2011-08 AUG

Lake Crescent

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Moving in week

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KiDiMu and Kitsap Fair

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guest house3  Walking around in Winslow - the downtown area on Bainbridge. IMGP4175  Shopping for boots at Bay Hay and Feed - a great garden store, gear shop and coffee stop a mile from our home. Love this place! IMGP4176  It was 59 degrees that morning. It felt really cold until I got some all-weather MUCK boots on. Those things rock! I can launch my SUP or go tromping in the woods with them on. I think they'd pair well with a skirt in Seattle? IMGP4179  Checking out a park in Port Madison on the north end of Bainbridge. They have all sorts of little pocket parks around. I love the open space. The islanders really place a premium on preserving space and nature.
IMGP4180  Coffee in hand at all times, of course. IMGP4181  Just lots of big trees and ferns. Everywhere. IMGP4182  Ben playing uke with Daddy's help doing chords. He really liked that. Ben stage  Ok - so we have to reinforce this is not a stage!
new table  My new IKEA table - well, new from Craigslist :) It is very long and just awesome. The perfect table. I found it from Oahu and mailed a check so it would be waiting for us when we arrived, long before our household goods would arrive. This was a good strategy. I had a feeling it would be but had no idea just how sentient that was until we got it and it was the only place any of us could sit down (Mom and Richard are living with us, too, and helping immensely as we move in). First night  The boys' room for stories. IMGP4184  Out at Fay Bainbridge State Park for music and sunset fun. IMGP4188  Lots of driftwood. Rainier could be seen in the distance.
IMGP4190 Fay Bay concert1  Brothers of the Baladi - very interesting Middle Eastern sound. Great band - FREE! Fay Bay concert2 Fay Bay concert3  Playing football and soccer to the right of the stage with a couple other kids.
deck before  The deck before we had at it. deck before 2  Another before shot...thanks mom! move in day 1  All at the same time we had an electrician (with me), a cabinet lady (with Dave)... move in day 2  washer/dryer delivery...
move in day 3  and carpenters building a pergola. This is all going on less than 48 hours after moving in. Battle Point Park pizza1  Park time! Battle Point Park pizza2  Pizza for dinner at the park after a long day working around the house. Battle Point Park pizza3  This is Battle Point Park - such a great playground area with soccer, inline hockey and massive fields, too.
tree swing  Sam has a tree swing at long last, thanks to Richard for rigging it up! IMGP4192  The deck is nearly complete! We even have some deck furniture now! IMGP4194  We have dreamed of this pergola since we made an offer on the house. Our friend Shelly at Bay Hay helped Mom and I craft the gorgeous planters. The pergola was custom built by a carpenter (David Knight) and his helper John based on a picture I emailed him. They did that and repaired a few deck benches all for less than a kit cost through Home Depot. Amazing. We are so grateful! IMGP4196  Planter! Love it!!!!
IMGP4197  Boys enjoying deck time, too. We all gather out there often, regrouping and plotting the next stage of landscaping or yard work. Dave has 2, 5, 10 and 20 year plans for this place. IMGP4198  It's a fun spot to dream. IMGP4200  And star-gaze after the kids go to bed. deck after 2  Right where the photog is standing is where Dave's grill will go.
new pergola photo 1  At dinner in Poulsbo...I HAVE to get up this rock. Doug did it a few years ago so I should be able to, right? photo 2  Not as easy to get past this point as you might imagine. Especially with Dave laughing at me. photo 3  But get up I must. ESPECIALLY because Dave is laughing at me and NOT offering to help catch me if I fall.
photo 4  Made it! IMGP4201  The skylight in our kitchen. Love all the light that streams in! IMGP4203  Looking out to the deck and the morning light. IMGP4204  Our newest menehune helper - Wayne!
IMGP4205  He is cleaning the deck to get it ready for painting and has already repaired a few little sections on the roof. IMGP4206  Still can't get over how much I love those planters. IMGP4237 IMGP4239
IMGP4240 IMGP4247 IMGP4249 photo 5  All set for first bbq dinner!
photo 6  With paper plates :) photo 7  And salmon on a cedar plank! photo 8  Salad made with lettuce from our garden! photo 9  Thanks honey!
IMGP4250  I decided we should do the abandon ship drill on the ferry. IMGP4253  They invited us, after all. IMGP4254  Boys were not so thrilled. IMGP4255  Life jackets are very snug around the necks.
biking to bay hay IMGP4539  Mom cleaning the floor! Oh boy do I miss you, Mom! IMGP4540  Flowers from John and Christine - so pretty! IMGP4541  This is the blue in our kitchen!
IMGP4548  Dave decorating the credenza. These shelves are always a bear to hang but they remind me of each home we've lived in, so they must go up in a visible place. We'll put some special glasses on them. IMGP4556  Like that... IMGP4551  Testing out the fireplace before Mom and Richard head home...much discussion of dampers and such ensued. Mom and I were all trying to remember just how we did it 20+ years ago in Boonton! IMGP4554  Serving up a yummy breakfast now!
IMAG0636  I have been trying different running routes early in the morning before Dave goes to work. I can do that now while it's still light out. Not sure I'll run in the dark in the early am in the winter. Can get really dangerous with drivers racing to catch the ferry. But I popped out of one road and found this greeting me! Good Morning, Rainier! IMAG0637  Wow! IMAG0638  And sunrise over Seattle! IMAG0640  Sam took the trash out one day!
IMAG0645  Out bushwhacking, looking for a very large tree. We THINK we found it. IMAG0646  A large Douglas Fir! IMGP4570  Cute little banana slug. Wonder if I'll get used to them and stop calling them cute. IMGP4571  Boys blazing their way on a little-used trail. Using a stick in front to clear webs.
IMGP4573  Little bench we found out in the woods. IMGP4577  We think we found the BIIIIG tree! IMGP4578 IMGP4579
IMAG0647  Then to story time at the library. (A bit late, covered in nettles and brush with webs in our hair because we HAD to find this tree. We had heard about it from our arborist friend, but there is no trail to it really. Took three tries. Good lesson in persistence and navigating, landmarks, etc.) Ben made a cat. I realized that he hadn't used scissors yet. Oops. Went home to work on that. Bad mommy! All the little girls were scissoring right away! Or maybe their moms did and I didn't notice it wasn't the kids. The library is fantastic. A whole kids' level where they can actually browse and speak. Sam is in a reading program now so he can earn a ticket to the county fair. IMAG0650  Sorry about this one. But I found it while out bushwhacking with Sam on our property (same day as the great Fir tree hunt) and could NOT believe how big this was. Made me wonder if cougar? I contacted some friends, but strangely have not heard back from them. Maybe they think I'm a real freak. Not a good way to start out trying to make friends? Perhaps they think I'm stupid and it's a sasquatch-sized dog, or a huge man? IMAG0651  That's a spade. This thing was 5" long and 2" in diam. Guesses? IMAG0652  Ben took this of me. I got a lot of nettle stings in my legs. So many times through the brush you'd think I'd take a minute to put pants on, but the zeal of blazing a trail was just too much. Sam and I kept at it several times until we connected "Ferndale" to "Mapledale" (two sections of the property).
IMAG0654  There's Sam in his trail blazing clothes. And Ben with a watering attachment that he considers a fine microphone. He stays in touch with us from the car port using that. ;0 IMGP4538  A craft of buttons purchased for $1 from a local artist running a sale. Nice to meet neighbors. IMGP4561  Oh boy - fresh blueberry pie! So decadent with Daddy's whipped cream on top! IMGP4564
IMGP4565  A crazy polyhedron made by Sam! IMGP4582  Daddy is not so fond of spiders. He wants to ID each and every one, pointing them out to me with gravity. I am not thrilled, but hey I can't freak out, either, or I wouldn't stomp logs or romp in the woods. IMGP4584  Who are you? IMGP4585  A stop to buy eggs from a farmer friend and we got to feed an egg to her pigs!
IMGP4586  They devoured it much like Ben and Sam fall upon their dessert! Much snorting! IMGP4587  And reaching, grasping, croaking for more! More! IMGP4588  Feeding grass to the hens who laid our eggs. IMGP4589  Thanks, gals! Soon, the boys will have their own brood. We are studying, pricing, thinking, planning...
reading program  Sam finished his reading program and earned a ticket to the FAIR! IMAG0657  The milk man is here! IMAG0658  Checking out all the goods! He also brings cheese, yogurt, cookie dough... IMAG0659  At the local park after picking blackberries. Then to the market. They LOVE this tire swing type thing. Love to spin fast, like so fast Ben looks sick but he loves it. Looks like his eyes will pop right out, then he can't walk when he gets off.
IMAG0660  Found this at a thrift store - you add rubber bands to it to create designs. Sam was happy with this $1.50 selection after disappointment over not getting something much more expensive. IMAG0661  Big farm breakfast is Daddy's favorite thing Saturday morning! IMAG0662  Rhubarb crisp and blueberry pie cooking! IMAG0663  For friends coming over for dinner! This is Jenni - she and Tres and our friend Melodie (sans Matt) came over after a wine tasting. So great to be back in WA and able to spend time with them. Dave made a fantastic cobb salad and grilled salmon.
IMAG0664  Tres getting educated on monster trucks. IMAG0665  Jenni and Melodie! IMAG0674  On Ben's first roller coaster at the fair! IMAG0675  Bay Hay and Feed on an early morning run.
IMAG0676  Sunrise over Seattle. IMAG0677  Who has been sleeping in my woods? A deer day bed as I later found out... IMGP4641  Eating a plum from our tree! IMGP4642  Yum!
IMGP4644  Two plums for two boys! IMGP4645  Checking out all the veggies growing. IMGP4647  And the drip irrigation system. Very helpful! 1979-10-07SodaArrives  My first pony, Soda, arriving when I was age 8. Being around horses lately makes me sooooo want one again.
2011-08-08HorselessHorseShow  Sheer, unbridled (ha ha!) exuberance over finding my chaps after many years of storage!