IMGP3819  One more trip to the North Shore to see turtles and waves! IMGP3823  There were about 50 hono feeding on the limu shelf. You can see them in the barrels of the waves if you look carefully for oval shapes - like floating space ships. IMGP3828 IMGP3841
IMGP3842 IMGP3843 IMGP3844 IMGP3845  See all that limu? Turtle salad bar.
IMGP3853 IMGP3855 IMGP3856  There's one sticking his head up - can you see it? Right of center in the barrel. IMGP3857  Can you find them in relief against the sand?
IMGP3859  Love this heart we found! IMGP3861  Bye North Shore! IMGP3862 IMGP3863
IMGP3871  Purchased a few souvenirs up there, something we never too! We were totally tourists and bought metal signs and soaps! We know we'll be missing Hawaii. IMGP3872  Trying to get silly faces in with ME, too! IMGP3876  Ooooh! stinky!