2011-06 JUNE

2011-05-01BeachDay (1)  These pictures are from a month ago but I just uncovered them. Thanks to mom for shooting these snapshots of the kids and I out swimming after school. This is our Friday tradition. 2011-05-01BeachDay (3)R withAlliPrancing  Richard - and me horsing around behind him to mess up his cute picture :) 2011-05-01BeachDay (6) 2011-05-01BeachDay (7)  Cute boys!
2011-05-01BeachDay (9)  Oh! I love you, Sam! 2011-05-01BeachDay (11) 2011-05-01BeachDay (12) 2011-05-01BeachDay (13)  "Sleeping."
2011-05-01BeachDay (14) 2011-05-01BeachDay (15) 2011-05-01BeachDay (16) 2011-05-01BeachDay (17)ChairSpillBen
IMAG0404  My running route with Ben... 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (2)  Kindergarten graduation! 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (3) 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (4)  Sam going up to put a lei on a 6th grader.
2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (5)PleasedAlli 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (6)AlliAndKumu  Talking to Kumu Leilani who does all the Hawaiian culture instruction. She is a gem. 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (7)  Who's in there?! 2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (8)  Not so sure...
2011-05-25KindergartenGraduationKainalu (11) 2011-05-26LastBeachRunChatTimeWithBenAndGrammaHawaii (1)  Last beach run/hookup for a chat with mom. 2011-05-26LastBeachRunChatTimeWithBenAndGrammaHawaii (2) 2011-05-26LastBeachRunChatTimeWithBenAndGrammaHawaii (3)
beach run  I'm in my BIG truck! 2011-05-26LastBeachRunChatTimeWithBenAndGrammaHawaii (5) 2011-05-26LastBeachRunChatTimeWithBenAndGrammaHawaii (6) 2011-05-26LastDayKindergarten  Getting his bike for the last time after school.
IMGP3476  A little something I glued together to remember all those runs down the beach with Ben. We found all these shovels on our jogs. 2011-05-30MemorialDayMom'sDayForAlli'sFriends (6)  Memorial Day beach party with a bunch of friends. 2011-05-30MemorialDayMom'sDayForAlli'sFriends (8)  Michelle, Brenda and me - mommy hikers :) 2011-05-30MemorialDayMom'sDayForAlli'sFriends (9)  And Jennifer joins us!
2011-05-30MemorialDayMom'sDayForAlli'sFriends (16) 2011-05-30MemorialDayMom'sDayForAlli'sFriends (17) 2011-05-31HickamAFB Sam'sNameClayBeach (3)  Mom got me a Hawaiian bracelet for my 40th birthday! We went to Hickam with the boys for beach and lunch to celebrate. 2011-05-31HickamAFBBraceletDayForAlli (1)  Trying to take a candid of ourselves with our "jinglies" on.
2011-05-31BraceletDayForAlli (2) 2011-05-31HickamAFBBraceletCelebrationLunchFromAlli (3)  Lunch! IMAG0415  A beach bike ride...finally getting to some packed sand after 1.5 miles of slogging! IMAG0417  Look at his backside! Wow! Going fast now with a tail wind after turning around.
IMAG0418 IMAG0420  I was pushing Ben through all that and pulling Sam at times on his bike when it got too deep. whew! IMAG0425  What a mess we were! Ben playing uke  Ben playing his uke...quite a show!
IMAG0427  A very very rainy day, so we're making do with some wally ball in the garage. IMAG0433  Broom stick ball! IMAG0437  Out on a run at the fish ponds - found a crab. Then the next stop we found a HUGE barracuda! So cool! IMAG0439  Of course had to go puddling, too.
IMAG0441 IMGP3479  A loooooong strand of bufo eggs! Yick! IMGP3481  Sam is not afraid of anything. He digs right into the pond with a stick and scoops them up like ramen noodles. IMGP3483  An impromptu outing to the fire station with the hiker hui.
IMGP3485  Spent an HOUR with these guys. They are sooo nice. IMGP3487 IMGP3495 IMAG0443  Preschool time :)
IMAG0444  A hike up the Pillboxes with my friends, then to shave ice for lunch, then to the dentist, all dirty and sweaty. Kinda nuts now that I think about it, but that's how we roll. IMAG0445 IMAG0448  Inside one of the bunkers. IMAG0449  Sam's big feet!
IMAG0450 IMGP3496 IMG 3925 IMG 3926
IMG 3934 IMG 3944  Bunker drill! They MADE me do it. IMGP3501  Farewell party for us at Lanikai Park. IMGP3508  And a gorgeous picture of the Ko'olaus from the office. Thanks so much!
IMGP3510  Dave giving a present to his mentor. photo  Ben LOVES to make holes to hang out in. What is with that? He loves it. IMAG0455  Also is a very messy eater still. IMAG0458  First tooth lost!
IMAG0462  I like these plants. Must see if they'll grow in WA. IMAG0464  Painting with mommy on the beach while Sam swims with Gramma. IMGP3512  Going through a creative fit. These are thank-you cards being sent to people who have been very helpful to us during our transition. IMGP3514  A going-away present for good friends of ours moving back to Washington DC.
L1080073  My 40th! My friend Ang surprised me with a great cake! L1080074  And some party wear :) L1080079  Ben and I LOVE cake. L1080082
L1080083 L1080087  Wow. Gramma, really...a THIRD piece? You told him he could have a THIRD? Ohhh...he didn't tell you he'd had seconds...ah ha. IMAG0470  Mom and I went to celebrate our seven months together this year. photo 3  That is a turtle out there just past Sam!
photo 4  He was swimming back and forth the whole time we were out there! photo 5  Can you see the little head popping out of the water, just past Sam and to the right? IMAG0473  Boys on the marsh trail! IMAG0481  Taking a jog down the beach. LOVE summer with my boys!
IMAG0482 IMAG0483  They are great joggers. IMAG0484  BIIIIG crab hole. IMAG0485  We outran a storm!
IMAG0486  All the way down the beach to Kalapawai where we met up with Gramma. IMAG0487  Yeah! We made it! 2 miles of jogging on the sand! IMAG0488 man clippers  Big guy using big man nail clippers.
rat art  In love with my glue gun, I made this from a coconut and kukui nuts we found on our beach jog. Should this be my head shot for my business? Or on my "mommy card" to introduce myself in our new home? photo 1  Building some mammoth public works projects. IMAG0489  Mommy got her name on the board. Sam gave me three chances to avoid yelling. photo 2
playground  Meeting our good friends at the playground. Tamara perches like a bird of paradise :) party with mom  Mom and I at our Kalama party :) playground2  Ben loves BUNNY! cars trailer time  Sam showing Ben some Cars 2 trailers.
IMAG0491  Ben does singing performances ALL the time, anywhere. IMG 4181  Finally going to Cars 2 in the THEATER! They are so excited. First big movie experience! IMG 4182 IMG 4183  Look at all the snacks!
IMG 4186  And posters! IMG 4198 IMAG0494  Dave and I took a mini date after dropping the truck off to get shipped. We are at Pu'u Ualaka'a State Park for sunset after getting an early dinner. The truck drop-off was a bit frenzied. Seemed like we had the process licked getting a waiver on inspection so we could finally leave the depot, then they found all my sand in the truck and everywhere (sand I was unwilling to part with). Apparently the USDA in WA would fine me if they saw all that sand, so I had to vacuum the entire truck with a big industrial vacuum cleaner lightning fast before they ok-ed it. The supervisor came by and said "Is your husband a mason?" I guess he thought all the sand was cement powder or something. :) IMAG0496
IMAG0500  Just being silly :) IMAG0501  That's Diamond Head past Dave's head :) IMAG0506  Sunset! 2011-06-27LastDayForGrammaAtBeach (1)  Last beach morning with Gramma before she flies back to CA.
2011-06-27LastDayForGrammaAtBeach (3) 2011-06-27LastDayForGrammaAtBeach (4)  Trying to get just ONE picture of us all! IMAG0508  Feverish Sam out for a romp, but tuckered. IMAG0510  My hula girl hibiscus in bloom!
VIDEO0016  A capuchin monkey cracking a nut!