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P8010001  Here we are testing out new gear - a pop-up tent for the beach! P8010005  Works pretty well but you have to be careful it doesn't take off like a kite before you load the sand pockets up to weight it down. P8010010  Love having a place for Ben and I to hide out. (Sorry these shots continue to be so blown out by the bright sun - still working on exposure settings for snapshots.) P8010012
P8010013  Ben liked chillin' in the tent :) P8010019 P8010023 P8020004  The boys in the pool :) Sam doesn't stay above water long enough for a picture - I really had to beg him for this one :)
P8020009 P8020011 P8020014 P8020026  Swimming around!
P8020029  And more jumping! P8020031 P8030001  Great day at the beach - if only for about an hour or two before schoolwork (for Dave). P8030005  My boys!
P8030005edit p8030006  Little guy learning to enjoy the water. He is fine wearing his shades and seems to appreciate them, actually. He also seems to like the water... P8030008 P8030011  Doesn't he look like a big tough lifeguard here? Sam, I mean. Ben looks like a Legionnaire.
P8030014  Dave checking the tent out. P8030016 P8030022  Ummm...you were supposed to be napping! P8030023  This is how you do it, kay?
P8030025  Sam loves logrolling - look at his surprise when he lands :) P8030026  The hill! P8030028  The landing :) P8030003  Look what white flies do to my hibiscus! Totally nasty! That's called "flocculence."
P8030004  Mites causing "galls" on another hibiscus. Photo002  The papaya is probably affected by mites, too. P8040003  Boys at breakfast. Trying Ben out in the clip-on chair. He's almost ready for it! P8040004
DSC00296  Angel's son, Luke, with Ben :) DSC00301  Learning the art of sword fighting from David, Angel and Mike's youngest. We were moving fast! DSC00303  Dave couldn't resist wrangling us! ATT00069  Out on a run this morning, stopping at Kalapawai for muffins for breakfast. Sam jogged about a mile again. Good goin' jogger!
P8090008  Wiping pancakes off daddy's mouth :) p8090010  Ben likes to stomp his feet now. Look how chubby! This is a 3-6 month old shirt. p8090011 p8090012
P8090013 P8090014 P8090015 P8090002  This is Ray. He had to climb up and over our new washer and dryer to plug it in. Then he had to do it AGAIN because one outlet didn't work! Poor guy!
p8090006  Look at my new rashguard shortie! Photo006 P8090024  Swimming lessons with Daddy! P8090025  Surfing on Daddy!
P8090026 P8090022 P8090003 (2)  At a concert with our adventure buddies. The Brothers Cazimero were great! p80900108
p8090009 (2)  Playing with the lighting and the background :) P8090011 (2)  They are natives of the Big Island and went to school with one of my neighbors. They were really awesome. P8090013 (2) ATT00267
P8100004  Sam doing his "schoolwork" while he waits for me to finish putting Ben in bed. He loves to do his schoolwork (just like daddy) and can't wait to finish up his bath and climb up in his papasan. In fact, here he is during the day doing schoolwork :) P8100008  Our new washer and dryer! Yes, the money pit here :) Things manage to fail either immediately before I give birth or before Dave leaves. P8100013  Our home...in case it looks different since your last visit - virtual or live! We remodeled the kitchen in Dec. 2007. P8140064  We went to Tripler to visit the team that delivered Ben. This is Christie and Candy. I got to see Cathi (the nurse anesthetist friend of mine) earlier that week - this particular day she was in the OR so we missed her.
P8140066  The nurses are so awesome! Even though they were busy they took time to see us and play with the boys. P8140068 P8140070  Restamping Ben's feet because I managed to lose the first one. I made a stamper out of Sam's footprint so I had to do the same for Ben, of course! P8140071
P8140073  He had a good time :) P8140075  Broke da scale at 17 pounds! P8140078 P8140079
P8140080  Candy is so cute! P8140081  Sam with Christie p8150002  Dave is away and I'm grilling salmon while the boys play on the deck. I'm off to a good start! We'll see how long it lasts and when I start hitting the frozen meals :) P8150003
P8150004  Sam is feeding Thomas. P8160001  Playdate with the other single moms on the beach. The husbands are deployed. Dave is only gone two weeks but I enjoyed reconnecting with them and reliving the trials and tribulations of being a single mom. They are all so cool and handle things so well. 289048308605 0 ALB  Thanks to Giji for this photo!!! 229648308605 0 ALB  And this one :)
P8160005  We took a huge pile of beach trucks to the beach, thanks to Liisa and MD! P8160007 P8160008  Sam has a personal valet - MD is carrying his boogie board for him! P8170003  Sam is also making friends at church. Here he's playing with two 5 yr old girls - I think it's a game of tag, or freeze.
P8170035  A stop off at the beach after church for a quick romp in the sand and a nap for Ben. P8170048  Tiny crab! P8170058 p8170005  Mom and two ducks. I taught Sam that he could walk without holding hands if he stays close. We call this walk "Joe Cool." So the ducks were being "Joe Cool" - staying close to mom but not holding webs. Or whatever :)
P8170017  Busy day - this is still Sunday. We're at the beach to watch the moon rise but we didn't check the time in the almanac first. It came up an hour after sunset that night so we missed it but had a great time watching the sunset. We jogged down - it's only a mile. P8170020  A happy sand ball - this is a friend's son, Mark, holding the sand ball. P8170022  Sam making a sand ball, too. P8170023
P8170024  Time for a hair cut, mom? P8170026  Ben :) Such a cute and happy baby. P8170027  Sam and Mark playing. Mark is 9 - my friend Christina's son. She lives right by the beach so it was fun to pop in and see her, and show her Ben. Christina was my brave paddle-mate in the kayak at the crazy baby shower :) Photo008  Christina's neighbors! The family was also enjoying the sunset.
Photo012 P8170029 P8170034 P8170047  Peekaboo!
p8210001  Ben waits for dinner :) p8210003  Look - mommy grilled pizza while Daddy was gone! Thomas joined us at the table. This is pancetta with some artisan cheese mix over a leftover tablespoon or so of Italian vinaigrette salad dressing. It was good! P8250001  Counting down until Daddy gets home. When there's a whole daddy (we drew a part each day) then he will be home. P8260002  Bugs on a banana tree.
P8260011  The kids feeding ducks at Ho'omaluhia. Kathy kept feeling nibbling beaks on her legs :) P8260015  We were nervous about the goose there in front, but he/she was actually very nice. Not a grabby, biting sort of goose. p8260018  Sam fed the goose - little beak tickled his fingers as the raspy tongue grabbed the bite. p8260027  Ben is getting big, isn't he? Wearing Sam's old hiking pants to keep bugs off the little legs.
p8260029  Anneliese and Caleigh :) P8260035  Feeding the fish now. P8260036 P8260037  Dragon fruit for a snack!
P8260038 p8260039  Soo good...like a kiwi. P8260042 P8260043
P8260044  Bunny flower :) P8260046 P8260048 P8260058  I'm a centipede!
ATT00125  My friend April - she is amazing! You have all heard about her but not seen her yet :) She has SEVEN children and is expecting twins now. Twin girls! P8280004  Sam's laugh is priceless here - I meant to get Ben's little laughs but I was too late on the draw. Ben was cracking up at the "volcano show." Sam says "ekahi, elua, ekolu (1, 2, 3) it's time for the show!" then gives us tickets for the "show" whether it's a ballgame, a concert, or a volcano show in the tub. p8280009  BenBoots in his new pack! Thanks Daddy!!!! (Dave toted it back all the way from New York - bought it at the Mountaineer in the Adirondacks.) P8290012  Sam trying on Neil's Breitling watch.
P8290013  He loves this new shirt from Nana and PopPop! P8290014  Here's our friend Neil! He's visiting again while his ship travels back to San Diego. So nice that he pops into our home every now and then. P8300015  Liisa and Mikko-Dakota - she is blowing up Ben's floaty for me! P8300020  Floating in the tide pools.
P8300021  Sam and his friend Mikko-Dakota. P8300024  Ben the poobah viewing from his little "boat". P8300028 P8300030  Sam taking Ben on a "boat ride." Can you see Sam's mouth? He's making boat engine noises, too.
P8300031  I like this one - seems like Ben is out on the big ocean with Sam. P8300033  He was very gentle :) P8300035 P8300036  He parked Ben here - at the "parking lot".
AlliSamBen1sm  Thanks for the awesome shot of me and my boys, Liisa! IMG 4019 IMG 4014 IMG 4016
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