P2270008  The pre-Romp meeting. Man I could go for some more pizza and Pellegrino right now. (It's 6 hours post Romp and I'm still hungry!). P2270009  Michelle (in green) pointing out some info on her official map that she may have just wrangled out of someone she might be married to...somebody very important. Michelle does well at covert ops. And speaks Russian. Hmmm...previous life? I'm in orange, then to my right is Sue, and to my left Amy. Kathy is to the far right of the frame. P2280002  Long long line of cars waiting to get onto base. P2280003  Kathy is powered by coffee!
P2280004  Sue applying the last bit of eyeliner - ha! What a trooper - she only knew Kathy and somehow got roped into doing this with 4 other women she'd never met! Sue - you are a lovely lady - so nice to meet you!!! P2280013  Applying duct tape to theoretically keep mud out from your boots. Using garbage bags to break the wind and cold. It's like low 70's but we locals are CHILLY. P2280014 P2280015
P2280016  I have no idea why I thought this might look ok but it really did help keep me warm - gauze from the lab where I've been doing all my blood tests served as ear muffs! Thanks to Sue for a team shirt :) P2280017  I'm jumping in the middle of the aisle so Michelle can find us. She's been walking all over base to avoid a parking hassle. Poor thing got an extra workout in! P2280018  There she is! P2280019  Nice goggles!!!! LOVE THEM! She's so petite that I said she may want goggles for one portion that might be over her head, while the rest of us have it up to our waists. As a veteran romper it was a wee bit fun to torment the ladies with misinformation.
P2280020  Taking shelter as a massive downpour came through just to get us ready for the mud and wet awaiting us. P2280022  Do you see this sea of people? It was not horribly well organized this time. We spent a good deal of time just trying to figure out which line we were supposed to get in, only to find out we needed to work both lines - to get our number THEN our timing chip. Cathi managed to pull off a major covert op and sneaked into line to get our number then sneaked back into the other line to get our chip. P2280023  We were literally pinning our number on as they called us for the start. I carried the chip in my pants pocket which meant I had to almost do a pushup at the start to get it to read. Kathy is wolfing down banana here I think... P2280025  But the promise of a great time together and new friendships made was made evident with the rainbow arching over our start.
IMG 0822  Mom took this picture while waiting for us to show up...it was a long race! IMG 0828  The finish line! IMG 0829  Beer tent, food, etc. Nice touch. IMG 0833  Some people wore crazy crazy outfits, like prom dresses.
IMG 0850  Here we are, linked up to cross together! It's been 5.2 miles of mud, slog, water up to our waists, enormous sink holes (Michelle is so light that she could just skirt across the tall grass without sinking in like the rest of us!). So here's me, Michelle, Sue, Amy, Cathi and Kathy. You will see what a trooper Kathy was later... IMG 0851  Having a great time - and very happy to see the finish! At the end of the race you have about a mile of sand to run through, then an ocean swim, followed by more sand looping back, then a tunnel you crawl through about 50m, then more mud...and sink holes. IMG 0851b IMG 0852  Our pants are very very heavy at this point. No range of motion - the mud and muck makes them stick to you. They recommend boots. If you wear sneakers you have to duct tape them to your pants. If one shoe falls off, you get disqualified and removed from the course. They said no shorts. No spandex pants. We are thinking maybe wetsuits and reef shoes next year? (Yes, I did say next year. These ladies are already wanting more!)
IMG 0853  We stayed hydrated throughout the course, and Kathy even brought jelly beans and duct tape rolled up on straws in case we needed a repair. Great thinking by hubby Jon. IMG 0854 IMG 0855 IMG 0856
IMG 0858  Posing for a team photo :) IMG 0858a IMG 0859 IMG 0859a
IMG 0860 IMG 0860b IMG 0861  Michelle saying "Where's my beer!!!?" IMG 0862  "The mud was up to HERE!" Sue tells her friends!
IMG 0864  Eating the last of Kathy's jelly beans. I was soooo hungry. We were on the course for an hour and 45 minutes I think, and the start was delayed for a long time. We had been up since before 5am. It's now around 10am. IMG 0865  Kathy saying, "You know, I can't WAIT to do this again!" IMG 0866  Being interviewed by a reporter. I wish I was quicker on my feet - he was asking why all pink - breast cancer? I was like - um - really just because we needed a color on our heads so we could see each other despite the mud covering our bodies! Cathi and I are wearing our original Swamp Romp bandanas from 2007. IMG 0867  Ahhhh...I see!
IMG 0868 IMG 0869  Dennis is Michelle's husband - he and Jon brought the kids over to see the moms in their glory :) IMG 0870  Yes! Beer at last! Thanks for the beer money, mom! IMG 0871  Cheers!
IMG 0872  There's the team mom in the picture :) IMG 0873  Kathy anc cutie girls!!! Jon - thanks for the cheering section! IMG 0874 IMG 0875  Thanks for cheering us on, Dennis and kids!
IMG 0876 IMG 0877  This guy was toooooo much. This is Johnny. I have no idea what his backstory is but he's apparently team "mascot" for one of the other teams - the Kalua Porkers or something. One group had pig snouts and everything. IMG 0878 IMG 0879  I saved my beer cup so I could check to see if there was any evidence of hematuria...
IMG 0880  Nope - kidneys working ok!! Whew! (I had run against doctor's orders...but took it pretty easy.) IMG 0881 IMG 0883 IMG 0885b  OH MAN...no wonder that hurt!!!!
IMG 0887  Dave made pancakes at home for the boys. He held down the fort really well. I had to laugh, though - just about every single toy the boys own was out, all over the house, and the pancake fixin's were particularly splattery - batter everywhere! Looks like Davey was busy busy busy!