Ben's second week

p5300003  Here we are - just getting back from our first outing alone. Dave stayed home to do his school work. The boys and I went to get Sam new swimming goggles and a hair cut, then to the playground. We did just fine - even did a nursing at the playground with my new nursing cover (see - it works really well keeping Ben covered while still allowing some ventilation). P5300011  Sam with his "creations" that he built with Daddy. p5300013  And little brother sleeping after the big outting. P5300014  A photo study of Ben waking...
p5300015 p5300016 p5300017  Say "aaargh!" and you've got it :) P5300018  Gurgling...
P5300019 p5300022 P5300023 p5300025  Sam waiting at the gate for pool time. He's adjusting his goggles already. Dave and Sam have been swimming almost daily for a month! You won't believe what he's doing... He absolutely loves it.
P5300027  And here he is! Dave shot all these photos with our new underwater camera (Olympus SW1030). It's shockproof and waterproof - or as Dave says, mommy-proof. I have destroyed numerous cameras and watches since we got here. Oh, and cell phones. Hopefully this one will last - it's an early birthday present for me! P5300029  Sam holds his breath and does several different swims - turtle swim (flippers to sides), snorkel swim (slowly gliding), and even beginning effors at the crawl. P5300030 P5300031  Diving down to touch the bottom.
P5300033 P5300036 P5300038 P5300039
P5300040 P5300043  Messing with Daddy! P5300044  Ha ha - gotcha! P5300045  "Can you see all the bubbles?"
P5300046  Turtle swim. P5300052  Snorkel swim. P5300063  Here's video of Sam swimming! P5300070
P5300071 P5300080  Making a "crib" for baby Ben out of all Sam's stuffed animal "friends." p5300083 p5300094
p5300085 p5300086 p5300089 P5300093  Not sure what sign this is but it works for him! A shout-out to my peeps :)
att00130 p5310001 P6010002  Auntie Pam and Craig came to visit! They were vacationing in Maui and got to see us for dinner then a couple days later. It was so nice to see them! They were among the first to greet Sam when he arrived, and now Ben is the lucky guy :) P6010007
P6010011 P6010012 P6010014  Craig held onto Ben's car seat while Dave and Sam played in the pool. See the doggie behind Craig? He really wanted a lick of Ben! P6010015
p6030001  Sam showing off his golf swing with a stick he found on a hike. P6030002  Telling me all about how you use this stick. You can use if for golfing, clearing your Crocs of debris (it fits right in the holes), and for pulling branches aside to look for spider webs. p6030003  Ben's first bath toy from Sam! It's a seed pod boat we found while out hiking. Dave actually likes it - he wants to put candles in it now. P6030004  Ben didn't yelp once - still hasn't - about his bath. Sam took to it a little more slowly :)
P6030005 P6030006  Out on our first boys' hike to the Friendship Garden. We had a great time! p6030014 p6030021
P6030023 P6030025