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IMGP4275  Two months ago, before we moved, I called Lake Crescent Lodge on a whim to see if they had any room in their Roosevelt Cottages.  You will NOT believe this - since they book up 24 months in advance - they DID! We got a 2 bedroom cottage on the lake for two days as a little respite from all the moving in madness. Here we are in the lodge restaurant with Mom and Richard, who have been HUGE helps to us. They have been our right arms AND legs. IMGP4258  Boys were so enamored with the room we had to drag them outside! IMGP4262  Dave relaxing wiht the Lake just steps away. IMGP4287  Feeding a duck family who came regularly to visit us.
IMGP4292 IMGP4264 IMGP4310  Daddy skipping rocks with the boys. IMGP4268  Dave really likes this color scheme...he took several shots. You may see it on our house some day.
IMGP4311  Outside the little cottage. They rent these in winter, too - there's a fire place. Lodge is not open, though. IMGP4312 IMGP4314 IMGP4319  So Dave holds the chords down while Ben strums and sings :)
IMGP4322  A very rare reflective moment. This guy never quits talking, jumping, singing, shouting, yelling NO! at us, or telling us "You CAN'T say NO!" IMGP4325  From the dock... IMGP4327  After dinner craziness! IMGP4329
IMGP4330  Sam will build anywhere, with anything. IMGP4332  While Ben drums. IMGP4334  This was a really great trail. We learned about nurse logs, old growth, springboards that loggers used to fell trees. Even began to learn the difference between cedar, Douglas Fir, hemlock... IMGP4336  I'm a woodpecker!
IMGP4337  The perfect snack bench! IMGP4340 IMGP4342  HUGE trees! IMGP4346  This was bravely stood guard through a fire. Boys couldn't stop talking about this tree. Made a big impression.
IMGP4347  Running and more running! IMGP4350  Liked this one It is not so good for the tree being hugged in a choke hold, but it seemed like a neat motif for marriage. We are approaching our 10th anniversary, if you can believe that. Dave says it feels more like 20. ;0 IMGP4354  Sam got me to jump in. Then again. And again! COLD!!! IMGP4358  He did the polar bear swim to the beach. Ben also jumped in! The guy is fearless!
IMGP4361  One of my favorite visions - Dave walking to our cottage with coffees in hand. IMGP4363  Who says you can't find beautiful water on the mainland, right? Cold temp keeps it very clear. Too cold for plankton, I think that's what I read. Sam will correct me. IMGP4365  Truck has been with us for almost ten years, too. IMGP4368  Look at all the rings!
IMGP4369  Sam the scientist. Ben sees this as a microphone. IMGP4372  Helping little guy get to the top. IMGP4374 IMGP4375  More huge trees. This is on the way to Marymere Falls.
IMGP4376  Was a nurse log here at one time? IMGP4378  We think this is a centipede? IMGP4380 IMGP4382  Dave took this one...nice hubby. Finally have a head shot for my business website that actually looks like me.
IMGP4385 IMGP4386  More clear water in a stream. IMGP4387  C for CAMDEN!!! IMGP4388  And banana slugs! Yay!
IMGP4390 IMGP4391  Love this tree. IMGP4393  We may have carried some rocks back for our garden. It is a family tradition to pack rocks out from new trails. We will take them back if need be. We know which ones they are. See the little cottages just over Ben's head and a bit to the right? We have those reserved for July 28-31, 2012. We can sleep 10. Who wants to join us? IMGP4396  "Grown-up eagle" and Ben reflecting on the way home.
IMGP4397  And a raccoon for Sam! Some very tired boys. We are on our way home to hook up with Katy, the arborist, so we can officially "meet" our trees. So excited about learning from her. IMGP4366  Singing happy birthday to Eddie Kamae and mom, who share Aug 4!