imgp9002  Kathy and kids joined us for another hike at Bellows - two days before Ben was due. Here's Sam trail running - his request. imgp9003  And Anneliese right behind him! imgp9007  Look mommy! I found a WEB! (He can spot the smallest spider webs!) imgp9008  How cute is my boy? Love this picture.
Sam  A closer look for you :) imgp9013  Calleigh is on her own two feet today - no pack! imgp9015 imgp9022  Kathy got into the props as well - can you see her headdress?
imgp9023  A better view of the headdress :) imgp9024  Look at Calleigh's face! imgp9033  Sam: "Would you like to have a sword fight with me???" imgp9035  Anneliese: "Sure!"
imgp9037  They took turns swatting sticks - not bodies. It was very tame! imgp9044  Then on to I SPY letters at the campsite. They really enjoyed this :) imgp9045