Holoholo- Southern Oahu

PA120014  I've been a little stir-crazy lately. Usually I'm space-aing or something for like 6 weeks around this time of the year. I didn't get a chance to take a big adventure yet this year, so I've had to find other outlets for energy - camping with two boys while Dave was away, cleaning the garage out in one naptime, painting, and today Dave really was my hero with a huge adventure. We set out not really knowing how much we'd undertake, but we ended up being out almost 11 hours :) PA120019  We hiked up Koko Head (a puff created when Koko Crater - in the distance here) went off. In the middle of the photo is Hanauma Bay, a popular snorkeling spot. We like Shark's Cove way better, but this is fun. PA120020  So you hike right past the no trespassing signs, go up a little paved road, then take a left onto this crazy 4WD road down into the crater. It was pretty steep but the rock was a bit like slick-rock, so our hiking shoes/sneakers gripped pretty well. I was nervous with Ben on my back, but it wasn't too bad. See the road going out to the point? We went out there then made a loop back up to the left, up the other side of the crater. PA120021  That's what we came down.
PA120023  Sam having some water. PA120024  What a cutie. I am in love with my hiker. He was amazing on this. We kept forging ahead since Ben finally went to sleep. We knew a pretty steep part awaited on the way back up and decided to just bag it without the distraction of an awake Ben. PA120025  The hiking poles came in handy. Lucky for me the wind was blowing against me, not pushing me down the hill. PA120028  Dave checking out where this went...just a steep slope down to the water.
PA120029  Almost to the point... PA120031  Buds :) PA120032  Hey Uncle Tom - see this!? PA120036  Hanauma Bay from the ocean side.
PA120038  The red rock was impressive. PA120040  Ancestral home of Ihi Ihilauakea (which means like broad fern leaf or something). Not sure about this. Is it a person? It's the crater name, but ancestral home??? My quick Google didn't turn up anything juicy. I'm sure Liisa will get to the bottom of it...ha ha! So punny! PA120042  Liisa - we thought of you many times!!! You would have a ball clicking away! PA120044  On the saddle heading back up and out of the crater. See how steep Koko Crater is from this angle? Whew! That last section is something else...
PA120045  The route back from the point...Very steep at the end. PA120047  Safely back on the blacktop. There's a little road up to that FAA and telecomm stuff... PA120048  My hiker boys :) PA120049  Hawaii Kai - we went to Kona Brewing Company for a late lunch and brew sampler :)
PA120051 PA120053 PA120055  Another excursion to the Spitting Cave, just below Koko Head. This is hard to find but interesting. Really watch the footing and the kids... Water flows into a cave then comes spitting back out a blowhole. You can hear it from fairly far away. PA120056  Diamond Head in the distance. Neat formations in the foreground.
PA120057  Steep steep steep... PA120063  Then down to Kahala to check out Waialae Beach. Cute little island entranced me. I had to check it out, but I had to nurse Ben first so Dave went out there to see what it was like. This is just off from the Kahala Resort. PA120072  There I am out there now. Koko Crater to the left, and Koko Head to the right. That's what we climbed up today. PA120073  Smootch wrangling my boys!
PA120074  Lots of smootch wrangling pictures, just because they make me smile. We had a fun day. PA120075  See the shape of his cheek? You know he's smiling trying to get away from the wrangler! PA120076  Got 'im!!! PA120077  Look at my beady eye!!! Spooky!
PA120078  More? Seriously?! PA120079 PA120080  Can we go home yet??? PA120081  Yeah?!
PA120086  Ok - quick nap first :) PA120087  Napping while Sam continues to work. He is tireless today! PA120090  Telling me how to build a city. PA120095  And peeking over the hedge at the imu being unloaded. There's a luau going on and music at the country club...we kept peeking over at all the folks having cocktails...
PA120100  Sam is hilarious with the sticks. He insisted on bringing this one home, to hike with. He called it a "mowla." He makes up words all the time, and they sound vaguely Hawaiian. Yes, Dave did find a way to get it in the truck.