Digging Hill

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a crazy guy!

Sam is a trail diver, mud eater! Here we are on a little hike with Gramma on Tuesday. I just got all the March pictures posted to date. There are some good ones, and video 馃檪 Sorry I’ve gotten behind lately. Been busy going to doctor appts (all is well) and working. And preparing for our big journey to Scotland (passports, shots, etc.). Not much in the way of spare time of late… This hike was Pu’u Ma’eli’eli (Digging Hill). The name was apt. More about the hike and all our other doings in the album.

Listen to some music from the islands…this is by Makana (click to play mp3). Pu’uanahulu We heard him play at Honey’s last Sunday. Absolutely captivating to hear live. Turn it up and close your eyes. Words and translation below. Hear more from him and catch him live on the mainland.

Pu`uanahulu – by David Alapai

Nani wale Pu`u Anahulu i ka `iu `iu
`脗ina pali kaulana pu`u kinikini

Beautiful Pu`u Anahulu in its lofty realm
A land of cliffs famous for its many hills

Hui (Chorus):
L没 `ia mai l没 `ia mai k么 `oukou aloha
E n芒 manu `么`么 hulu melemele

Offer, give your love
Oh you `么`么 birds with yellow feathers

Ua helu `ia n芒 pu`u o Anahulu
Kapa `ia ka inoa Pu`uanahulu

The hills of Anahulu have been counted
And the name of Pu`uanahulu is given

No ka betera nani a ke Akua
Kapa ka inoa ka lamak没 i keola

For the beautiful house of God
Named the standing light of life

Ha`ina `ia mai ana ka puana
Kaulana kou inoa Pu`uanahulu

Tell the theme of the song
Famous is your name, Pu`uanahulu

Source: Ea Collection – Translated by Larry Lindsey Kimura & Joseph Maka`ai

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  1. Angel 23 March, 2009

    So sorry you have a kidney stone! That is caused by stress, right? or by spending too much time on mountain hikes? Can’t remember which…
    You never cease to amaze me with your energy. I want to see Ben walking! I need to come visit I’m off this week, spring break.
    Wednesday or thursday good for you? We need to catch up.
    Did you get my slumber party invite?
    I know you mentioned wanting to give me a birthday party, but I just don’t want to celebrate 40… so I came up with this crazy night instead. It isn’t on my birthday. Hope you are in town for it.
    April is already making a list of mischief she wants to get into…
    Mike refelted our pool table. Dave needs to come give it his blessing.
    Call me about a good time for you this week.
    Love you! Angel

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