IMAG0559 IMAG0562 IMAG0567 IMAG0570
IMAG0571 IMAG0572 IMAG0573 IMGP3904  One more campout before we move! See Sam's rope tied to a tree? He was so excited to be able to climb again!
IMGP3908  He made a double reef knot all by himself - also called a double square knot he is telling me now - to secure his rope. I am so proud of him. He learned about those knots in two books he has - one from his uncle Doug and one from Blaik, a handyman helper we have grown to love, who in turn found the book on a yacht he cleaned out for someone. Sam earned the book because he donated a rope to Blaik to help pull out a bougainvillea in a neighbor's yard. Love how ropes and relationships depend on interdependence for strength. IMGP3909  Scootering to mini golf at our campout! IMAG0574 IMGP3911  First a little juice for hot boys!
IMAG0575 IMGP3912  Then some tee time after mini golf. Mommy is quite hot and tired at this point (we've already been on a hike, and set up camp by this point!). IMGP3915  But they are so cute - who can resist boys who want to do minigolf more than ANYTHING? IMGP3917  Then for gatorade and a snack. Sam picked fruit! Ben and I had...ooops...Cheetos!
IMGP3919  Then for dinner it was a three-course pantry surprise - fruit can, SPAM, and minestrone. All served up in cups because I had no more paper plates. But cups worked remarkably well. IMGP3925 IMGP3926 IMGP3932  And are stackable when done...
IMGP3936  Sam tending to the fire. He is getting so responsible. He can roam in the woods without me worrying about him finding his way back. IMGP3937  Ben saying something funny! IMGP3938  Roasting Nilla Wafers because the mini store was out of marshmallows. Soooo...we called these S'NORES. What if you cross SPAM and S'MORES?                       SPORES!!!!! IMGP3940  Really quite good. And not as much of a parent headache, truthfully.
IMGP3941  They look like tiny burgers. IMGP3945  The moon was nearly full on our way to the bathroom. Our lighthouse on Mokapu was lit. That was one of our first hikes here. And where we went whale-watching. IMGP3946  Darker on our way back. IMGP3948  I love silly morning faces!
IMGP3949  Coughing spree! We are getting over colds. So they had a coughing bonanza around midnight for an hour but other than that it was peaceful in the tent. Just Sam playing my hand, Ben rolling over onto me. Someone making something stinky. Coughing. Now I have to finish moving packing on very little sleep. IMGP3951  More morning silly faces! IMGP3953 IMGP3955  Happier now :)
IMGP3956  Peeking out to the beautiful forest. IMGP3958  Sam cut his pancake very artfully! IMGP3959  Now we're getting ready to pack up. Tamara is coming to pick us up since we don't have a truck. IMGP3960  Sammy found a friend! The biggest millipede ever!
IMGP3961 IMGP3963 IMGP3964 IMGP3965  Tamara and her crew are here! Time for a little fire experimenting! If you put pine needles on you get mini fireworks!
IMGP3967  But don't put too many on or you smother it. I felt badly for the premature end to the fire, so to the cheer of young boys I relit it! IMGP3968 IMGP3969 IMGP3970  Oh yeah!