P9270001  Our first evening! P9270002  The "old" threesome...Ben is sleeping next to Ang in his seat. P9270003  Sam's sitter, Roni, swooped in and picked Sam up for a romp! She was down for a walk after work. P9270004  Roni is so awesome - she surfs, leads kayaking eco tours, teaches surfing and windsurfing, is lifeguard/CPR/defibrillator certified! And she's only 21! She may even start working at Sam's preschool as a teacher. We are blessed mom "found" her for us.
P9280006  Taking a paddleboard to the beach :) P9280012  Go, Ang, GO! P9280023  Sammy got into the action, too! P9280029
P9280031  I love paddleboarding. I totally want to buy this board... P9280035  Little buddy #2 :) P9280048  Dave paddleboarding! P9280042  Our little patch of sand. That's the beach tent I bought to gear-test. It is working out well. We used it at a polo match, too.
P9300028  Doesn't seem so long ago that Sam was in the pack. Now look at him, with his own pack! Those are all his peakbagger buttons that I made for him down the middle of his pack. We still need a couple more for this hike and Likeke Falls! P9300035  Thanks for the great new pack, Dave!!!! He lugged it home during an 18hr trip from upstate NY. P9300036  Ang is the consummate hiking buddy! P9300048  Sam's strange hiking stick - but this is how you use it!
P9300053  The many faces of Ben! P9300055  We looked for colors and shapes. Everything was bright due to the rain. We weren't sprinkled on under the dense foliage. P9300078  Another Ben face! P9300090  I love this part of the trail.
P9300098  Big rain clouds over the mountains! We were in a patch of sun the whole time, though! P9300099 P9300108  Such a neat ridge walk up there! P9300112  He just looked so grown-up here in this stance...had to take a picture!
P9300115  Growing out of a stump. P9300116  Peekaboo! P9300117 P9300119  More hide and seek!
P9300129  Keeping Ben from falling over in the gale force winds! P9300132  We spotted Josh's carrier waiting to pull in, too! This hike looks out over Honolulu. P9300133 P9300137  Sam helping mommy climb...
P9300144  I really love a shot I have like this of Sam...perhaps this will be the one of Ben that I frame. P9300148  The moss looked like water with the light splashing over it. P9300151  The leaves only grew out of one side of the stem. PA040006
PA050016  Sam was digging like this little doggie. We were taking Ang out for a walk (sounds funny!) on the beach before her flight. PA050017  Lanikai Beach... PA050019  Buds! Miss you, friend! Thanks for a great visit and happy reunion with Josh! PA050020  Whose shoes are THOSE?