2011-07 JULY

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IMAG0511  Cleaning the grill for Daddy is so much fun! IMAG0512  Like my new shades? These come with a story. They are now my only pair of sunglasses. IMGP3689  Love Giji's face here - not sure if she is looking at me or Rinnah! :) IMGP3691  My dear friend Mahealani! I was honored with some very special words and a Hawaiian chant. Humbling to be so appreciated for just trying to do a good job (I was assoc Pres for 4 years).
IMGP3692  A farewell/welcome bbq hosted by our community association. What fun we all had. No one wanted to go home! VIDEO0019  Another Ben concert :) IMAG0513  A trip to the doctor's office is more interesting when you don't have a truck! IMAG0514  So we bike/run to muffins, eaten here in the waiting room.
IMAG0515  Then we read while the doctor excises something. IMAG0517  Then we meet up with a dear friend at the park! IMAG0520  And then Sam catches a BIRD! He baited them with a muffin! IMAG0521  Got it by the tail! You know he has been wanting to do this "My whole life!"
IMAG0522  Releasing. IMAG0523  This is Ben's "computer". IMAG0526 IMAG0527  Funny faces :)
IMAG0529 IMAG0531  Typical Ben eating. He is SUCH a mess. This is egg salad. IMAG0535  Last roast :( IMAG0536  Last glimpse of the dining room table...which we sold.
IMAG0537  We also made a jaunt to Honey's with Mahealani...and a hike to the carriage road which her great grandmother would have walked while in service to Queen Liliuokalani. How amazing it was to see a huge tree around which the old stones were laid and realize that Mahealani's great grandmother would have walked by that very tree. It was so big at the time of the road's creation 100 years ago that the road went around it. I really enjoyed being there with her on one of our favorite hikes and making that connection between the land and its people. IMAG0540  This is the carriage road part. Hard to take a self portrait with my cell phone. This is THIRD attempt! IMAG0541  There is the big tree just mentioned on the left. IMAG0544  Very very brave Mahealani traipsing through the mud with us!
IMAG0546  Going back to Mahealani's car for the ride home (Dave headed back ahead of us to get ready for the week). IMAG0548  A few face plants due to mud...but look at Konahuanui behind the boys. The misty clouds here make the mountains so beautiful. Listen to Wahine Ilikea. IMAG0551  Last run to our turnaround spot! IMAG0553  Bye Kailua Beach! We made the rounds during the week doing "last" things.
IMAG0554  Buying more books. Sam is asking for help finding the series he likes. IMAG0555  Jammin - all 6 six strings on his guitar now! Ben jammed all the way home in the stroller while I ran and Sam biked. Yes, we got some funny looks but he was playing nicely! crab pot check