Pu'u Ualaka'a with Pam

IMGP3515  Snack time before starting a hike with a special guest, Pam, who is writing an article about hiking with kids. IMGP3520  Of course we need to warm up first with some tree climbing. IMGP3522  The big boys are letting the little ones lead first. IMGP3541  The surfing logs!
IMGP3554  Must jump from these, too! IMGP3556 IMGP3558  Lots of jumping pictures! The boys LOVE to see themselves in mid-air. IMGP3559  They were all rock stars finding letters in the roots today!
IMGP3561  A great hau bramble to climb on. IMGP3563  This is how Tamara and I were looking at each other several times...like...we're supposed to let boys climb, but this could go badly, couldn't it? IMGP3564  Snack time with a great view! IMGP3569  Ben says he's a Kailua Dinosaur!
IMGP3570  Lots of growling ensued! IMGP3577  Funny face time. IMGP3578 IMGP3580
IMGP3581 IMGP3583 IMGP3586 IMGP3588  Jump-off tree is a special favorite.
IMGP3589  And you can see why! IMGP3590  Saving this sequence. IMGP3592 IMGP3599  Learning some tricks from the big boys.
IMGP3600  I think I'll try that out! IMGP3604  Cam's turn to jump. IMGP3608 IMGP3614
IMGP3625  A great morning. Love these trees. IMGP3629  Little brothers serve a very good purpose sometimes. IMGP3630