2008-06 (JUNE)

Big Brother Party Pics

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2008-05-23-ben-3-days P6050001  Tummy time times two :) P6050003  "Here's how you do it, kay?" IMG01122
p6050005 p6050010  Ben was not asleep - he just looks it here! P6050017  Sam's song of the week, with a frame he drew around the title. P6060006  Making some pizza dough with mommy - keeping up our Friday night tradition. Dave made an awesome shrimp pizza with herbed ricotta.
p6060009  Sam is good at kneading! p6060011  He likes how sticky it is and smooshing it (how do you spell smooshing?). P6070005  Still sidelined - no ocean for another couple weeks :( P6070006  But Dave and Sam are having fun!
P6070059a  This is Ben at almost 3 weeks old... P6070062 P6070064  Red hair? P6070078
P6070081 P6070082 P6070083  Doin' some dance moves like big brother :) P6070085
P6070087 P6070089 Tito Pig and Tita Bear go to Hawaii  This is Saturday morning - Sam, Gramma and I are doing "geography class" on a placemat. Here we are bringing Tito Pig and Tita Bear to Hawaii from NYC. Sam's slow boat to China  And more explorations around the world - to see where pandas live, where monkeys and lynx live...etc.
p6080009  Celebrating second Sunday brunch at Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe. Beautiful setting. This is a new family tradition. We have been going to mass faithfully...never more than 4 minutes late! I'm proud of us :) P6080012 p6080013 P6100003  This is on a hike with mom, Sam and Ben. We went to Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens. It's a huge preserve intended to manage water runoff from the mountains. The Army Corps of Engineers set it up 40 yrs ago or so. There are many trees from all over the world, a big pond, and hiking paths. This is an apple banana tree. Neat, huh?
ATT00248  Ben sleeping. He rolled from side to back at 3 wks, and from belly to back at 6 wks! 2008-06-10Zia'sInKaneohe (3)  Out to lunch afterwards. I'm having a glass of WINE!!! Woo hoo! Ok - I had a quarter of it. mini me  Ben on left, Sam on right, both at 1 wk old. P6110006
P6110008  Sam playing Legos with mom while I work...they are goofing off!!! 2008-06-08Bob'sPizzaKailua (2)  Here are my two boys out to Bob's pizza for dinner a week ago. We went on a long family walk to the beach then back into town for errands. 2008-06-08Bob'sPizzaKailua  Horrendous record shot of me before I regain my pre-pregnancy size. I'm 25lbs up. But losing weight rapidly! And I'm not even allowed to run yet! See the double jogger...oh yeah. Ready to get that rolling faster than a walk...my birthday is Tues (6/17), and on Wed it's 4 weeks postpartum so I am allowed to run. Ok, jog first. P6120015  Mom doing her magic on Ben to get him to wind down for a nap.
P6130034  Out on a hike with Kathy and the girls - at Bellows. P6130039  Anneliese wanted to play "family" - she is the mommy and Sam is the daddy. See she has a little baby with her? She wanted to hold hands, too. How cute. P6130040  What are they talking about? And do you think they'll be dating one day? We wonder! P6130042
P6130043  Finding spider webs! He finds the SMALLEST webs you can imagine. He is such a web-spotter! P6130045  Calleigh playing in the sand :) P6130047  Off to the playground now...The double stroller is very easy to push, even one-handed with a latte in the other hand. We did this hike because it's easy on all of us as we get back into the groove again. I also want to trail run out there so this was a good opportunity to see how the BOB handled on the sandy wooded trails. Thumbs-up. P6130049  An orange before play time.
P6130052 P6130054  Kathy likes Ben :) GOli&Ben1 GOli&Ben2
P6130056  So does Anneliese! AFJ&SK&AK Bellows  Sam is flying us to the Big Island! p6130069  And a neat present for the BIG BROTHER! A superhero cape!!! p6130070  He got right into it...
P6130071  Gave it a test flight on the slide... p6130075  And with Kathy! p6130077  A cool shirt for baby, too! ("Chicks dig my ride." - since Sam has a cool shirt "Chicks dig scraped knees." P6130078  Wow - it helps me run, too!
SuperSam  Look at our little super here, so proud :) P6130080  Here he goes on the slide! P6130081  Another test flight with mommy! P6130085  And off the bench!
P6130086 P6130087 1stShaveIceBen  First shave ice for Ben :) He doesn't get any yet... P6130063  And off the deck! Get the idea? he loves to jump!
2008-06-14FathersDayOneDayEarlyZia's  Saturday breakfast to celebrate Father's Day weekend. It's much more mellow to go when not everyone and their uncle (FATHER!) are also trying to go. Thanks mom for breakfast!!! 2008-06-14FathersDayOneDayEarlyZia's (2) 2008-06-14FathersDayOneDayEarlyZia's (7)  Bread pudding pancakes! Yum! Tim went here with us, too...he knows how sinful they are! P6140004  A concert in Hawaii Kai - Hapa. Very cool music.
P6150005 P6150006  Father's Day coffee for the men in our little back bistro garden. p6150009 p6150010
P6150013 P6150016  Admiring all the hard work Dave did on his garden at the side of the house. We can see it from our dining room table. That's the hibiscus we rescued, too. Doing very very well! P6150017  Front side of daddy's card. Maps to all our favorite places. See the dots in green on the left? Sam spelled his name in dots. It reads from top to bottom. P6150019  He made us do the same - see "SAM" at the bottom? I got Dave a massage for his big day.
P6150020 P6150027  Father's Day golf :) P6150029 Photo002  Ah yes :)
P6150001 Big Brother Party  Here's what I did during the boys' nap...put together an invite for a party the following weekend. P6170083  Out for my birthday with Kathy and girls - at the Macadamia Nut farm. Great show! You can't tell by my face :) Laurie - see the big brother/little brother outfits? Thank you! P6170093  Getting fresh shaved coconut!
P6170095  Yum! P6170097 P6170098  Another great shot of us - and Kathy! ha ha! P6170104
P6170107  Cupcakes from Kathy and the girls! P6170110  Caleigh loves to lick hers :) P6170112  Tucking Ben into his seat is no problem at all! Photo004  I turned this sketch into sticky notes...got an artsy thing in me briefly this month.
p6180002  And out for my first jog! P6180004  We're picking mom up for a muffin at Kalapawai! P6180005  Where we found a tiny inch worm :) It's Lowly Worm (from Richard Scarry's books). P6180009
P6180017 P6180158 P1180032 sam running  Sam out jogging. Great form, huh!?
ATT01197  Mom treated us to lunch at Buzz's after our run :) P6200160  This was funny - Sam was trotting all over with his "tail." But see the big road in front of us? Of course it fell out right in the middle of the road and we totally stopped traffic. Then the wind blew it 20 yards down the road. A Marine chased it down for us as I fumbled with stroller, bags and boys. What a mess! It was funny and the Marine was smiling. P6200191  Sammy saying "shhh!" Mommy is napping! P6200161  Making lattes on Fridays is a tradition. Daddy had to wait a long time for his. Sammy said "Lattes take a long time, Daddy!" He learns about counting money this way, too. His "fridge" is below the table. The "store" is in the garage where he purchases supplies.
P6200163 P6200164 P6200165  Tamping the coffee grounds down :) P6230317  A pile of brothers at Lanikai Juice :)
P6230318 P6230322 P6230324 P6240168  My new laptop...ugh! Fan broke on the old one so we're upgrading and selling the old one once it is refurbished under warranty. I need more speed now that I have less time! Thanks mom for playing with Sam at Best Buy! Those were some great dance moves!
P6250169  At my 6 wk (really 5 wks) check-up. All is well :) P6250171 P6250173 P6250329  Ben at 5 weeks!
P6250330 P6270002  "Freeschool" lesson for the week. I'm enjoying learning about jack-up and semi-submersible rigs, derricks, etc. Who knew they could drill down 3000' under the water! Wow. That's my Lego oil rig, too. P6270003  Playing with Gramma in the backyard! P6270055  More "pirate fun" with the noodles. He is strong! No doubt a good football player some day :)
P6270091 P6270107  What a big guy already. P6270108 P6290090  First outing to the tide pools! I can go in the water now! So did Ben!
P6290096  Ben dipped his toes in briefly! 2008-06-29TidePools (5)  Dress from mom, and posing as many tourists do :) Knee-drumming ATT00239
P6140006  Here's a sample for you with hula. Worth the wait to download. Mom went to the concert - we will next month. I was too tired this day - I think we'd gone for a long walk already and got back late. Or beach. Can't remember!