First week in WA

IMGP4046  View from our guest house in Lemolo. It has been unseasonably cool and grey but the sun has peeked out a few times! The boys are settling right in and insisting they are not cold. Sam hasn't worked a zipper on a sweatshirt before so that kept him busy here for a bit. IMGP4048  Despite being concerned about the light keeping them up in the morning, they are sleeping in just fine. It gets light here reaaaally early. IMGP4053  On our way to pick up the truck at the port of Seattle! IMGP4054  Ferry ride time!
IMGP4055  A little tired, and a little in awe. IMGP4057  There's the same radar thing that was in Pearl Harbor! IMGP4061  Pulling back into Bainbridge - Eagle Harbor I think? IMGP4062  Signing for our house! The day has gone like clockwork - on time or early for everything. Wow! We had a funny moment when from under the table Sam says "Ooooh...[tap tap tap] whose shoes are these??!" He was tapping on the escrow officer's shoes! I guess he was enthralled with seeing something other than slippers :) We were all laughing. Well, maybe Dave wasn't.
IMGP4065  Finally seeing our new house!!! At the end of the driveway they spied some blue spruce trees that will look amazing decorated for Christmas! Ben sees all these pine trees and says "oooh! Christmas twees!" IMGP4066  A little bird house on our property. The see attracts rats, though...hmmm...not so keen on that. IMGP4067  Dave took a picture of the beer selection. He was excited about that. So many options here! Not just the container's contents for the week - but anything you want! IMGP4069  Dessert at the Marina Park in Poulsbo. Sam really enjoyed his clam chowder at JJs!
IMGP4075  At Battle Point Park playground on Thurs - less than two days after flying in. Thursday was about finding some shoes, pants, long sleeve shirts. It is a bit chilly - more like spring weather than summer. Makes the boys frisky! IMGP4077 IMGP4079  I found cute shoes by New Balance - they worked out really well chasing kids on the playground! I was an instant hit - all the kids wanted me to chase them and growl. I managed to get stung by a bee today while on a run to my friend's house. I think the bee was baffled by my shorts (which I refuse to take off even though it is too cold for them). The bee got caught in my hair (perhaps because I had also refused to wash the saltwater out yet! - kidding! ) and when I tried to get it out it stung me! IMGP4082  New friends on the playground.
IMGP4083  Lots and lots of room to run! IMGP4085 IMGP4087 IMGP4089  The Marina in Bainbridge. The rowing club was hanging out by their shells. I'm going to have to check that out.
IMGP4090  A little walk along the waterfront before dinner. IMGP4092  Bainbridge is a mixture of English country, Saratoga shops, and European sensibility. IMGP4093  Delphiniums? Huge ones? IMGP4094  Flowers all over.
IMGP4096  At dinner at Local Harvest - they partner with local farmers and MAN WAS IT GOOD. IMGP4098  The herbs were so fresh we were scraping leftovers off the table! IMGP4099  First morning in WA! Walking the beach at the guest house to see what creatures can be found. New pants and shoes! IMGP4100  Taking bunny out for a stroll with chocolate milk in hand. These boys are well loved. That is their "coffee" on weekend mornings.
IMGP4102  Sam just looks so grown-up in pants. I can't get over it. IMGP4104  Sam found a crab! They are QUITE slow-moving here. Even I could catch one. Must be the cold. IMGP4106  Sam gave him a "ball" to play with. They are REALLY into playing ball - any kind of ball - right now. IMGP4108  Brothers on a walk.
IMGP4109  Found these pants at a consignment store in Poulsbo. Really love Rumplenewskins. They were here when Sam was a baby. We bought his crib there, actually. IMGP4110  Love this fence. I want to do this on our driveway. Looks easy, doesn't it? IMGP4111  Showing Gramma around the new house! These are the gardens. IMGP4112  Look - strawberries!
IMGP4113 IMGP4114  A hydrangea! I love them! IMGP4115  Picked for mommy! IMGP4116  Aw - both boys brought me a hydrangea!
IMGP4117  Trying to get a shot of two boys with mom...well... IMGP4118  This is the best we got! IMGP4119  I'm about to be knocked over by one! IMGP4120  Dessert at a concert we attended at Island Music Center - they put shows on every Friday for $10. I had made note of a few before we left Oahu as well so we could get right in on the music scene. This is where Sam will likely take lessons...along with Dave and Ben.
IMGP4121  Visiting a favorite playground. They LOVE this merry-go-round! IMGP4123  Shaka, brah! IMGP4125  Funny face for friends back in Hawaii :) IMGP4126  Seeing Led Ka'apana at the Treehouse Cafe in Lynnwood Center (Bainbridge). I ordered tickets from Hawaii - couldn't believe he was going to be there! The crowd of over 100 in this little restaurant went wild for him. His laugh is so infectious and his music is compelling. Loved it.
IMGP4128  Kama'aina dancers in the audience joined him on stage. IMGP4129 IMGP4132  Going for a kayak ride with Sam in his own shell! IMGP4134  He really looks proficient, doesn't he? The tidal current as we got out a little further did annoy him for a bit but he kept wrestling with technique until he made good progress. Proud of him.
IMGP4136  Off we go! IMGP4138  See the Olympic Mountains in the distance? IMGP4142  The guest house lawn overlooking the cove. IMGP4144
guest house1  Sam did the polar bear swim across the cove - see his kayak in the distance where he beached it? guest house2  Dave and I kayaked around to a home we almost rented in Lemolo. IMGP4145  Dave's breakfast at Cafe Nola. I think he was in heaven. Salmon benedict I think? IMGP4146  On a motorboat ride with Mr. Wade - our host.
IMGP4147  Ben and Sam taking it all in. Little do they know this thing has a big motor! IMGP4152  Whoa! IMGP4153  They really loved it! We are on our way out to see seals! IMGP4154
IMGP4157  There they are! IMGP4164  I think this is the best shot we've taken as a family - just missing Dave! IMGP4169 IMGP4170  Molly I thought of you and all your water skiing fun in TN!
sunset crabbing2  Richard, Dave and Mom on their way out to check crab pots at sunset. sunset crabbing sunset crabbing3 crabbing1  They hauled in probably a dozen?