2008-07 (JULY)

Sea Life Park

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P7010002  Our gardenia has been blooming like crazy. So nice to smell on  your way into the house. p7040001  Makiki Valley Trail - notice the Pig Control in Progress sign! p7040002  That means hunting is allowed on Wed, Sun and full moon nights. P7040008  We hiked 3.6 miles and 1000' elev gain (total) - Sammy did great. He did the whole thing on his very own two little hiker feet :)
p7040011  Snack break! P7040017  My first born! p7040020  Can we go now? p7040021  No - I want to take a picture of my boys!
P7040023  And baby feet! P7040026  See the dirt and mud? p7040029  NOW can we go? P7040031  Just take a quick picture of me and my boys on our first whole-family hike (including daddy).
P7040032  And maybe one more? P7040033 p7040035  Steep descent down was fun. p7040036
p7040040  Sam is such a spider web spotter! p7040042 P7040044  Love to see these two on the trail. Sam really enjoys it when Daddy comes along, and I enjoy having Daddy there to be human parachute when Sam jumps off every rock! P7040046  Reading at Borders (after we had late lunch at the brew pub nearby). Dave walked around with his coffee while I read Babar. Am I awesome or what? Those Babar books are really incredible. Written in the late 1930s, you can tell that the attention span of kids in those days was much longer (pre-TV?). The books are over 40 pages long and they use words like perambulator for stroller. Ben managed to soak me, too, without getting even a stitch of #1 on himself. Unbelievable diapering snafu.
P7060003  First smiles! P7060005 P7060010 P7060011  So cute!
P7060012 P7060002  Our new tent for Mommy and boys camp-outs (ie. without Daddy around to launch the huge two-room plus lanai tent!). I put it up in about 10 min and had Dave certify me for a solo camping trip while he's back in NY. I shrewdly invited lots of friends so maybe they'll feed us! ha ha! I love to build a fire but not necessarily for cooking, unless it's s'mores! p7070004  My boys at Sam's tumbling class. P7080003  At the Makiki Valley trail with our friends.
P7080008 P7080018  Kathy feeds the hungry birdies! They acted like they hadn't eaten in days on this hike! P7080025  A sword fight and a funny face! P7080028  Calleigh's way of  "helping mommy."
P7080029 P7080030  Sam and Anneliese helped each other down the trail. p7080039 P7080041  Hey up there!
P7090044  Sam doing "school work" just like Daddy. This is that Babar book we were reading at Borders. Sam does lots of reading alone while he waits for me to put Ben down at night (on the nights Dave is working late or doing school work). He is so good about waiting patiently and having some good alone time. If the stars are out, we go look for Venus after his story. Then into bed and "huli" (roll over) for sleep. P7090045  The naught napper actually resting! P7090047  Still making buttons for the peak baggers (the little ones) but these are more rudimentary compared to the pre-Ben buttons. I take a picture of the sketch, then upload it to my computer and write in the text, then to CafePress for the buttons. stay out all night  Here's my camp-out invite :)
P7100002  Thursday evenings Dave has class at night so we do construction dinners. We build strange things out of strange foods, then eat them. See the plate? Aluminum foil. Very easy cleanup and Sam gets to use his hands - he loves that. This is "Bugville Bridge" from one of his stories. Tonight we're building an XTerra out of squash, then of course it has to go through mud (refried beans) and rocks (peanuts). The wheels (olives) get all dirty... P7110006  Sam took this picture of us. P7130004  Our first race! Lanikai 8K. Sam really wanted to run so I let him cross the finish on his own. My splits were horrendous but I'm not running for time anymore. Not with 100lb stroller. Last year I bagged 2nd place in my age group pushing Sam, so it is a bit of a bummer to be put out to pasture like a race horse, but maybe I'll stay in better shape pushing the boys and when they're in school I'll have an edge again :) P7130014  Sam crossing the line!
P7130017  Dave brought us yogurt and granola after the race. P7130018  My first running coach :) P7130019  Dave checking on coach #2 :) P7130020  He loves it when you tickle his cheeks and lips!
P7130021 P7130035  Sam and Dave snorkeling later that morning. P7130044 P7130049  I took Ben out in this floaty thing. See his little shades???
P7130051 ATT00155  Sam harvesting goodies for our salad. p7180001  Sammy helped me bake some bread - here he's saying "I cleaned my hands ALL OFF!" ha ha! P7180003  Sammy's loaf - he had it with pb/j later.
P7180004  Yum! P7180013  We went to play bumper boats and mini golf one Friday evening. Sam howled when the squirt gun shot me and got me wet :) He loved squirting it! p7180019  Then mini golf. Ben and I cheered the boys on. Sam ran from hole to hole saying "Time for the next hole, daddy!" He liked to chase Dave's ball and toss it into the hole, sparing him the trouble of putting. ;) P7180021  Time for the next hole!
P7180025  Bill - he's getting a decent swing going! p7180027  Look at Ben's face - I had to get a shot of it. He's getting so expressive now! P7180031  "How many holes are there?" P7180033  Smootch break :)
P7180035 P7180038  Chasing down Dave's ball... P7180043  I'll take care of that for you! P7190003  2 month old photo shoot. My subjects weren't totally into it, though!
P7190039  OK Sam, you can make all kinds of strange faces. Ben looks like he's conducting Beethoven's late string quartets. P7190044  Are we done yet? Look at Ben's face! The jowls! P7190068  I sifted through 111 shots to get these for you. And these are the best. Ha ha! I had it on sport mode to grab like 10 frames/sec. P7190098
P7190099  What's he doing, mommy? P7190111  "O" face P7200127  Shark's Cove for our first post-Ben snorkeling trip. Sam had a blast. I think he swam for two hours straight! Clear those goggles! P7200135  We went with our friends who have two little girls. In Dave's words, it's a "silly" amount of work to go snorkeling with kids, but worth it.
P7200137  A sea cucumber. This experience prompted Kathy and I to educate ourselves about these echinoderms. Their mouths have tube feet that help sweep food into their gut. If threatened, they shoot out their internal organs to fool the predator. They eat algae and other small plant and animal matter off the sea floor. P7200142  The beach shelter broke just as some rain threatened. And Kathy and I were intent on getting some snorkeling in. No problem, Dave thinks - I'll just hang here and prop the tent up! P7200146  Sam and mommy snorkeling together.  A priceless memory. P7200153  Kathy and I finally made it out there!
P7200171  That's a parrot fish chasing a very large goat fish. ATT00138  Out for a totally random run - Dave had to work last Sat so we loaded up the stroller with beach gear and jogged to the beach. We ran into a friend of mine there - Cathi, the nurse who did my epidural. Too fun! P7200182  My first post-Ben margarita :) P7200185  Happy Ben!
ATT00071  Rub a dub dub, two boys in a tub! p7230002  Bishop Museum outing. P7230013  I want to decorate Sam's room this way - it was all glow-in-the-dark sea scenes in 3D. Very cool! P7230190  We decided to shake things up during the week a bit since Dave is working nonstop between work and school. We've got to make fun wherever we can - so I packed a picnic dinner and we braved gale force winds while we chomped.
P7230193  Wiping cookie crumbs off before smiling at the camera :) P7230204  Ben had fun, too. P7230208  After dinner romping! P7230209  Can't do this on the dining room table!
P7230210  A little digestive aid - 47lb kid landing on your intestines! P7230211  OK Daddy, you can take a break now :) P7230212  Daddy says it's picnic nap time. Sam says ok, for like 3 seconds. "How long is our nap going to be?" he asked. Dave said "1 hour." Sam replied "1 minute?" P7230213  "Ok, naptime is over!"
P7230216  Explaining something to me - how you throw two sticks up and pop something. Not sure. It was really windy! We did learn that you can use naopaka berries to clean  your goggles. Very interesting! P7230218 P7230221  Family photo! One of the few (perhaps only?) with all four of us! P7230223  Playing the nose flute! (Yes, there is such a thing! We saw it played at a hula performance today, along with a double gourd drum.)
P7230225  This is the snack wagon for today. Every day Sam builds a delivery truck for me and places it outside his door before nap. During nap I fill it with grapes or goldfish or something and put it back. He opens the door and smiles when he finds it filled with goodies. ATT00033  Getting ready to go out - Sam is putting product in his hair. I found him in here doing this himself - he said "I'm making troll hair" ala Tito Pig :) ATT00262  Out for an evening run and pizza (and Coldstone!) while Dave is in school. P7260004  At Bellows for the evening - dinner at Keneke's and playground time. Dave also got to see our trails where we go trail running and hiking with our friends. Sam showed him how to get to the trailhead all by himself. Here Dave is pointing out an LCAC - it really churned up the water returning to the mother ship. I forget what that's called. Marines use the LCAC to land on beaches. It was really impressive - sitting right there at Bellows beach as we drove onto base. No wonder the public section was closed that Saturday :)
ben in shades P7270014  Dave and boys having breakfast at Lanikai Juice. He's getting mauled :) P7270017 P7270020
shades  At the market - Sam got his favorite cart (a rocket) and is busy cleaning the dashboard. I like this cart because it actually steers.  You don't run into things! Olympic torch  Running my whole route once again - I think it's 6 miles by the time we get all the way back home. Sam picked up this stick - it's his Olympic torch. The branches at the end are the fire. He's running it to the stadium. I had to figure out how to run it home in the stroller without taking anyone's eye out or ramming it into something :0 ATT00076