  Full immersion celebration! P3020075  Wow.  I'm still laughing almost three weeks later as I upload these! ATT00321  Sam really loves a book called Cactus Hotel, sent to us by CC (one of his dear aunts). It is a HUGE book but so well written. We look for cacti all over Kailua while we're out running, and this is one of the great specimens. ATT00324  Out on a run - looking at the cactus in the previous picture :) Both are pointing!
ATT00678  We call the bare buns "biscuits" and have "biscuit races" to the bathtub each evening. We discoved "breakfast biscuits" this particular morning! So cute! Look at how strong he is! His whole core is just ripped with muscles. You should feel him climb around on you. Unbelieveable. ATT00751  Out on another run - "holo holo" - and sending cell phone pictures to daddy :) 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (10)  At the Children's Discovery Center with our friends. This is a great place - three floors of all kinds of activities. 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (11)  I get totally overstimulated there but the kids love it. He's watching bones move while pedaling with Gramma.
2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (13)  Lunch afterwards by the ocean. We brought Sam's bike so he could ride without training wheels down the hills. We also gave his buddies a turn :) 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (14)  There goes Anneliese! 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (2)  Dancing with an octopus outfit! He really loves putting on a show - here you're up against a blue screen so you can see yourself on TV (where Sam is looking). 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (3)  There's the TV - and Sam as a fish studying himself.
2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter (5)  Not sure what this is! 2009-03-03Children'sDiscoveryCenter  Sam giving Ben a ride in the Jeepney :) IMG 0906 IMG 0908
IMG 0910 IMG 0911 IMG 0911a IMG 0914
IMG 0916 IMG 0919 IMG 0934a 2009-03-11TrailFromTantalusRoundTop (11)
2009-03-11TrailFromTantalusRoundTop (12) 2009-03-11TrailFromTantalusRoundTop (13) P3100009  Out on a hike with mom - thwarted attempt to cross Nuuanu Stream, but it was pretty anyway! P3100010
IMG 0934 P3100013  So we were still hankering for a trail and went to the Tantalus network. This hike smells soooo good - like eucalyptus. P3100014  Funny faces came out! P3100017  And more!
P3100019  Collecting pine cones and all manner of seeds to bring home and plant. Dave is really wondering what will actually take seed and grow. One of those mammoth trees? A Cook Pine??? P3100022  Lots of buttons now on his pack - I'm trying to keep up with drawing the buttons for hikes we recommend to our friends so the little ones can earn their peakbagger buttons. P3100023  A little seating area for lunch. ATT00693  And more horsing around :)
P3100002  One of four little maidens that we released last week! Mom brought home more than just leaves one day ... :) P3100003  It's beautiful every time. Never ceases to amaze me. 2009-03-12AnotherNewMonarch P3120006  There she is just coming out!
P3120017  Our pineapple is growing and growing! P3130018  Over at Aiden K's house for dinner and pirate sword fights! The boys had a blast - thanks again, Michelle! P3130021  The kids' table :) 2009-03-14Casa blancaSwampRompers  Here we are out to dinner at Casablanca in Kailua - this is the Swamp Romp gang (minus Sue who had family in town) and our friend Vicky to the far left. Then mom, me, Amy, Kathy, Cathi, and Michelle. We had a great evening! And Dave did fabulously solo with the boys :)
P3140022  Ben saying "Good morning, doggie!" P3140024  See this book? The little guy at the bottom left of the page? Ben LOVES that little guy for some reason. He will open the book specifically to this page and open-mouth kiss the little guy, saying something in Benglish very earnestly. I would love to know! P3140025  Reading "Storms and Hurricanes" with Daddy. Sam is a born scientist. He wants to know all about everything. This is a pretty dense book, but he'll ask for specific pages and make sure you don't miss a word. He doesn't care that it's not a "story." P3140038  Out on a hike last weekend through Koko Crater. I was really impressed with this spot - much nicer than I anticipated. Lots and lots of cacti! That was the purpose of our visit - to see BIG ones like in his Cactus Hotel book.
P3140040  Ah ha! P3140044  And a baby one! Cacti grow very slowly. This little six-inch specimen might be 5 years old or more! P3140046 P3140047  Barrel cacti.
P3140051  Pointing at another big one across the way. Kate - see the new clothes? THANK YOU! P3140056  A cactus tangle! P3140060  This one had a goatee! P3140063  Blooms...
P3140068  Sam picked this flower out for me - a plumeria. There's a huge grove at the entrance to the botanical garden. Will have to go back when the trees are all in bloom in a couple weeks. P3140071  There were peacocks at the garden, too. Dave really makes an astonishingly good peacock call. I tricked him into recording one (I found out later he knew what I was up to, but please excuse the poor video - I was trying to be stealthy). P3140073  Trade shower over the ocean on the drive home. I never tire of seeing the beautiful oceanscapes and cloudscapes this island offers us. P3150003  Out at Honey's at the Ko'loau Golf Club on Sunday evening. This is a remarkable place where you can hear the Hawaiian music legends jam in an ohana setting. It is so special.
photo  Joe Cool this morning on our way to Tripler AGAIN for a visit to a nephrologist. All my tests are continuing to come back normal. Just stay better hydrated while running, they say. photo2  In the waiting room - in a "bunker." (We see bunkers from WWII around here all the time on our hikes.) photo3  Hanging out with Holly while I finish up work - she comes over twice a week from 3pm-5pm to spend some time with Sam and then manage Ben for me when he wakes up. She is also teaching Sam JAPANESE! See what they're doing? Wow! He is a quick learner. photo4  Writing the sound "AH".
P3190001  More Japanese lessons in a little workbook we made for him. P3200004  Sea glass in our bathroom - taken for Aunt Kate. P3200006 (2)  And with a hibiscus from our garden...great colors here! P3200003  Ben at the Y's Childwatch program.
photo6  Sam out riding the dunes! photo5  There he goes - way down at the end! P3210001  Ben laughing at Daddy :) P3210002  And crawling down to the ocean like baby honu!
P3210004  This is White Plains beach - a great place to surf. P3210013  Here are the waves and all the surfers. P3210014  Down past the people you can rent a cottage - Barber's Point beach cottages. You have to be DOD, though. P3210017  (He's not under the water, just yet!)
P3210020  Stirring up soup! Mar 2009 Interview after biking  This is a hilarious interview that I did with Sam after some good biking. He describes his route (two circles with a straight line between them, like a BONE) and at the end says "SPEAK ITALIAN!" I am not sure why he says that... P3220001  Out on another beach walk with the family to a remote part of base. Shell hunting! P3220003  Lots of crevasses - Hawaii style!
P3220005  I am fascinated by these old old shells. Would you call them fossils? They're embedded in the lava rock, which makes me think they got caught when the lava was still soft, just after the explosion? Whenever that was? Would a geologist or naturalist set me straight if this thinking is totally flawed? P3220006 P3220008  Walk softly, but carry a big... P3220010
P3220013  Sea salt sparkling in the sun. photo7  Nice arrangement, eh? Tide Pools  Made some new headers for the blog... P3230016  View out to Flat Island.
P3230018  The view from our turnaround point on our run, back toward Kailua Beach. P3230020  Dave challenged me to capture what we see here on an average day, to give you a feel. So here is Kailua Beach Park, about halfway through our run. At this point Sam gets out and runs up and down the dunes, I do some pushups, and then Ben sits on me while we do situps. P3230022  Sam and I decided it would be ok if the stroller took a little spin on its own down the hill...look at Ben's face. I think he realizes it's not so good if he can see MOM. That means someone ELSE is driving - or NOT driving! He has his foot up to find a brake I think! P3230023
P3230024  Sam running to mommy - this is what Gramma sees when she meets us in the park. P3230025  Pointing out HIS park where he first learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. This will always be a special place. P3230026 P3230027
P3230028 P3230054  Can you feel the sand? P3230057  Ironwoods in the breeze. P3230058
P3230059 2009-03-02CheckThatLowerJaw  This is the technique used to capture every drip of milkshake! P3230001  Um...Ben decided he didn't like salmon about a month ago. So...after working on it several times, I decided that the next day he'd get salmon for breakfast, salmon for lunch, and salmon for dinner - we'd see just how convinced he was that he didn't like it. (It sounds waaaayyy more austere than it really was - we had leftovers and it's sooooo good that I ate it for breakfast and lunch as well!). By lunchtime, he'd decided it wasn't so bad after all. Look at the detritus frmo the night before, though. He would calmly pick it up, then just calmly drop it to the side of his chair. Then he'd toss some over his right shoulder. Then he would inspect each bite if I tried to hide some... ATT00042  At the commissary! Ben moves his arms right and left like a real driver! Then he studies Sam for technique. Sam is able to use that right hand for anything - thumb, phone, etc.
P3240002  This is what Dave is reading right now. 2009-03-24NiteAtDaveAlli's  Mom took this picture of our home at night. Thanks mom! Kates glass  Sea glass for Aunt Kate's bathroom project. Glad this assortment is working! I misted it first :) ATT00314  Racing Gramma!
2009-03-25DoggieNite (3) 2009-03-25DoggieNite 2009-03-25DoggieNite (2)  Eating like a "doggie" - spinach was another fun family food experience :) 2009-03-28AlwaysReady(1)
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