Ualakaa and Moleka trails

P3150001a  Two hikes and a girls' night out in ONE weekend! Wahoo! This hike had many banyan trees and lots of bamboo. P3150002 P3150003  Just to give you hikers a sense of the forest here. Very lush. Lots of ferns and moss, similar to WA, only warmer. P3150005  The bamboo forests always have special light, or are very dark (because they are dense). Sam wanted to make a funny face for the camera here.
P3150007 P3150009a P3150011a P3150012
P3150014  Lots of mud this time of year, too! Sam loves "muddin'"! P3150015 P3150017  Ben grabbing moss to play with. P3150022  A bit narrow here, and slippery! Daddy went down a couple times!
P3150023  Can you see the ocean between the trees?