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Sam's 4th B-day

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P1010092  New Year's morning - bright sun after days and days of rain! We'd just camped out at Bellows for the night, and forgot our sunglasses for a morning stroll. Like moles coming out of our hole! P1010093  Nana and Pop Pop, Mom and Richard were all there for the campout. P1010097  Sam cuddling a big stick while watching some football in the cabin Nana and PopPop, mom and Richard stayed in. 2009-01-04Honey'sGailBillAlliRich (3)  At an informal concert each Sunday at mom's church - amazing local musicians play and jam together. This is Eddie Kamae...Sam got to have his picture taken with him, so now we're signing a CD!
2009-01-04Honey'sGailBillAlliRich (4) 2009-01-04Honey'sGailBillAlliRich (5)  Which CD to pick? SO many songs 2009-01-04Honey'sGailBillAlliRich (6) ATT00793  Out on a jog...a cell phone picture for Daddy :)
2009-01-06LastBeachDay (3)  One last swim before heading East! 2009-01-06LastBeachDay  And then the rain came falling down! 2009-01-06FamilyPicture (2)  Some impromptu family portraits thanks to Richard! 2009-01-06FamilyPicture (4)
2009-01-06FamilyPicture (10)  Being mauled! 2009-01-06FamilyPicture  I love this one - look at Ben's legs! P1090161  A quick paddle on my board! Woo hoo! P1100167  Sea Life Park for Anneliese's birthday...
P1100170 P1100175  Feeding the turtles was fun! They can spout water out of their nostrils! P1100147  The fun gang - Kathy has great friends! P1100151
P1100161  Baby honu! P1100190 P1100162  Ben gets to touch, too! P1100192
2009-01-10MoonriseOverMokesRichardResized (24)  Moonrise over the Mokes - moon is at perigee, so closest to the earth. It was very big and bright! We had a nice time playing in the water - just me and the boys. Everyone else scooted home soon after sunset. We romped by moonlight, and Ben crawled straight for the water, just like a baby honu hatchling! P1110102  The next day proved to be beautiful as well - we enjoyed all day Sunday out on the water. Dave and Sam kayaked out to a little rock offshore. They went about 3 miles roundtrip. Great adventurers! P1110102a  Such handsome guys! RMT 0082
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RMT 0151 ATT00388  We have a special tree we keep an eye on for caterpillar friends. This one is ready to make a chrysalis! P1130204  Off to the ice skating rink! Doesn't he look like a big guy, ready for hockey practice? Just like my brother did in high school. P1130206  Gramma putting on his skates :)
P1130208  First steps! P1130209 P1130010  And friend Anneliese to the left. I got to skate as well - it was so fun feeling my skating legs come back to life! Crossovers and small turns - woo hoo! At one time I almost joined a speed skating club in Saratoga. Perhaps if we move there again some day... 2009-Jan Sam on Skates  A movie for Sam skating!
ATT00101  On our way to ice skating with our adventure friends - he was so excited he put his helmet on for the ride! ATT00731  Another jog...another good time. P1160003  Ben at the Y while I do yoga or swim. Thought I'd capture him while he didn't know I was watching. He loved checking out the big big boys. P1160005  See him in back pulling books off shelves?
P1160008  No looking, mommy! P1160009 P1160011 P1160012  Showing me all his "stuff" :)
P1160015  uh uh mommy! P1160020 P1160023 P1180027  Chilly here in the morning - about 69 degrees inside the house!!!
P1180031  Sam went and got his "elf" hat, too! P1180033  Now we have TWO elves, says he. P1180045  Out holo holo at Hickam for a jog and exploring a random reef. Sam is into BIG rocks these days, constantly hauling them around, saying they are METEORS! P1180046  Ben rolling and twisting, trying to get down.
P1180049  If you make lots of smootchy noises, he will give you an open-mouth wet kiss. Trying to take a picture of it was tricky - he wanted to smootch the camera, not me! P1180050  Ah - ha! Got one! Little eyes are closed, too! How sweet! P1180051  More rock hauling. P1180052
P1180053  Must find out what this is. It has a mouth on the underside. Like a circle of little teeth. 2009-01-19Ka'enaPointHike5miles (2) Madame Butterfly  The Monarch butterfly emerged right in front of our eyes! Here is a time sequence, then larger images follow... 2009-01-20MonarchButterfly (2)
2009-01-20MonarchButterfly CrackInChrysalis(5)  Mom was taking this picture as it started splitting open! She went "ooooh! ALLISON!" 2009-01-20MonarchButterfly She'sOut(6)  See the big fat abdomen? It pumps fluid out from the abdomen into the wings to spread them. Looks like the butterfly is going through labor for about 10 minutes. 2009-01-20MonarchButterfly,(9)  Wings spread out now. See how delicate the chyrsalis is? It is so so very fine. 2009-01-20MonarchButterfly (10)  Notice two toes??? And lots of whiskers?
P1200021  Sam enjoys it when we take a picture of his track creations to make a record of them before baby Ben gets his "Bentacles" on them. Sam has gotten very good at building intrictate arrangements. This is all his doing, taking him only about 15 minutes or so. ATT01575  Learning to salute as we go through the gate at the base. P1220022  Beautiful mountains after several days of rain. P1220025  Mom and I are out for a walk with the boys - just messing around at the tide pools.
P1220026  Jumping off rocks, and other silly endeavors. 2009-01-22KailuaTidePoolsJumps (2) 2009-01-22KailuaTidePoolsJumps  "I'll catch you, mommy!" P1220050  Doing a "show" :)
P1220051 P1220054 ATT00130  Ben likes to "drive" :) ATT00133  And again at the commissary :) SO proud of himself!
P1220055  Sam isn't taking naps any longer, but every now and then he just slumps over and falls asleep out in the living room. I am working at the computer while he builds with Legos. I encouraged him to hang out on the sofa if he needed to relax for a bit. So he sat down and just zoned out. Then I heard a grunt and looked over - he'd slumped down and fallen asleep! ATT00290  Out playing soccer with neighbor and friend Jonah. P1230002  Building! 2009-01-23KrugParisDinner  We enjoyed having mom's landlady and friend, Carol, over for dinner. She is such a gracious lady who has lived her for many years. It was so nice to have her over. She used to put on dinner parties for her husband's colleagues, with three little boys running all around. I am amazed. It's all I can do to feed Ben most nights! He is WILD! Nana and PopPop - you remember extreme eating!? He is getting better now that he can feed himself many things.
P1240003  Ben is wearing CROCS!!! He's up and about quite a bit, wearing the skins off his toes with crawling, so got him some shoes. He wears a size 4. Already. He is so strong. When I took him for passport photos he nearly toppled over the lady holding him still while he sat on a little table. This is a cool pack - it collapses down into a regular backpack, and the outermost section zips off to be a diaper bag. I love it. Thanks, Dave! P1240004  Horsin' around - don't remember what about but it makes me smile just seeing us. P1240005  Chubby legs! P1280065  This was from today - Sam was making Ben really laugh. I spied on them :)
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