IMGP3782  We hosted a pool party for a few friends so Sam and Ben could enjoy some fun with them before we move. Here are some cute pictures of everybody! IMGP3792 IMGP3793  Great jump! IMGP3794
IMGP3795  Sam likes to roll in every now and then. Just to mix things up. He spends a good portion of his swim time with legs sticking up, like fins. IMGP3800  Another demo of it. Making mom a tad nervous. IMGP3803  Nice float! IMGP3804  Ben makes me even more nervous. He's learning to swim, but he doesn't know that. He thinks he can swim.
IMGP3807  He just cracks me up! IMGP3808  Someone is tired! IMGP3810  Then a jam session in the boys' room after lunch. With the moving surveyors crammed in there, too! IMGP3811