Valentine's Day holo holo North Shore

P2140010  Looking out across Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park. Great day for surfing! P2140011  Lots of beginner surfers and SUP-ers. P2140017  Tidepools at Papailoa Beach. P2140020  Lots of limu - a honu salad bar!
P2140022  Ben is baby honu heading to the water! P2140023  He just loves crawling around - always on the move. P2140024  And eating some sand :) P2140026  Now finding the joys of digging like big brother.
P2140027 P2140030  Attacking mommy on the sand! P2140034  Heading back now... P2140038  Carrying a stick back to the truck :)
P2140040  I see you! P2140045  This is what lunch is like with Ben. WILD! P2140047  Daddy gave me the gift of a duty-free lunch :) P2140048  More peeking!
P2140049  Now we're heading to Kawela Bay via the bunker. P2140051  More and more peeking! P2140052  That's Turtle Bay Resort in the distance. P2140053  Kawela Bay.
P2140054  Perfect spot to peer into a shallow reef. P2140056  And this is THE perfect secluded lunch spot. P2140057  I love how the forest quickly got very jungly.