Hidden Cove trail

IMGP4764  At Hidden Cove ballfields - the boys thought this did indeed look like the moon - the fine dust under their feet. IMGP4765  Ben on the moon! IMGP4768  You take big steps, like this. IMGP4773  Sam spotted this springboard hole in an old growth tree up where the Port Madison company had a lumber company. We actually noted several of them around.
IMGP4774  See how big this tree is? Was? IMGP4775  And this maple is just unbelievable. IMGP4778  The boys admiring it from the other side. IMGP4781  This network of trails is about 2.5 miles in length. We spotted the magic treehouse, too! Not sure whose that is, so we just went up a little closer for a look.
IMGP4782  Very cool! IMGP4783  And a little bridge. IMGP4790  My favorite picture of all - slug family!!!!