KiDiMu and Kitsap Fair

IMGP4606  So Sam finished his reading program and earned us a ticket to the fair! Off we go to the KiDiMu (Kids' Museum) then the market on Tues...Fair on Wed... IMGP4608  Helping supply water to kids in Uganda by building a well. IMGP4609  At the KiDiMu - Sam is stinging - ben is being stung. IMGP4610  Closer look at the character actors.
IMGP4611  LOVING the tree house. Like the Magic Treehouse series. IMGP4612  A hybrid car to drive mommy around in! IMGP4613  Testing gravity with some golf ball experiments. IMGP4614  Ben is doctoring up a baby.
IMGP4617 IMGP4620  Look mom - STILTS! IMGP4621 IMGP4622  Now we're at the fair - winning some prizes!
IMGP4623  Oh yeah - carnival prizes! IMGP4624  Sam floored me by insisting on riding on this! I insisted that I go over by him and watch how he is hooked in here. I felt reassured by seeing other kids...but man oh man. IMGP4627  Ben taking it all in! We are on the Ferris Wheel. He also got to do his first roller coaster - the wacky worm. We got to run around the house tonight like we're on a roller coaster, too - basically you race around and take turns really fast. IMGP4628  From the Ferris Wheel.
IMGP4631  We got there early before the rides filled up. IMGP4632  Shave Ice??? But no ice yet. IMGP4633  So off to see sheep! IMGP4634  Really staring at the sheep getting a hair or two cut.
IMGP4635  Then turning the wool into yarn. IMGP4636 IMGP4637  Patting a steer, which is a gelded bull. I didn't know that. Very nice guy. And steer. IMGP4639  Ice cream for lunch! These are ice cream faces :)
IMGP4625  This thing goes fast and high!!!!