P2240023 P2240020 P2240025  A sample of the trail... P2240026
P2240034  Michelle and Eva. CUTE! P2240039 P2240040  Tired Caleigh but she made it under her own power! Happy mamma :) P2240041  The snack bench! What a view!
P2240045  Kathy helped them pick it out - avoiding the hash. P2240048  Oh yes...the geocache stash. But in the cache stash was some hash! How interesting. I let the cache owner know right away - she was very apologetic although she can't help what ill-advised people put in there. The kids each got a chance to trade an item they brought for something in the cache. P2240053  Kathy, Caleigh and Anneliese as line leader - a much sought-after position. P2240055  Looks like a New England fall, doesn't it?
P2240058  At the end of the trail - those boys STILL have energy for an ill-fated sword fight. P2240022  Caleigh hiking on her own! P2240038  I'm continuing to make peakbagger buttons for the kids - see all of them on Sam's pack. P2240032  Sam says he likes to hike with friend Aiden. He says "I like to talk to Aiden." Aiden is a chatter. Very cute to hear the two of them!
P2240033  Diamond Head crater is visible in the distance. P2240036  This was a fun hike with the Tues adventure kids but a little high-maintenance. The "cliff" meant a rather steep drop-off into thick underbrush. Nothing catastrophic would happen, it would just be a pain to retrieve someone. So we enjoyed the hike but will reserve this one for older kiddos we think - like at least 4 yrs.