2008-09 (SEPT)

Mokes paddle

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2008-09-14 moonrise

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Mariner's Ridge

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ATT00023  Ben is in a big boy crib now! Here they are checking it out :) Sam is spinning the mobile with his feet and Ben is obviously enjoying it :) ATT00020  No! Don't take a picture! P9050001  The "ball game" with friends on Friday evening :) P9050003  Noodle sword fights!
P9050004  Hitting a baseball with a sword? That's my friend, Liisa and her son Mikko-Dakota. p9050007  Noodle wrangling! P9050010  The boys are cleaning up after the ball game :) Just like at a real game! I served hot dogs, pretzels, popcorn and other random foods - Liisa's husband is away and Dave was working late so we decided to let the boys have at it with all the balls and toys. P9060004  Sam, Ben and I went to Sea Life Park on Saturday while Dave worked. We had a great time, then cooled off across the road at the Makapu'u tide pools.
P9060006  Feeling a sea star! P9060010  And a sea cucumber... p9060015  Ben crashed out in the new pack. P9060016  Sam made a new friend who showed him around this huge play-gym thing with all kinds of ramps, ropes, hanging stuff...it was a little spooky until his new friend showed him the "ropes" - literally! After his initial tour, he couldn't get enough of it!
p9060017  Ben is wearing his 6 month old clothes - thanks to whomever sent him this cute shirt and overalls! I am sorry I don't remember now... P9060022  Back around for another go! p9060024  Hot and sweaty afterwards! P9060029  Then off to watch the dolphin show. I let him stand on his own closer, then real close down there by the ropes while I stood to the side. He felt pretty important standing on his own!
p9060031  By the aquarium... p9060033 P9060034  Helping open up the windows on the little sun tent - we're across the street now at the "baby Makapu'u" tide pools. P9060040  Off he goes with boogie board in hand. Sometimes he amazes me at how independent he is. Just off to do his thing. I watched carefully from inside the tent while I put Ben down for a nap.
P9060046  The view from the tent :) That's Rabbit Island (Manana) in the distance. P9060047  See the boy with the boogie board to Sam's 1400? There's a channel of water that flows in and out with the swells. It's cool to "surf" it. Sam is learning how - not so successfully with a mommy who is hanging onto Ben! I can't get in there with him, but the next time we come we'll have Dave with us, for sure. The other boys are a little bigger - 5 yrs old they said, although I couldn't understand their names at all. So glad we have a Sam and a Ben! P9060049  The tide pools began to clear out toward the end of the day, so we had them to ourselves. Hiking Mike & Jane  My friend Mike, the entomologist, on a hike with his pet pig, Jane! Mike is such a cool guy. He found Jane orphaned as a baby while out on a hike. She is now about 50 lbs!
P9080001  Sam concocting BABAR's potion! P9080002  A little bit more??? p9080003  The potion collection! Dave, beware! Is there anything you DON'T want to drink? P9080004  Daddy, I have a secret POTION for you! (He doesn't quite have a mastery of secrecy yet!)
P9090006  Napping in the office for a change. He looks just like Daddy! P9100001  Alphacaching! P9100005  Going after the ... can you guess? The B! P9100006  Found them!
P9100007  Sam's turn. He put B down here. I wondered why and he said "BLACK!" (like, duh!) P9100010  Out for a run on base. Sam got to jog first then ride. P9100014  Whew! Getting hot out there! The boys slept in late this morning so we were out in the heat of the day. Fortunately the breezes kept us fairly cool. p9100015  Swinging on the Marine obstacle course. Makes his gym stuff look miniscule!
p9100016  Look at how high that is! We were running on some tank trails and stumbled across this. I have been through here before for the Swamp Romp. Must do that again next year... P9100019  Look at these cuties!!! P9100027  Love the shirt, Gail! p9100028  Big feet!
P9100031  I have big feet, too! Indeed he does. Size 10-11, almost a 1 already. These are cool Merrell hiking shoes with self-scupping drainage ports (the yellow things I think) so he can hike through streams and his shoes drain. Nice! Wish I had some! p9100033  We collect sticks all the time. Some are harder to run with than others, but it's non-negotiable. We run with the stick. Afterwards we went to Lanikai Juice for lunch and I said "OK, stick with me!" in the parking lot before I realized how punny I was. Yes, he was holding onto the stick - we brought it with us into LJ. It's now a gear shift in the truck, between the car seats. You really don't want to see the inside of the truck! P9120003  We went for a beach hike the other day... P9120004  to test out the pack for Ben and look for shells, trash, and explore a new beach.
p9120011  Lots of lava to poke a stick into! P9120012  And a stroller tire is home to little guys... P9120014  Butterflies on the beach - but they seemed stuck. They didn't seem to be faring so well. Or perhaps even still alive? P9120018  Now we're almost a mile into our hike down the beach.
P9120024  We found a fossil cowry shell! This turned into a lesson about lava, volcanoes, and erosion. P9120031  Drawing the volcano on the sand, intact before erosion took the right hand side. It's pretty common for the ocean side of the volcano to slide into the water. That happened to the Ko'olaus as well - called the Nu'uanu slide. I think my memory is correct. I looked it up a while ago! P9120032 P9120033
p9140001  Getting ready for Sam's first race! So cute to see a number on HIS shirt this time! P9140002 P9140005  See my boy??? The kids' ages are denoted by the first digit of their bib number. P9140009  The finish line.
P9140011  Ready to go!!! That's Wally Amos - Famous Amos Cookies - doing the honors. P9140012  Go Sammy, go! P9140014  OK - he would have done better in the 1 mile race, believe it or not! He's a great jogger, not so much a sprinter! Neither is mommy :) BigBoyssm  Playing at the tide pools with our friends. These two boys were the "pirates" who uncovered our snack cache! Our boys watched them carefully, admiring their swift and sure feet.
FlatIslandsm  Flat island on a flat day. Liisa took these shots... KailuaBeachViewsm  And Kailua Bay. Liisa's shot again...see www.liisaroberts.com for more! SamSnorklingsm  We are going to have to get this one printed. It's classic Sam :) FishBoysm  Surfacing briefly!
GoggleBoySurfacingsm  Finally taking a breather on the land! SamMDTidePoolsm  Mikko-Dakota is such a cutie! MDWantsGogglessm  MD thinking about swimming again. SnackCachesm  We're at the tide pools with MD and Liisa...and trying out a silly idea. I am working with the boys to bury a snack cache - "treasure" - harder than I thought it would be! Keeping it from floating back up and keep Ben from floating away as the tide came in...and I wasn't keeping an eye on Luna, Liisa's dog. She wanted to come in the water and dragged the stroller she was tied to into the water, with Liisa's phone in it! Fortunately she has a shock-proof/water-proof/Alli-proof phone.
P9150003 P9150006 P9150008 AlliBenMarsh2sm  Big Ben out on the marsh with our buddies! I know how to pick 'em, huh? Liisa is a great photographer :)
AlliBenMarshsm  He is really getting big, isn't he? MamaDucksm  I LOVE this shot. MarshView1sm  Nice job, Liisa! This is the marsh right by our house. Mudhandssm  Mikko-Dakota keeping busy while mom shoots :)
SnailNookiesm  Ahhh-hem. This turned into a nice biology lesson for me. Did you know snails were hermaphrodites? And these Giant African Snails are apparently very prolific breeders. They are actually very large - can get up to 6" long! I've seen some big ones here. As big as my fist. Well - maybe not quite that big, but close. The white thing is a dart that one snail shoots into the other carrying the genetic "material". The dart goes into the head end. Very strange mating habit. The little boys gathered up about a dozen snails and lined them all up to make a "family". They were so cute :) SnailTrainsm  All aboard the snail train! WaterRingssm  Nice night for a walk :) P9150013  Dave finished his papers!
P9150016  Watching Dave and Sam play. P9150019  Sammy riding the "daddy boat!" P9150020 P9150023  Wrangling Sam for a picture with da fam.
P9150028  Mommy tries the daddy boat :) P9150029  Such a swimmer :) P9150039  Ben came out for a dip! P9150044  Hi Daddy!
P9150045  Ben wrangling is easier! P9150047 P9150052  A happy baby! P9150053
P9150055  Look at how sandy this guy is! P9180057  Angel popped over for a fun visit on Thursday morning :) Ben is going "Yeah!" P9190066  Trying to get both boys in their matching shirts in one picture. P9200079  Thanks for the outfit!!!
P9220001  Soup for sick boys at Zia's. Why not go out to eat when we're all sick? Sounded like a good idea. Soup and grilled cheese. And wine for mommy. The boys were good... P9230002  Ben with his doctor...Healthy and happy boy at 4 months. Off the charts on height - 27.5". Will grow out of infant seat in a month. (ugh!) About 90% on weight and head circumference. These boys will be bigger than me when they're in first grade! P9240005  I found Sam styling his hair before preschool. P9240008  Used product and everything, then said "no pictures!"
P9240010  On the way home from preschool :) P9250002  Sammy making our lunches for us! The video is on the web (http://www.kampkrug.com/2008/09/25/sammy-cooks-for-mommy/). I came out from putting Ben down and found all the jelly gone... He said he "drank it"! P9260003  A morning at the beach with Liisa making some sand art with watercolors :) P9260004  Ben helped! Doesn't the background look like a watercolor, like we're not really there, just dropped a mural on a sheet behind Ben? We had a great time! We glued shells and trash to our beach scenes.
P9260005  Liisa went wild on hers! I love it! P9260006  artsy friends!