Pu’u Pia hike with Ang


Ang and I relived old times by hiking with Sam (and Ben) up Pu’u Pia. This is one of Sam’s favorite hikes and we had a great time. It was rainy but we really didn’t get wet due to the dense foliage and the sunshine which chased the clouds away from our little ridge. We also spotted Ang’s husband Josh’s carrier just off the coast, waiting to pull in. We waved, Josh! We also enjoyed a latte on our way to the hike, just like we did when we hiked together in Washington, at Grand Forest (Bainbridge Island) and also Green Mt. It was so good to be on the trail with you again, Ang!!!

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  1. Lisa (one i) 2 October, 2008

    Hey girl. I’m glad I have your site now 🙂 You four sure are the adventuring family! I need to hang out with you more often.

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