2008-10 (OCT)

Ang's visit

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Kapa'a Quarry

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P9290017  Sneaking up on Ben in the morning. We're peeking up under his bumpers... P9290019  This is what he has to say about that! P9290025  It's cape day! Try weeding in a cape. Or taking out the trash. Super-Mom! So fun! The funniest part, though, was Dave's face. It was actually the lack of a shocked face that was so funny. I asked him if that said something about HIM or ME that he didn't even bat an eye. He said "Probably both." P9290026  Jumping with a cape!
P9290027  A baby cape! Sam went to get this for Ben :) He already has his "paws" out for optimal flying! PA020154  Sam napping. Not sure what is going on here? PA020155 PA030004  Getting ready for First Friday Fires...yes, we are rubbing sticks! I can get them pretty warm but no flames yet!
PA030006  Can you see us smiling? Sammy thinks mommy is nuts. PA030009  The poker stick is ready! PA030011  Relaxing by the fire...while Dave surveys the flames and embers to be sure it doesn't get out of hand. PA030012  Boys love fire!
PA030016  Mommy loves fire even more! PA080002  This is one of Ben's friends at the Y - Mel :) He and I shared a lap lane when I was hugely pregnant. We all joked about what if I deliver in the pool. The folks have had fun seeing Ben grow, and he particularly enjoys Mel. I think it's the smile, don't you? They have very similar smiles. Everyone enjoys Ben and says how cute and good he is. Sweet baby :) PA080003  A fire safety demonstration on base tonight. Sam enjoyed checking out the rigs. This is old hat by now, though...I've had him checking out rigs since he could barely walk :) I should actually line the pictures up and see how he's grown. Speaking of which - another inch in the last 3 weeks! PA080004  Doing stop/drop/roll drills. He also answered quickly that you dial 911 in an emergency, and gave our address. Mommy has taught him well :) I guess it's not hard to believe mommy would have an emergency since she does wacky things so often - ha!
PA080005  Sam was so good at the roll part he went off each end! He didn't stop! PA110015  Ben is in his new big boy car seat! (Sam's old seat) PA110004  At Sam's friend Michael's 4th birthday party - Tiki Island on base. Sam did the harder course this time and loved all the interesting things to get the ball around or through! PA110005  And tried his hand at the batting cage!
PA110007  There's Michael, the birthday boy, and his Dad :) PA110013  Blowing out his candle! PA160005  Getting Kathy's birthday present - wild hibiscus sticks and starter stick, carved by a Samoan... We are obsessed with starting a fire with sticks! PA160009  We stopped off at Kualoa Beach Park for a quick romp afterwards. Sam held Ben while I cleaned up the sand toys. Cute backdrop for a photo I quickly realized! Plus, they were being sweet! Whoa!
PA160010 PA160011  Making funny noises in Ben's ear :) PA160012  Not sure what is going on here... PA160013
PA160014 PA160015  Oh - did a little quickie watercolor fingerpainting of Chinaman's Hat, which is just offshore at this beach. My friend Liisa loved it right away, so she's got claim to the original :) PA160001  Sam with three members of a Jawaiian reggae group called Ten Feet. See the next shot for a better face - he was a bit overawed by standing with them and holding the guitar! PA160002  We had a great time at this free concert. I am buying him CDs from each concert he goes to - this one was signed by the guys in the band. Very nice guys and great music!
PA170003  I'm Mr Clothfoot! PA170006 PA180017  The 5-month-old photo shoot :) PA180023  Disregard the man behind the boys :)
PA180027 PA180031 PA180032 PA180033
PA180035 PA180036 PA180038 PA180039  Givin' Caffrey some love :)
PA180040  Our friends Don and Melisa were over for dinner - they are expecting their first baby. She was in the kitchen helping Dave clean up! Amazing! PA180044  Barefoot AND pregnant AND in the kitchen! PA180045  Look at this awesome cheesecake - Sam can't wait to dive in! PA180046  Don and Dave work together - Don was on submarines, too.
PA180047  Dave made a special menu for them... PA250001  A night out at the Paul Mitchell Estate for a wine tasting event. We had a great time getting glammed up and being unfettered for an evening. Liisa - thanks again for a fantastic time!!! HotMomssm  Kathy, me and Angel... AlliPurse  Paparazzi caught me fishing around in my purse :)
AngelPhone  Angel who are you calling?! PA260004  Rainy day run :) PA260006  Thanks for going with us!! It was a little bit nuts but a lot of fun :) PA260010  Dave and Sam did big stompings in all the puddles - they had a blast!
PA260019  They were trying to get me wet, too! PA260020  Dave goes - "I think I saw a fish in that one!!!" 2008-10-25 Rainy day run  Funny movie of puddle stomping run :) PA280001  A trip to the Discovery Center on a rainy Tuesday adventure day.
PA280003  A panda! PA280008  A mini Jeepney. They have all kinds of recreations - different rooms for each culture. PA280012  Sam and Anneliese heading for a picnic lunch. They are soooo cute. TidePoolOceansm  One of Liisa's photos from Ft Hase beach on base - we're applying to adopt this beach for regular cleanup. A lot of trash comes in on the tides from as far away as China and Korea. It's an otherwise rugged and beautiful beach.
CleanUpCrewsm  Cleaning up the trash. TidePoolOcean2sm  One of several tide pools. Cowry2sm  What I think might be a cowry shell fossil trapped in lava rock. Cowry1
Trail Startsm PA300001  Back to honu guarding again - this is our first day back. Ben is really enjoying digging in the sand! Unfortunately a lot finds its way to his mouth! PA300002 PA300005  Describing a "lava" flow - he's really into volcanoes. Has been for almost two years now!
PA300007  I told him "You have sand for freckles!" and he got a big kick out of this. PA300012  We had a nice time together, the three of us, driving up to the North Shore. I tried a soy latte for the ride home. Very nice! I asked the Wiki Wiki Java lady why she didn't set up a drive through - I really miss those! Funny - turns out she's from Washington herself and had wanted to set up a drive through but couldn't at that location... PA300013 PA300014
ATT00044  Sam and his JackOLantern :)