overview  We went on a field trip to the quarry today in a 15 passenger van: 5 parents and 8 kids ages 4mo to 4yrs. PA070005 PA070001  Loading up the van at my house...car seats were lined up and waiting for me to pull up :) PA070004  Ready to roll!
PA070002 PA070004 (2) PA070006  Liisa cleaning the windows for better viewing! PA070008
PA070011  The pit is about 1000' deep at least - the peaks are 800' above sea level and we are at 200' elevation for this photo. PA070013  Each berm is 25' wide and 50'-100' tall. They are intended to prevent rocks from falling and damaging vehicles. Sometimes the quarry fills with water runoff during the winter. This pool of water is beautiful and can only be seen from above. I hiked up there in May 2007 and it was a beautiful iriquois blue. PA070014  Our guide, Linda, was so knowledgeable! PA070015  Look at the paparazzi!
PA070017  Ben took his morning nap during the tour :) PA070018  Describing the explosives used - ANFO or ammonium nitrate/fuel oil - to break up the very, very hard basalt rock. PA070007 PA070010
PA070019 PA070020 PA070021  This would be a great birthday party spot for boys! Just bring toy dump trucks! PA070012
PA070022  The drillers down in the pit. PA070026  Liisa climbing back in from jumping out to take pictures :) PA070015 (2) PA070017 (2)
PA070028  The 50-ton haulers are very advanced, computer controlled rigs. The tires are as tall as our XTerra. PA070018 (2) PA070019 (2) PA070021 (2)
PA070023 (2) PA070023 PA070024  Don't you love Kathy's girls!? PA070030  The kids loved the huge rig!
PA070031  That's where the driver sits! PA070026 (2) PA070028 (2) PA070030 (2)
Ben Censored PA070036  McD's afterwards compliments of Ameron. Thanks for a great time! PA070044 PA070047
PA070048 PA070037  Big Ben! He's almost as big as Caleigh! PA070038  Flirting with Liisa :) PA070041  There's a cement truck coming back from the quarry! (I've just dropped off the van back at Enterprise.)
RockCrushingAreasm  The rest of the pictures are compliments of our photojournalist, Liisa :) Enjoy her view...you might just find beauty in the mining machinery and quarry! TireTracksToLoader2sm TireTracksToLoadersm ISpyAMixerTrucksm
Bird'sEyeViewsm FenceLinesm BoysFencesm TwoFenceBoyssm
ExplosiveDrillssm InThePitsm InThePit2sm InThePit3sm
PaintPeelsm PaintPeel2sm BigTire1sm BigTireTiltsm
BigTirePush1sm BigTirePush2sm BigTirePush3sm Shakassm