P7280002  This is a dragon fruit. Quite possibly the oddest fruit I've ever seen. We'll try it tonight - supposedly like a kiwi... P7290003  Sea Life Park aquarium. Sam liked the big stingrays. P7290006 P7290007  You can pay $150 to do a dive in the aquarium...we like the "real" thing better though.
P7290008 P7290013  This is a 1 yr old green sea turtle. P7290018 p7290024  Ben enjoyed the day as well :)
p7290026  Played around with this shot since it was overexposed and blurry anyway. Looks like one of those old-time booths where  you can get snapshots? p7290027  Great little playground full of stuff to climb on and through. Sam is peeking out at one of the older boys who came with us. We had 3 moms and 9 kids. P7290030  Great view out to Rabbit Island during the dolphin show. P7290032  The mom behind me is Laura - they've lived all over the world, including Albania and next Namibia. Her husband is in the Army. They are lucky to move internationally - our options have greatly diminished in that regard, but we are fortunate to have moved frequently thus far. Laura and I compared notes about having wanderlust hit every 18 months. She is a Univ of VA alum! Small world :)
P7290066  Surfing on a dolphin! P7290137