creepy hike

Big hiker boy!
Big hiker boy!

A big bunch of us got together for a hike this morning – I think there were 8 grown-ups (counting an awesome 12 yr old boy!) and 8 kids from 1 yr to 5 years old. So that was a good ratio – about 1:1! We went to Bellows and romped around the ironwoods, then out onto the old runway to take a look at a weird prop that I found a while ago – a huge skull that we think was used for a haunted house maybe? Anyway…we all had a great time. Ben wanted to hike the whole thing! I tried to carry him a few times but he squirmed to get down and keep up with the big kids. What a trooper he is. I tried to measure the distance – it was at least a mile, probably just a hair over. But with all his darting forward then scooting back to pick up a pine cone, who knows! He just really enjoyed himself, then we had snacks under the shelter of the lanai during a shower, then out to the playground, THEN Sam wanted to swim with Aiden…finally wrangled them all home in time to see Dave off to work (he’s still on swings through the weekend and next week). I am tired! Not to mention I’m not sleeping well…there was a mouse in the house a few days ago, which we caught, but I keep hearing things at night just as I’m about to drift off to sleep. Then in the middle of the night I SWEAR I heard something laughing at me – imagine a high-pitched squeaky voice giggling at you? It sounded like the mouse was laughing at me, right on my bedstand. I honestly can’t think of anything that would sound like that at all in the room, so either I am going totally crazy or the mouse did squeak at me. Do they squeak? Do mice climb up things or scoot around on floors? I am hoping it’s just floor scooting, not crawling up walls like geckoes. (Alden, man who knows all, if you’re reading this and you’re about to inform me that they DO crawl up things, please just don’t even comment! Remember, I said I was not sleeping well! In a few weeks you can weigh in on this…)  Then today on the hike there was some teasing – “poopie-head” I think. So I talked to Sam about how we never say that (I don’t think he did, but he thought it was funny when he heard it), but then tonight in the bath it was all poopie water – somehow there were particles floating around! Did Ben do it? I never heard or saw anything come out. So then I’m thinking “GROSS!” poopie water! Ewwww! Flush out tub, rewash everyone in a shower, put in cleaner and let it sit all night, clean all toys…ayy yii yii. I had already had to do two washes of linens yesterday and today because Ben apparently does not like to poop on hikes. He prefers to store up a huge load then poop after his luxurious nap in his bed, then it creeps out of the diaper and he does poop-stamps all over the bed by standing up then flopping down so the stuff comes out in a nice little line of poop-stamp. Ewwwww. What a couple days. I pray for sleep tonight, no huge poops tomorrow, and more laughs. Check the album for the rest of the July pictures. About to upload…


  1. Molly P. 1 August, 2009

    Omg!! A couple of days indeed!! Love all the hiking….I miss that so. I have another friend who’s children did the poop-stamps….just know, this too shall pass. I’m not sure if you watch “Sunday Morning” on CBS but, they did a piece on rats not too long ago. You might be able to link to it on their website but, I’m not sure you want to 😉 I’m sorry I’m keeping you up at night. I’ll try and keep my squeaky laugh down a notch 😉

  2. Gramma Oli 5 August, 2009

    Ask Deborah, or her mommy, Auntie, about Poopies! They will understand your PoopiePlight.

    You HAVE had a few days of non-stop wrestling with life. Swings don’t help — no relief until they end. I bet Davey misses all this . . . hehehehe . . .

  3. Gramma Oli 5 August, 2009

    btw — your pictures of Ben and Sam say sooooo much about their mom! Precious! Look at the vibrance of that little man in today’s picture.

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