Judd Memorial Trail

P3260001  The stream crossing! Michelle's mom and my mom joined us for this hike :) P3260011  Tree huggers! This is Sam's good friend, Aiden. P3260013  Aiden and his sisters... P3260015  Michelle and her mom are artists so they pick up all kinds of things while we're out for projects.
P3260005  The Cook pines are really tall - very impressive. These woods have a magical feel. P3260019  They are good buds! P3260020 P3260021  Having fun muddin'!
P3260023  Even the girls were proud of their feet! P3260025  Can you guess who this is? (SAM!) P3260026  Snack time! This is a great snack log :) Judd Trail bamboo forest ruins 028  The Jackass Ginger Pool - a fun end to the hike!
P3260028  Angel! Pretty in pink, with a smudge of mud! P3260029  Lush forest. P3260030 P3260040  Mo - see the shirt???
P3260041 P3260042 P3260043  Angel and I love this expression! P3260044  Lots of helping hands.
P3260046  Big panda eating bamboo! P3260048  And crossing the stream again on the way back. P3260052  At the ruins nearby. P3260053  Gramma and Ben have so much fun together!
P3260055  I'm a hiker - this is MY pole! P3260059  Sam and Aiden like to "buzz around like bees!" P3260060 P3260061  More buzzing with bamboo swords :)
Judd Trail bamboo forest ruins 040  Michelle took this picture I think - or her mom. Beautiful! P3260051  Ben doing his funny growl!