PA310108  It was fun carving this spider Jack-O-Lantern with Sam :) Like the "cobwebs" inside? PA310014  Mikko-Dakota at preschool :) PA310006  Sam's preschool costume - a lady bug :) Sam1sm  Liisa took these photos at preschool - we're in a parade around the school.
Sam2  Love Liisa's shots. PA310041  Gramma is here!!! She just got in last night! PA310022  Getting ready to run home :) PA310013  There's Liisa! She kept popping up out of nowhere with her trusty camera!
PA310077  And mommy's horrendous, "low rent" (as Dave put it) attempt to make Sam into a happy-face spider, me a web, and Ben a fly. I labeled Sam just in case no one figured it out. That pool noodle is a pair of legs. PA310088  Here we are! I even tried my hand at face paint! Poor Sam. These will not be photos he'll want to show when he's older. Next year I plan to do something that doesn't involve costumes. Haunted hike...bonfire... 2008Halloween (2) PA310104  Sam caught in the web!
PA310079  A friend, Mike, is such a fun guy. Here's a neighborhood potluck before trick or treating. 2008Halloween (4)  Ben trying to steal my food! He is such a chomper! And Sammy did so well navigating those big spider legs all night...going sideways to get through things. Poor guy. I do feel badly about his low rent costume. 2008Halloween (10)  Everyone loved "the fly" once I explained what we were! 2008Halloween (11)  Sam is really getting used to this strange custom - deal with the freaky faces and get treats!!!
2008Halloween (18) 2008Halloween (20)  Doggies in costume. Like our headlamps? 2008Halloween (21)  Everyone out on their lanai - so sweet. I want to stop back by and talk to the older folks. 2008Halloween (23)
2008Halloween (25a) 2008Halloween (26)  The spider "killed" the fly - he is out cold with the "venom"! PA310110  I do like the smell of a full treat bag, though! We had a great time. Our neighbors are super friendly and all the carports were decorated really well.