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Manoa Cliff

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P2030001  We visited the birthing stones (Kukaniloko) on one of our Tuesday adventures. It is the place where ali'i were born, in the central plains of O'ahu. This particular stone was carved and used as a sun dial - there is a concentric ring in the middle of the stone. It was used to mark different seasons as light would cast a shadow right through the middle of the concentric circle during the solstice. P2030005  The sign at the entrance says do not leave coins on the stones, but it didn't say enjoy don't jump off them. After a brief huddle, the mothers decided the children wouldn't do any harm and that the ancients would rather enjoy the sight of children playing amongst the stones. P2030009  Hide and seek! P2030011
P2030012  Where are they? treetertotter  The treeter-totter! P2030020  A hill that the children all climbed up, then pulled the grown-ups up one at a time. P2030025
P2030030  Caleigh catching a ride from Sarah :) P2030032  Christina - lovely soul :) P2030033 P2030034  We don't touch stones that form a heiau, though.
P2030037 P2030039 P2030043 P2030044  I gotta get to those kids!
P2030045 P2030046 P2030049  I thought this looked like a petroglyph as well. ATT00744
P2030002  Learning to ride a mountain bike on real mountain biker trails! We found some guys there who did jumps for us. Very cool! Sam is about to take his training wheels off...thought he would enjoy the "big picture" of what mountain biking is all about, and a fun way to put all those wipeouts in context :) It worked...he really relished telling all about his wipeout later :) P2030003  Dave was a great sport - we rousted him right after work to do this. He kept losing his slippers in the process as they were pulled off by a rogue tire. P2030004  "I can do it all MYSELF!" P2030005 (2)  Okay!
P2030008  Here's the famous wipeout! RMT1578  Richard caught the sunlight on the rocks beautifully. RMT1478  These are some snapshots from Richard's camera - trying to catch Sammy. RMT1480  Look how tall my big guy is now! 44"
RMT1524 RMT1572 RMT1528 RMT1573
RMT1552 RMT1556  Trying to get down was another matter! RMT1559  Mom is always good for a rump slide! ATT01017  On a quickie hike with Ben after dropping Sam off at preschool.
ATT01285  Random cell phone shots. Steve, this underarmour shirt did well at the playground! Kept my big guy cool, and cool-lookin'! ATT01288  No, I'm cooler! P2070002  Baby pineapple growing in our little front garden! We have waited and waited for this little guy. For like 2 1/2 years... P2070003  Love it!
P2070007  Sam in our little front garden checking out the pineapple. P2070001  Taking those training wheels off, big guy! Why not on a crazy, muddy trail just like the big boys! Falling is part of the whole fun! P2070010  Very excited boy out to eat dinner at his favorite place (Zia's) to celebrate. P2070012  Wildman accompanied us. Am I nuts? Two boys out with mom all alone??? I feel like an octopus managing plates and hands and feeding. Ben almost got a plate away from me and onto the floor. But I grabbed it JUST in time. The owner, Tressa (who is super nice!) spied him and was really laughing at what he almost accomplished.
P2070029  Do you see the blur of activity?! P2070031  Oh yeah! You know it! Bread pudding! P2070032  And the after-dance! Here's the muddy bike and the crazy boy! P2070034  We're watching you-know-who do the crazy man wiggle!
P2070036  This car has a license plate to die for: "HONU" I found myself wondering just how many people on Oahu want that for their plate! How long ago must this person have purchased rights to that word. ("honu" means turtle) ATT00388  At the commissary - they love to drive the rocket cart. P2100001  Out on a hike at Bellows with some new friends. P2100002  A little overgrown, but fun!
P2100003  Sam and Aiden. P2100007  Aiden's mom doing the grass-goatee :) P2100008  Nice teeth!!!! P2100009  I like the burns!
P2100010 P2110012  Ben LOVES to "drive" this spice jar around. It's one of his favorite toys. He knows which one is "his" - he has learned to grab only the plastic one at the bottom left of the rack. Now the two boys do "spice races" every now and then. 2009-02-13FredAndMonarchGoToSchool (2) 2009-02-13FredAndMonarchGoToSchool  Taking "Fred" (a beetle we found out on a run) and a dead butterfly (easier for kids to touch if it's not wiggling) to preschool. It caused a total riot of kids standing 3 abreast to feel it. Then they sneaked back into line for a second touch. Who would have guessed it? We seem to regularly cause riots with our random show and tells :) Look how purposeful Sam is. He is so cute with "Fred" the beetle. He is no bigger than your pinkie, and Sam picked him up gingerly, put him on the front of the stroller, and we both kept an eye on him as we jogged to meet up with mom in the park. He cris-crossed the stroller under Ben's feet the whole time! I asked Sam what we should name him. We both said "Fred" at the SAME time. Weird, huh?
2009-02-16ZiasWithGrammaRichard (2)  Mom feeding Ben at Zia's - they had a day with Gramma and Richard while we sneaked out for holo holo Mommy-Daddy time in Honolulu and some shell collected back here in Kailua. (I just could not get into wandering around town that day no matter how hard I tried!) 2009-02-16ZiasWithGrammaRichard (4)  Look at Sam's mouth :) ATT00625  This is cool, huh? Looks like Sam could drive it right now! P2170001  Feeding the ducks Cheerios! Getting closer and closer to crack corn. Poor ducks!
P2170005  Laura and Kathy. I think Laura is saying "Good morning" in Russian to our friend Michelle who also speaks Russian thanks to her time in Vladivostok with the Peace Corps. P2170006  Love this shot! P2170009  A big summit about who is going to be the leader. I think they decided they could all be leaders and hold hands. But Aiden didn't want to hold hands. This is the G4 :) On the way home, Sam and I talked about resolving these kinds of issues (because he'd actually awakened that morning saying that HE was going to be the leader and was very upset when things didn't quite work out that way). We ended up talking about WWII (from a movie at the Pac Aviation Mus) and then he asked about WWI, then was there a WWIII... P2170010  Puppet show about caterpillars.
marsh run to Kalapawai  Out for a quick jog before our Tues adventure - this time at Ho'omaluhia for preschool nature hour. P2180011  Very active Ben! P2180012  Sam is helping him sit down. P2190017  We're at the doctor for me - and horsing around outside afterwards. I'm not sure this is blog material, but since this is MY digital diary...I am continuing to have blood in my urine. A really good amount this time. Like the doctor said "Wow, it's a LOT of blood." It's off and on, but we're finally going to pursue a urology consult to figure out what in the world is going on.
P2190018 P2190019  There are a lot of shots of the horsing around...sorry...just couldn't delete them all. It was a bright moment in what is becoming a somewhat troubling few days as I wait for blood tests to come back. P2190020  Mommy, can you help me?  Sure...just as soon as I take this really cute picture! P2190021  Of your little brother...and your rump! Mommy - I'm stuck!
P2190022  Can I eat this kukui nut? P2190025  No! P2190027  Ben walks like a baboon to keep his knees from touching the grass, although he crawls along pavement and cement on his knees no problem. Funny guy! P2190029  He is a strong kid. He is standing up on his own, just leaning to keep from falling periodically.
P2190030  Serious guy, too. P2190031 P2190032  The poor lady trying to work 15 feet from us behind those big glass windows. P2190033  Can you see her at her desk?
P2190034 P2190035  Really stuck now! P2190036 P2190037
photo  This is how Ben claps! He is out with mom and Sam at the playground while I work on Friday. That's Sam in the background. You can tell by the height of the hands just how happy he is - how big the claps are. 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (2)  Riding down a hill at the beach park. He just took off! It was like it was really no issue at all. No big drama, as my friend Kathy would say :) Unbelievable! 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (4)  Not sure what he's looking at here :) Probably hoping mommy will get out of the way! 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (6)  Love this shot - see how fast Dave is having to run?
2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (7)  The launch! He doesn't quite have the hang of starting himself up yet. Nice to need us for a little bit longer :) Actually, there are some good hills here and at Bellows where I saw another daddy teaching his daughter how to get going by rolling down hill. 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (8)  Go big guy, go! He just rode and rode great distances. 200 yards at a clip. 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (9)  Mommy and Ben were so proud! Ben was supposed to be napping but it was waaaay too exciting aboard mommy as I ran to take video and keep up with Sam. 2009-02-21SamNoTrngWheels RMT2867 (10)  And here are awesome pictures snapped by Richard on his beautiful Nikon camera - thank you SOOOO much for grabbing these shots so we can relish the moment!
samrides1  Out for a cruise in the park! I am so glad Dave was here to do this with Sam. If he were still on a ship odds are good he'd be gone for these firsts. We are blessed. 2009-Feb-21 No training wheels  Video of Sam riding with out his training wheels!!! First solo ride at Kailua Beach Park! P2210002  We went for a family walk on the beach on Sunday. This is north beach on base - that's Pyramid Rock in the distance. Beautiful and remote. P2210003  Love seeing my two big men walking side by side...
P2210005  Dave is trying to catch a picture of Ben in the pack just as I have one of Sam at about the same age. It's a photo I really cherish. It's printed out and framed :) Let's see if the next shot will be a keeper! P2210006  Yeah! There he is! Ben at 9 months :) P2210007  Time really flies, doesn't it? P2210008  See the untouched sand? I like the black black black rocks and the deep blue water.
P2210010  Rocks just litter this section of beach. P2210011 P2210012 P2210015  I think this is the only video we have so far of Ben "clapping." It's adorable!
P2210016 P2210017 2009-02TiddleyOhs  A typical lunch at our house - playing Tiddley-O's (with Cheerios). We "score" when we hit Ben's head :) IMG 0808  At Bishop Museum's volcano - the lava tube slide.
IMG 0809  Sam really liked a picture here that changes depending on your angle - to show lava coming out or no lava. The picture is out of the frame...sorry. He is fascinated by volcanoes. IMG 0813  Trying to wrangle them both onto a snail for a photo...no easy task! IMG 0815  Trying to convince Sam to "help" Ben "drive." P2260001  At the Planetarium at Bishop Museum. Very cool!
P2260002  And the lava show! Chrysalis  Here is a caterpillar going from upside-down "J" shape to chrysalis in 10 minutes flat. He turns green within 3 minutes and totall wriggles in within the remaining 7 minutes. Mom and I happened to catch it just as he went in. Thanks to mom for again being on caterpillar watch. We are fascinated by this everyday miracle. P2230007  A Bruce Springsteen "show"!  "OK everybody! The show is about to start! No talking, no cameras, no movies!" P2230005  Passport time!
IMG 0816 IMG 0817  Baby honu charges for water! IMG 0818 IMG 0819
ATT01215  It was day of "P" - pigs, palms, pines, paint...we found P connections everywhere. The pigs are out for a jog here. Oh - and going to the doctor because mommy has something wrong with her "PEE"! P2280001