2008-05 (May)

Bellows Hike

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Ben's first week

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Ben's second week

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IMGP8929  Sammy got his teeth cleaned today. He is so good about letting the dentist probe around in his mouth. He particularly enjoyed the special ring with toothpaste on it. IMGP8930  Here  he is getting fluoride. IMGP8931  And a big smile with clean teeth! IMGP8933  Our friend Neil came for dinner - his ship pulled in yesterday so we got to see him for a little while. We hadn't seen him since late 2006 - before he deployed to Afghanistan. We are so happy to see him back safe and sound. Here Sam is helping free him from the "Neil trap" we set to see if we could catch a Neil. (We had a mouse in the house the other day so that triggered some fun times setting a Sam trap with Sam bait in it (PB&J for lunch) and then a Daddy trap - Sam suggested a "drink" in that for bait!).
IMGP8934  Putting a lei on Neil - turns out it was his first lei upon arrival to Hawaii after many visits! Cool :) IMGP8935  The "bait" - food (pretzel), monster truck (in case he was missing his Jeep), soap (to clean the ship smell off), and a beer! IMGP8936  Neil gave Sam a patch fom this deployment. Very cool! IMGP8937  Looking through his treasure box - Neil sent this back from Afghanistan for Sam. This is a special box where he keeps other patches, rocks, shells, coins and money he's earned dog-sitting.
IMGP8938 IMGP8941  Sam's pirate ship that he built this morning. I like the symmetry! Very well done - all by himself. IMGP8943  A big moth at mom's cottage. Probably about 4" across imgp8944  Two more weeks to go still! That's Dave in the background.
IMGP8945  Sam opening some new clothes from Aunt Kate. Thank you!!!!! IMGP8971  Tim and Dave livin' the life. IMGP8972  Sam: "Will you come in and swim again???" in his precious little voice. He can't get enough of swimming. IMGP8978  He swims and swims until there's no light left!
IMGP8983  Pink hibiscus in bloom by the deck. IMGP8985 IMGP8987  And jasmine in bloom! IMGP8988  And honeysuckle on the fence.
IMGP8989  Another great pizza creation! IMGP8993 P5040113  Boogie boarding again! P5040114
P5040115 P5040123  The swells were pretty good but Sam handled them really well. P5040125 P5040130
P5040117  Busy day at the beach. ATT01053  We had fun at Bellows Beach while Dave and Tim swam...we found some charcoal and did Indian war paint - all over! I had a big B on my belly, too. Sam enjoyed "decorating" me. ATT01110  Then Daddy, too :) P5140002  Helping Gramma make pudding! He said "I'm perro sucio!" (from a bilingual book we both enjoy - this means he's the dirty doggie!).
IMG 1563  Baby monk seal :) imgp9051  Uncle Tim and Sam planting in the side walkway. Dave built some great beds for us and we have solar lighting all ready to go...just needed to get those plants in the ground! Tim and I decided to have a workday today and surprise Dave. So they planted and I stained (and Sammy scrubbed) the deck. IMGP9052  Caff enjoying a clean, stained deck (not the Trex but the cedar). IMGP9056  Then this afternoon they had a fun game of pick-up broom hockey!
IMGP9057 IMGP9058  Tim is making do in Dave's inline skates - about two sizes too big! But they had a ton of fun. Sam is really going to miss Uncle Tim! IMGP9059  Daddy pulled up just as the game was getting going. IMGP9060  What are you doing little man?!
IMGP9061 IMGP9062  Going for a shot on goal! IMGP9064 IMGP9065
IMGP9066 IMGP9069 2008-05-18PoolAntics (2)  Pool time with Uncle Timmy and Daddy! bar menu  Dave framed the custom chalkboard and painted the wall behind it. The chalkboard hides our built-in desk. The boys also purchased those amazing bar stools. One will have a brass nameplate on it for Tim in honor of all his help with the final "mad nesting" that was going on here!
IMGP9072  This is a sea glass necklace I made for Auntie Angel for birthday, mother's day and taking care of Sam if need be during delivery. IMGP9074  Tim at Morning Brew - the first stop of his routine morning haunts. IMGP9075  The baristas and the menu... IMGP9077  At Elvin's Bakery where he is quite fond of the cream cheese puffs. Usually he gets four of the little bombs before heading to the beach
IMGP9079  At the tide pools after Morning Brew and Elvins :) IMGP9081  Big mommy past due... IMGP9084  Sammy on his boogie board. You're seeing "vog" - smog from the Big Island volcano. IMGP9089  Dave and Tim swam out to Flat Island.
IMGP9092  Sammy swimming. He figured out he could touch last week and you wouldn't believe all that he's taught himself to do since! He loves wearing goggles, diving, riding Dave back and forth and diving with him, doing handstands, slow-swimming to snorkel and look around... IMGP9093  More swimming :) IMGP9096  And more! IMGP9098
IMGP9101  Passing a tennis ball back and forth under water... IMGP9103  Riding Daddy dolphin! IMGP9104  Dave is a really strong swimmer, so Sam has a ball playing with him! Sam and Uncle Tim have their trademark swim - "sitting swimmer" - where Sam rides around like a little prince as Tim holds him in a sitting position. They are too funny together! IMGP9105  Sam is always giving tutorials and directives, telling the boys what he wants to do, and what (precisely) he wants them to do!
IMGP9106  Diving with Daddy! IMGP9111  More tennis ball toss under water. IMGP9113  More swimming footage for you Sam fans :) IMGP9114
IMGP9115  Can you see a heel stickig out? Just about 3" to the 1400 postion from Sam's head. IMGP9118  Buying Sam some water socks at the Exchange for our next snorkel trip to Shark's Cove. imgp9119  Man shopping! imgp9121  We thought we had this new cart in the bag today since we showed up at the commissary 4 min after opening, but both cool "rocket carts" were gone! Gramma and Sam chased down a cart at checkout and got it from the lady and little girl when they were done. Nice score!
imgp9123  The bar before Dave worked on the chalkboard and painting. imgp9125  Sam working, too. imgp9126 IMGP9127  Tim helping...
imgp9129  Gramma is nesting, too, as we all await BEN! (Gramma's blackberry keeps her company - she just needs a waterproof one now!) imgp9131  Framing the chalkboard. IMGP9137  Sam checking out Daddy's work. IMGP9143  Helping Daddy tape off the borders...
IMGP9144 IMGP9154  Gramma and Sammy building. The hibiscus bloomed this afternoon, too! IMGP9156  Getting nails ready for Daddy. P5190001  Dave and Tim also found this awesome little table that folds up teeny tiny or opens with two leaves to seat all of us. The chairs stow underneath. We finally replaced the bistro table we purchased in Saratoga 6 years ago which Dave really didn't want to even move from WA to here (but I stowed it away saying we'll need SOMETHING!). So at last he got a new table. Major man nesting :)
P5190002  Ahi with seaweed salad and edamame, and rice. P5190005 P5190007  I am HUGE! P5190012  Sam and Tim in the new bar stools just being silly before bed.
P5190018  Tim is Mr. Roach! He really enjoyed catching the little buggers the other night. We were totally under seige. I think he caught three or four. At one point, Dave and TIm were both on the hunt, chasing a roach down the hall, Dave with spray Raid in hand and Tim with flashlight. They herded it into Sam's bathroom and finally got it. That was the night that I was giving Sam a bath and a roach came swimming right out of one of his bath buckets and toward Sam! I sqealed big time and got Sam out then called for Dave or Tim to come help! I could have gotten it but hey - with two men in the house... IMGP9157  Sammy actually got to paint, too! This is the primer. IMGP9158 imgp9165  After the top coat - looks awesome! The boys are ready for a drink now :)
imgp9167  Mai tai time! imgp9169  We totally thought I'd be at the hospital by now (Tuesday) but not yet. The toilet's water broke first. Dave had to go to the hardware store early this morning and totally replace the toilet and the shelves above it. Poor guy! IMGP9185  But the packing material makes for good fun :) Sammy realized he could make it "snow" in his room! Gramma gets in on the fun, too. (The fan makes it fall softly to the ground!) IMGP9186
IMGP9187  Look at all that snow! Gramma will have fun with this!!!! wooo hooo! IMGP9190  We can even make snow angels! IMGP9191 imgp9195  Sitting swimmer!
P5200019  Tuesday morning - where's Ben? Oh that's right...he's still in my belly! IMGP9197  Tim is on his way back to Durango. Ben was a total no-show! Oh well. We had a fantastic visit with Tim. Such a nice guy and fun to hang out with. He was a huge help around here during this last week - helping take care of items on Dave's to-do list. imgp9198 IMG01109
ATT00007  Sam got to ride over to Auntie Angel's in her convertible! Here he's doing the rock-on sign for you :) Benjamin William IMGP9163 imgp9196