Glass Bottom Boat

PA100001  We ended up having the boat entirely to ourselves! We offered to come back another day but away we went to go see some fish...they were happy to take just us. PA100003  Shades of years to come - no pictures, mom! PA100004  There's Keoni showing us a shark jaw! PA100005  He's going to swim under the boat and surprise the kids :)
PA100007  There's Keoni-fish! PA100010  What's he doin' down there, mom? (Sam likes this picture of his face :) ) Look at Ben's face! PA100012  Having a fun time :) PA100013  Feeding the fish.
PA100016  Nice views of Kaneohe Bay... PA100018  I love this shot - see the pipe behind Anneliese? It says "fuel shut off" but by looking at Sam and Anneliese's faces, I wonder if he's like Dave - is he thinking "but how do I shut off the mouth?" She really wasn't talking much, it's just a funny coincidental shot :) PA100019