Moving in week

IMGP4398  Not sure I am up to captioning all these pictures...makes my head spin. This is the second shipment. We had four shipments total. Household goods arrived in two separate shipments on the same day. We were unloading for 12 hours. No kidding. IMGP4399  Ben helped check off box numbers. "Helped" is a loose term. IMGP4400  The only damage was to the laminate on Sam's bed from taping right to it. These are docs for the claim, should we file. IMGP4403  This is another strange family tradition dating back 10 years. Mom has a mask that looks JUST like her, just the psycho version of her. She breaks it out at a random point in a move-in/move-out to just freak us out! She got me even though Ben had warned me that "Gramma has something ON!"
IMGP4404 IMGP4405  On our way out to see if anyone else notices. IMGP4406  Whoa!!! IMGP4410  Finding my winter clothes just in time! Feels like winter at 67 degrees.
IMGP4411  Dave still working, checking stuff off. IMGP4412  The madness begins. Where to stow things. IMGP4413  Working furiously to keep up with the unpacking. Must stow...must stow! We used to do this every 18 months for a while. But that was before kids. IMGP4414  Mom cleans everything for us! Much of it has been in boxes for five years.
IMGP4415  Nice to see this liquor cabinet find a home. It is a cool tropical one. Will remind us of Hawaii. IMGP4416  The guest room/office taking shape. IMGP4417  The boys' room was finished before they went to bed. What a good mommy. ;) I'm in a deep forest hole  The next morning. "I'm in a DEEP forest hole!"
IMGP4420  Meeting our neighbors. Think this one is friendly? We have tentatively identified it as a female trapdoor spider. snake!  And I found a garter snake! Long one! Almost stepped right on it. Felt it brush my heel! Whew! I shrieked pretty good! IMGP4435  This man, Mike, packed us out five years ago! He remembered us! IMGP4437  Dave found something to wear, too! A coon skin hat. We saw our first raccoon the night before, too - he was out on the deck eating chocolate sprinkles that came with an ice cream maker we hadn't quite stowed yet! He made a big racket. He was probably 30 lbs?
IMGP4440  The boys really liked it. 6th truck  Ah. The last van to arrive. They're getting shorter. IMGP4442  Ben requested cinnamon milk at The Treehouse Cafe. We are taking a much-needed break from moving in and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner all at once at about 2:30. I almost took the server's hand off trying to get at my food. So hungry! IMGP4450  Ben and Sam enjoying some ice cream sundae!
IMGP4451  "I"m a walrus!" I don't know where he gets this stuff! brownie sundae IMGP4459  On a hike just blocks from our house - walking distance from our house, actually. The Ted Olson Preserve. IMGP4463  Finding berries and identifying the edible ones. Ben says this is his stop sign.
IMGP4474  Another burned tree from a century-old forest fire. This area was logged in the 1890s. IMGP4476  Gramma says if you ask the tree it will tell you what happened. IMGP4478  Such a great trail! IMGP4481  Thimbleberry. Edible. Good source of Vit C. I think. I ate it.
IMGP4486  Some group shots... IMGP4487 IMGP4490 IMGP4493  A good place to sleep. Ben says he's a raccoon.
IMGP4496 IMGP4500  Talking something over. About being a huge giant. Like Goliath. IMGP4503  This is how you grow into a giant. IMGP4514  Coming after Gramma now!
IMGP4518  Lots and lots of noise! IMGP4521 IMGP4523  Sun peeking out again. IMGP4524  Sun on my little angels' heads.
IMGP4525 IMGP4528 IMGP4530  This is huckleberry. Again, I think. Just learning. Very sour. Good source of Vit C. IMGP4531  Dome-shaped webs. Must look them up to see if they are indicative of any particular spider.
IMGP4532  This guy Rick was in the parking lot when we got back. I asked him if he could help identify an animal based on the scat we'd poked through earlier. You can imagine the excitement when we found out he's a wildlife rescuer and works at a large preserve nearby as well as at the Seattle Aquarium! Wow! He was so much fun and so helpful. A great hike!!! Now back to unpacking :) IMAG0599 IMAG0600 IMAG0601
IMAG0603 IMAG0604 IMAG0605 IMAG0608
IMAG0609 IMAG0610 IMAG0611 IMAG0612
IMAG0617 IMAG0618 IMAG0619 IMAG0620
IMAG0621 IMAG0624 IMAG0625 IMAG0626
IMAG0627 IMAG0628 IMAG0629  Isn't there a remarkable similarity between Ben and his banana slug, Foster? IMGP4427  Some placemat math while waiting for dinner. Sam nailed the 84/4 before Dad was even done writing the equation!
IMGP4533  Dinner time after a long day doing moving in stuff! IMGP4534  Dave on leave :) IMGP4536 IMGP4763
RMT 2108  Richard went around the house documenting the progress so far. RMT 2109  This is the office/guest room. Pretty big! The bed is out in this shot! RMT 2111  Boy bath. RMT 2112
RMT 2113 RMT 2114  Dave playing uke after dinner. The dog house is set up for the boys to play in. Past the big sliding doors is the deck, and then further out would be the driveway entrance. RMT 2115  Our bedroom taking shape very slowly. RMT 2116
RMT 2117  Lots of skylights. We can see stars from our kitchen skylights at night! RMT 2119  The deck has been the only completely livable space for weeks! RMT 2120  Living room sliding doors to left. RMT 2121  Pie time!
RMT 2122  Eyeing the next slice already! RMT 2123  Kitchen to living room on right.