IMGP3631  We joined another family on the trail today - it was their first hike after having their second child, so it was a real treat to be the lucky ones to join them. IMGP3636  Lots of fun finding BIG sticks! IMGP3638 IMGP3640  The kids were mostly a blur!
IMGP3644  Age 6 in front, then two 3 yr olds. IMGP3646 IMGP3647  A real jungle gym! IMGP3648
IMGP3650 IMGP3651  Ooops! Lost TWO shoes! IMGP3655  "Mommy I found a fower for you!" IMGP3656  "I want you to put this in your hair!" (I need to check and see if it's still there!)
IMGP3657  Like monkeys cracking nuts. Kids love rocks and sticks - it's all about channeling that interest so no one gets hurt. I loved Dave's "Hope is not a plan" philosophy - as in you can't just hope no one gets hurt. IMGP3658 IMGP3661 IMGP3663
IMGP3664 IMGP3666 IMGP3667  Did a finger get bashed instead of a nut? IMGP3671  Some problem!
IMGP3672 IMGP3675  Yay! IMGP3676  Sam was up pretty high then suddenly lost footing and a slipper and came sliding all the way down! His face is surprised but smiling. IMGP3679  Going at it again. Daddy is wondering why we need to do this.
IMGP3680  It all starts with "I just want to..." IMGP3682  Ben is up golfing. IMGP3683 IMGP3684
IMGP3686  Is this a wild orchid? It seemed to be nodding with approval on red rock hill. IMGP3687  Ben is singing on his way down the hill. IMGP3688  Lots of wild flowers to greet us. Like these impatiens.